Alexander M

CaptainMassimo Matteo Marci Italian 0
Chef/HostessTatiana Klus Ukrainian 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: Italian, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish

Crew Profiles:
Massimo Matteo Marci
The passion for the sea has fuelled Alexander M captain's life for as long as he can remember. Over the years Massimo has honed his nautical skills and sailed the waters of the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Caribbean. In the 1990s he was the captain aboard the 20 m classic motorsailer Isla Negra and the motor yacht Sacra Familia. From 2002 he oversaw the construction of the 30 m charter motorsailer Myra, of which he was captain until 2021.
In the 2022 season he was chef on board the Southerwind 100 Fado, and from March to April 2023 he worked as chef on board the Solaris 111 Cefea.
Massimo's interests are varied and stimulating: he loves fishing, is an excellent wine connoisseur and enjoys cooking. In the kitchen he pays a lot of attention to the choice of products, making sure they are first-rate, organic and local.
Massimo loves taking care of his guests by creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere on board. An excellent connoisseur of the most fascinating corners of the Mediterranean, from the Tyrrhenian Sea to Sardinia, from Ionian Greece to the Aegean Sea, he speaks Italian and English. He loves music, literature and reading.

Tatiana Klus
Hostess and chef
Born in Germany and a Ukrainian citizen, Tatiana has been involved in hospitality for many years, having worked in restaurants and hotels. Her first job as a hostess was in the 2021/2022 season on the 28 m M/Y Jasile. She is an excellent work organiser, dynamic and fast, polite and precise. She has a great passion for cooking and knows many traditional Italian, Russian and Ukrainian dishes.
She speaks Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Italian.

Andrea Molisso
With over 30 years of experience behind him, Andrea Molisso has spent most of his life on the water, sailing in every corner of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea aboard catamarans and sailing yachts. In 2010 he was in charge of the transfer of the sailing yacht Brigante (Faggioni, 21 m) from Malaga to St. Lucia, in 2003 of La Bauling from Southampton to Antigua.
Extremely professional and with a great passion for the sea, he always guarantees his guests a pleasant and unforgettable stay on board. A native Italian speaker, Andrea has a good knowledge of English.

Carlo Treviso
Carlo Treviso has been working as a sailor since 2005. In the course of his career, he has collected experience on board different types of vessels.