Dominica - March 2014
Updated pics to show new rear sun awning - and of course a stunning sailing pic of Shaitan of Tortola in the Caribbean!
 March 2014
Shaitan of Tortola at anchor
 Dominica - March 2014
More pics of sun awning
 Grenadines 2013
Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean - Bird of Paradise flowers
Colourful plants - Ginger lily
 Bequia December 2013
Beautiful flowers and scenery on a Shaitan or Tortola charter
 Grenadines 2012
Our families have chartered in the Caribbean several times and this was our first time on a mono-hull having previously been on the same CAT three times [Which was also amazing]. Our time and team on Shaitan was awesome, made great by the excellent cooking of Iris. We were 10 people in total (6 kids) and the layout was perfect in that we could open up adjoining bedrooms for the kids into a single large room. For anyone who has [only] chartered on CATS like we had, this mono-hull is a must try. Would recommend to anyone. Craig and Family
 Grenadines 2012
We want to thank you again for such an incredible holiday in the Grenadines...we will treasure our memories there, it is a truly special place. You and Henri were such incredible hosts we can’t thank you enough we really appreciated all that you did for us.
Hope you enjoy these photos....All the best, Jenny
 March 2012
Back to reality which is twice as hard because we had such a wonderful cruise.

Iris and Henry were absolutely fantastic. They know the area and waters so well that they were able to take us to wonderful anchorages and show us all the hidden gems. They trusted me to sail their beautiful boat which was a real treat for me. She sails so smoothly and I loved it!

Iris of course cooked up delicious meals and we all came back a little fatter and much happier! The boat was very comfortable and they were meticulous about how clean and neat they kept everything.

I cannot recommend Iris and Henry enough for anyone who wants a great trip. Great food, great company, great knowledge and sailing - who can ask for more! D
 February 2012
Guestbook comments - Dear Henry,
Thank you for making our family holiday one we all never forget.
The sailing was exiting and the boat was superb. Being able to travel around the Caribbean in a beautiful yacht, seeing different islands and a large pod of dolphins was a rare treat. Thank you all ....
 January 2012
Guest book comments Shaitan of Tortola from a family of six
Thank you for an amazing holiday sailing experience - it was a unique 10 days and one that we'll never forget!
Top 3 things of the holiday ...
1. Massive pod of Dolphins swimming with the sunset
2. The two nights in the Tobago Cays and swimming with turtles
3. Your amazing boat "Shaitan" and you guys - "the crew"
 August 2011 - Reference from Charter Broker President regarding charters on Shaitan
A charter Gold Medal - Dear Henry and Iris,
Thank you for looking after my recent clients so well. I really want to sit down and take the time to show you how I appreciate your attention to detail and how wonderful you guys have been with all my clients. There are few captains and chef teams who do every charter perfectly, you are one of them. In all my years as a broker I have never had one client complain about any aspect of their charter when on board Shaitan. I love booking a Shaitan charter because I am guaranteed that my guests will be spoiled rotten. You do go that extra mile for guests and your attitude towards chartering is perfect. You make me look wonderful and I thank you for this.

Shailtan the yacht is brilliant. When I was on board Shaitan November 2006 I was so blown away at how magnificent she looks. I know you remember my words because they still echo in my mind. "Shaitan today looks better than when I first saw here 4 years ago!" you guys need a medal. The interior of all charter yachts is a direct reflection of the quality of the captain and crew team and you guys are the best. Thank you sincerely for everything you do for the passionate traveler, you are a shining light for our industry.

With kind regards, Charter Broker President
 Easter Charter 2011
On Shaitan we sailed Grenadines
With dining, and beaches than dreams
We can't blame the fun
Just on the rum
But on Henry and Iris, great teams!
P.S. We are taking the dog!!
Kate, Mike, Georgie, Hannah from the UK
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful boat, your knowledge + your hospitality. It was a perfect week. If you are ever in the NW come and share our boating love.
Mark & Hilary Seatle, WA
 2-10 April 2011 family charter
Dear Heinrich Iris .......
We had have a fabulous week - a grand tour of the Windward Islands in a proper sailing yacht. A couple of lovely long sails, some great snorkletrips, and amazing food. I can see a personal trainer becoming a must. Have a great summer. Richard (Dad)

Thank you so much for a fantastic holiday; great sailing & even better food! Loved your wimpy dog & all you did for us. Thanks so much again. Henrietta

Thank you very much for a wonderful week, a really nice and relaxing holiday. You were very good to us ....Thanks again. George

Thanks for all the good food, fun and sailing.
A very relaxing week. Edward

A huge thank you for a very special week. Lots of delicious food and drink and some fantastic sailing. You looked after us superbly and we all feel much rejuvenated. Do contact us if you are ever in England. Gillie (Mum)
 January 2011 Grenadines
Thank you for an awesome cruising experience! We enjoyed our time very much. Thank you for coming to our rescue from our canceled plans. The dining experience was the BEST !!! Charlie + Sue
 April 2010
Dear Henry and Iris,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the wonderful time we had on our recent yachting trip. The flight into St. Lucia was easy and the airport was quite convenient to the port from which we embarked. It was especially nice that we could use American currency without having to go to a bank to convert, and this was the same throughout St. Vincent the Grenadines.
The sailing was mesmerizing what with the dolphins and catching a wahoo. Snorkeling in the Tobago Cays with the turtles and feeding the iguanas was special as well. Having chartered with you for the fourth time I can honestly state without reservation that the southern course we took this time was the best. Best snorkeling, best sites(especially Montreal gardens), best beaches (the little secluded sand island off petite St. Vincent was a dream), and of course the food was indescribable as usual.
We will definitely do it again in the not too distant future. Fred
 March 2009
We have been cruising the Caribbean for 20 years. But out last trip with you raised the experience to a whole new level! The Shaitan of Tortola is the Queen of the Caribbean! She’s beautiful. She’s comfortable (even for a six-footer like myself). She’s steady as a rock. And, she is bigger than my first two New York apartments put together!

Iris, how you manage to turn out a cuisine that includes roast duck, eggs Florentine and fresh baked bread that’s better than half the restaurants in New York will remain one of the great mysteries of the 21st Century.

Henry, your knowledge of the most beautiful beaches and the best snorkeling spots from St. Thomas to Grenada can only be called encyclopedic. (There’s also a word for your expertise with rum punches. But at the moment, I can’t think of it.) For anyone who wants to see the real Caribbean, there is no finer yacht that the Shaitan and no more gracious and knowledgeable hosts than the two of you.

What more can I say? We’ll be back! Gail and Joe
P.S. We don’t know how you arranged it, but the whale was the pièce de résistance!
 Charter Review - January 2009
How did you enjoy your cruising vacation?
It was wonderful.

How would you describe your Captain and crew? Were they Courteous? Helpful? Friendly? Attentive? Knowledgeable?
We loved the crew. Everyone got along perfectly. Extremely knowledgeable! Fun!!

Tell me about your meals? Did the menus meet your expectations?
We ate too much. Each meal was terrific. Next time we will emphasize light meals.

How is the yacht? Is she clean and well-maintained? Were your cabins comfortable? Was the cockpit comfortable? Was there enough shade?
The boat was perfect. Spotless and very well maintained. The most comfortable we have ever been berth wise, and for a mono hull you felt like you were on a cat. The cockpit was perfect for an eight-pack. Henri left the awning up over the cockpit the entire time, so there was always shade.

How did you find the pace and the itinerary of your vacation?
It was great, no rush- rush, very laid back.

Would you charter this yacht again? If not, please explain:
Absolutely! Holly

 New Year charter 2008/ 2009
We are a British family currently living and working in Trinidad, and have recently spent a week over New Year on the Shaitan of Tortola with Henry Metz and Iris Moesing.

We were a party of 10 on the boat as we were joined by relatives from England for the holiday, and our ages ranged from 7 to 69 years.

We all had the most fantastic and relaxing time imaginable. Henry and Iris are really friendly and welcoming, yet at the same time highly professional and attentive. They were happy to chat and share their knowledge and experience. We were encouraged to get involved in hoisting sails etc if we wanted to, but for those who just wanted to lie back and relax that was no problem either.

Henry and Iris were very safety conscious, especially with the children. Lifejackets were compulsory for the children under 12 if they were outside the cockpit area while we were sailing. (Check availability of their stock against your children’s ages.) After every sail, the children were asked to wait until the anchorage was made safe before they were allowed to jump in the water.

The children had a great time together on the boat, spending time swimming, snorkeling, reading and playing games. Our 7 year old daughter spent a happy afternoon helping Iris to make pizza and cookies while we went snorkeling – even got her own apron! A highlight of the trip for all of them was swimming with the turtles at Tobago Cays.

Shaitan has ample space below deck – the salon is roomy and the queen sized double cabins to the rear had big beds and space to move around in comfortably. The forward cabins slept 3 children in each, with a double bed in each (big enough to play cards on!) and a single bunk above. There was always enough hot water for showers, and a choice of air conditioning or fresh air through the hatches made the temperature comfortable at night. There was a DVD player on board (US format) so the kids could have a break from the sun or sit out the odd rain shower.

The food on board was wonderful, and Iris constantly amazed us with what she produced from the small galley - home made bread, cookies and brownies, 3 course meals and even ice-cream. The lobster was out of this world. The children were offered a simpler option on most meals – either the same as the adults without eg sauce or salad, or a different option entirely. Even the fussiest eater was well fed.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Shaitan of Tortola for a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable family holiday. Jackie
 Guests December 2007
We thought our holiday on Shaitan was going to be wonderful, but the week we have just had exceeded all our expectations! We chartered this amazing, beautiful yacht to celebrate my 60th birthday. It is the first time we have ever chartered and took our two grown up daughters and our youngest daughter's husband. What a time! We sailed between St Vincent and Union Island stopping off at the many islands that are between. Some of the most beautiful beaches and sailing in the world! And what a crew! Henry and Iris (and Tyson) were the reason why this holiday really exceeded all expectations! We felt that we were in one of the best hotels that moved each day to yet another fabulous location. Iris's cooking was just marvelous and inspired! Three meals a day and nothing ever served up twice, except the wonderful variations on a crème brulee!! What better place to reserve a table for one's 60th birthday dinner - aboard Shaitan anchored within Tobago Cays! Henry made sure that we got what we went for - excellent sailing! The second half of the week in particular, when the winds really started to blow, was just wonderful! Throughout the week we had to continually re-define the word 'magical'! Thank you Henry, Iris and Tyson!
Chris, Suzanne, Charlotte, Hannah and Jamie. London and Kent, UK
 Charter Review - February 2006
We hope your charter lived up to your expectations. We would love to know some of your impressions about your yachting vacation. Please answer the following questions ...

1.Was the crew friendly and accomodating?
The crew was very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

2, Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
We have never been on a cleaner more comfortable yacht

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
Yes. The crew worked 24/7 to make sure we were comfortable.

4. Was the food good and well presentd?
The food was very well prepared. We especially loved the home made bread. We brought home a lot of recipe's.

5. Did you like the area you sailed (Leeward Islands)?
We sailed 5 different Islands ( St. Martin, St. Barth, Nevis, St. Kitts, Anguilla) All different and very interesting.

6. Additional comments on your charter?
Captain Henry had a great sense of humor and was a great sailor. I have at times felt insecure in our previous sailing adventure. With Capt. Henry, I never felt insecure (even in the heavy weather) He was always very attentive to the yacht and his guest. The chef was also very fun to be around at the same time she was constantly working.
It was just a great trip. Carole and Kendal