Redefine yachting, heralding the future of maritime elegance, aboard the all-new 2024 Sanlorenzo SL86, a true taste of perfection named Astrimare. Designed by the renowned Zuccon International Project, this sleek and stylish yacht, measuring an impressive 27 meters, welcomes you to be among the first to experience her luxurious offerings as she graces the pristine waters of the Balearic Islands.
With 4 lavish cabins promising restful nights for up to 8 guests and 3 attentive crew members at your service, every detail is meticulously attended to, ensuring an impeccable and indulgent journey.
Step aboard and immerse yourself in the contemporary elegance of this vessel's interior. The spacious and thoughtfully designed cabins reflect a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless comfort. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, the yacht's versatile layout accommodates your desires.
Cruise through the azure waters of the Balearic Islands, and Astrimare’s cutting-edge design comes to life. Powered by an impressive engine, this vessel effortlessly reaches speeds of up to 32 knots, offering an exhilarating journey for those seeking a taste of high-speed luxury on the open sea.
But the allure extends beyond speed and sophistication—she comes equipped with an assortment of toys to elevate your marine experience. Glide over the waves on the tender, discover the underwater wonders with snorkeling gear, or partake in thrilling water activities such as wakeboarding. For the adventurous, the Seabob promises a dynamic aquatic adventure, while the stand-up paddleboard (Sup) offers a serene way to explore the tranquil coves and hidden gems of the Balearic archipelago.
Being among the first to step onto this vessel is an elite invitation to a world of perfection, where the thrill of a sleek, high-speed yacht converges with the tranquility of crystal-clear waters. Come aboard and make your mark on this extraordinary nautical escape, forging memories that will linger as the Balearic breeze guides you through an unforgettable voyage.
Length: 26.8 m
Guests: 8
Cabins: 4
King: 1
Queen: 1
Double: 0
Twins: 1
Single: 0
Pullman: 0