A Week of Pure Joy
“Howzit? This week could have gone so much more differently for us. Despite having lost our original flights and boat to Irma... despite so many wonderful local spots having been lost to the storm....despite having had to watch the Eagles win a Super Bowl, I had the most amazing, memorable trip of my life. I befriended the most wonderful, kind and attentive of people this week. I also met Collin!
Friends were made, laughs had, boats sailed, cockney (effing) spoken, drinks drank, hangovers suffered, drinks drank again, meals savored, fish caught, coffee consumed, safaris planned and super bowls watched. You guys were so wonderful and I can’t wait to do another trip with you. Thank you for all the laughs and great times this week. ‘The beatings will continue’ until we see you again!” Rob Schmidt

“Words cannot express how truly thankful and grateful I am to the both of you for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Every single day was a wonderful and unique experience and so much of that was because of your thoughtfulness, kindness and attention to detail. I came into this trip with high expectations and you have exceeded them all. Just one week ago we met as strangers and now I feel I have walked away with lifelong friends” Stephanie Kuhns

"Seven days ago we arrived on Aliwe as a group of five friends/family with the hope of a good sailing vacation. We got so much more!!! Seven days later we are leaving after experiencing a week of pure joy, fun and relaxation far beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for your attention to every detail and your loving and adventurous spirit. It seems that our small group of five has grown to an even more wonderful family of seven. I am truly grateful for this! Thank you so much!!!” Gerry Schmidt
We Came as Strangers, But Left as Friends
"Thank you so much for making our trip a wonderful, memorable adventure. Both of you took such great care of us during the week that we were able to completely relax and de-stress. That is something we haven't been able to do in a very long time! We want to join you on the boat again sometime and hopefully on a safari too."
Matt and Jennifer Scarsella

"Thank you for an amazing experience! our first trip to the BVI surpassed our expectations thanks to your gracious hospitality. The food was delicious and we felt very pampered. You have spoiled us for any other type of vacation! We came as strangers but left as friends. If you ever find yourselves in Michigan, please call us."
Pamela and Sebastian Lombardo

Adventure is Out There!
" With such gratitude for my most relaxing vacay ever. You survived the girls :) This was perfection!!! I can't say more except Thank you! " Cathy

"Without a doubt, the best vacation I have ever had! Thanks for taking such good care of my family. I'm sure you will be hearing from us again" Terry

"Thank you so much for being so accommodating of all my strange whims! You have made this vacation so blissful for me! More than that, you gave me a much needed reminder that adventure is out there. I hope that one day I can live my life as boldly as you live yours. I pray that our paths will cross again someday!" Lily

"This vacation was the best vacation ever! Please remember me!!! We better see you again because if not I will miss you alot." Ruby

"DeGraff's are so grateful for your hospitality and endless energy. We visited so many new places we didn't know existed and old places seemed new to us with Collin and Corinne. All the best in the future and happy sailing." David

"I am tired and stufffed! The best vacation ever!! Thank you for a week filled with fun, laughs and amazing food. Riding mopeds around Anegada and swimming with a sea turtle were the "book end" highlights of our/my week here! Every thing in between was beyond awesome. Irma and Maria through us for a loop and I think the week turned out even better for it. Thanks to Corinne and Collin for your superb hosting. Many thanks to Keagan and Mickey for accommodating Reece and Connor on Bella Vita. Having their extra hands was a blessing. I could go on and on.... fair winds always!!" Laurie

"Thank you for a wonderful trip across the BVI." Connor

"The DeGraff family, including me had a wonderful time on this trip and we are very grateful for you being amazing hosts. The food was wonderful, I can't wait to come back." Reece
Wonderful Experience on the Best Boat of the BVI
Thank you very much for being the best crew anyone can ever have. Always worried about us, the children and that everyone was having a good time. I can assure you, you made it, you made our holidays, my parents 40th anniversary was great! We hope we can come every year again and again to this wonderful experience in the best boat of the BVI. You are definitely the best cook and barman in the islands with the best breakfast and painkillers in the world! Despite having the surprise of having 18 guests, you never lost your smile and the true service. Lots of love and hope to see you again soon! The Rullan Family
The Daily Adventures Were Mind Blowing
Words cannot express what the last 7 days did for our family!! The daily adventures were mind blowing and to watch my kids develop a true love for the ocean was truly amazing!! Thank you for loving us but especially for loving Darby and Gage so well, truly a trip they will never forget.

The way y'all welcomed us with your natural gift of hospitality and every detail from table settings, to planning out our day, was amazing. We loved hearing about your family and all the amazing adventures you have been on in Africa and on the water. I pray we stay an adventurous family like y'all and join y'all for more adventures in the future.

Thank you for all the amazing chats and encouragement from marriage, to parenting, to life in general!! Thank you again for an amazing and refreshing week.

P.S. Thanks for the kids birthday party the last night and teaching them how to eat cake in a whole new way.
~The Graham Family
A Trip We Will Remember Forever
Wow! This was a trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for your hospitality and your knowledge of the Virgin Islands. We enjoyed all of the daily adventures, from sailing to different locales, snorkeling beautiful cays and exploring fun and unique islands and beaches. We enjoyed the delicious meals and beautiful place settings each night.
Y'all treated us like family and that meant so much to us, especially Sam and Caroline. They both learned so much about sailing and ocean life. this is a trip they will remember forever! Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know them and show them the beauty of the Virgin Islands! We will definitely be back! Thanks again for everything.~Phillip and Chase King and Sam and Caroline
Collin and Corinne Were So Great With Our Children
We just returned from a week on Aliwe and it was the trip of a lifetime! While Aliwe is a beautifully maintained and spacious catamaran, the experience was truly made by Collin and Corinne! They were the most gracious hosts we could have hoped for and made sure that we had new adventures every day.

There were 5 of us onboard, my dad, my husband and I and our two children, ages 9 and 12. What impressed me the most about Collin and Corinne were the way they treated our children. They made sure they were comfortable on Aliwe and in the water and were always willing to answer their (many) questions about ocean life, boats and nature. Many times Corinne would sit with them and look over books about coral and fish or google things to find out more information. They also took great care of the adults on board with delicious meals, drinks, conversation and adventure!

Throughout our week, we enjoyed the beautiful sights, beaches and snorkeling spots around the USVI and BVI. This was a trip we will all remember forever and one we hope to do again next year! ~The Chase/King Group
A Whole New World of Vacationing Has Been Shown To Us!
"Words cannot express our both have made our first trip to the BVI's unforgetful. Of course our family has fallen in love with the beauty of the water, the land, and the uniqueness of each stop but what truly made our trip was you both! Dinners, conversation, laughs and sharing life stories! A whole new world of vacationing has been shown to us. We will be back...we will see you soon!"~The Picarazzi Family
An Epic 50th Birthday and AMAZING Week!
How can we thank you enough for rolling out the red carpet for us this week!? You are such a great team and even in the most tricky of situations you never snapped at one another - a great team, a beautiful couple and perfect captain and first mate. The food was 5 star, the jokes - off the chart and the grappa - no words! :) We adore you both and look forward to hosting you in Colorado. ~ Linde and John M.

What an amazing week this was! Thank you for helping to surprise Rich for a truly epic 50th birthday and for being a part of our engagement - an evening we will never forget! You were the perfect hosts and felt like one of the gang from the start. We will always remember our week on the Aliwe and hope to see you back here soon! Until then you will have homes in Virginia and Colorado that we are eager to share. Happy Sailing!~ Katie P and Rich B

You are now part of our family! I can't express how wonderful you made our trip. Thank you for everything! We hope to see you in Denver soon. Thank you for an amazing week! ~Jill and Eugene M
Every Day Was The BEST Day. Impossible To Pick Just One...
Capt. Collin and Super 1st Mate Corinne,
I can't believe our BVI adventure is coming to a close. Y'all have been fantastic hosts and I cannot thank you enough for all the good times we enjoyed. Great food, awesome sailing and so many memories to treasure for a life time. We will be back again!! Soon!!!~Frank Roche

You both were fantastic. This is the trip of a lifetime and having y'all as our crew just made it even better! Your energy and zest for life comes out in every aspect of what y'all do. This was the perfect week and I couldn't imagine it with anyone better. You both feel like part of the family now! Until next time...~Robin and Stephen

This is without a doubt the most glorious trip we have been on. Thanks to Corinne and Collin who paid attention to every detail making us comfortable, cared for and the FUN never stopped! Our family can't wait to do this again and be with our crew who have become friends.~Patsy Roche

Wow! Words cannot properly describe how incredible this trip has been. The experience would not have been the same without the two of you. You both have added so much more to paradise than I could have expected or asked for. Corinne - thank you for all the delicious meals, your history lessons and your encouragement for adventure. Colin - thank you for your superb navigation skills, your fun music and your sense of humor. Most of all thank you both for your warmth and making us feel not only friends, but family. This trip will be treasured by Brian and I for the rest of our lives. Every day was the best day.... impossible to pick just one. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime! Let's keep in touch!
Holly and Brian
This Was a WOW Trip!
One last day in paradise - so many words I would like to put down on this page but I would run out of room. Such a great experience. I feel that I now have true friends in the islands. This was a WOW trip. You two are the BOMB! Cant' wait for our next trip together. Happy sailing, with our love~Sybil M and Jeff K

I can't believe our trip has come to an end! What a most amazing and wonderful trip! This is by far the most relaxing vacation. The timing to all the favorite spots was amazing. I can't say enough about all the delicious meals, beautiful table-scapes, wonderful appetizers and all.

We were completely spoiled and loved every minute of it. We can't wait to come back - this is a definite 'do again'. From scuba, scooters, high jumping, beautiful secluded beaches, hot spots, turtles, we did it all! Thank you so much for your perfect personalities and hosts. You are both great people. Please keep in touch!~Joe and Bethany O

Such an amazing experience. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the hospitality was perfect. The planning of food/menu and adventures was much appreciated.

We enjoyed ALL the places you took us to. I was happy to get out of my comfort zone too! Jumping off Willy T's, snorkeling and so much more. You out did yourselves and surpassed our expectations.~Pat and Michele F

Fantastic and Memorable!
We cannot begin to thank you both enough for allowing us to experience the BVI in such a fantastic and memorable way. Your work ethic is just impeccable, your personalities are so much fun to see on a daily basis, and your meals are definitely 5 star!

We loved all your port suggestions from Willy Ts (a classic for sure) to Soggy Dollar to Indians for snorkeling, Peter Island, Cooper Island, Saba Rock.each gave us a unique taste of the BVIs. We appreciate your flexibility in picking up other family members, too.- They enjoyed it as much as us!

So sad that our week here is ending, but we will never EVER forget you both. Thank you so much for all the love and laughter.~Paula and Scott
Discreet But Also Available, Personable
You have been wonderful hosts. Discreet but also so available, personal. You made us feel at home. The cooking was spectacular, your attention to details in the setup of the table is a tribute to your taste and sense of decoration. We have no doubt you will be a success.Happy Sailing.~Mary and Jean P.

The dream is real ! I feel like a new woman! Thanks, Collin and Corinne, for making this experience maginficent. Thank you for your kindness, culinary skills and the perfect Rojitos by Captain Colin. To share our first trip in the BVI with you has been an honor. You are so kind and generous with your experience in this beautiful place. We will come back to this paradise and for sure we will charter with you again. ~Valerie and Frederic
One of Our Best Weeks Ever as a Family
We spent one of our best weeks ever as a family in the BVIs aboard Aliwe.
She is a 53 ft Sail cat built in South Africa. We have been on lots of boats, and chose her based on accommodations and the newness of this boat along with the size and spaciousness of the galley and staterooms. We were not disappointed. The headroom was amazing, and the electric toilets and showers in each stateroom were great. We are a family of 4 with 2 teenage girls, and each had their own room. We, the parents, had our own state room with a king sized bed where we slept with open hatches at night and could feel ocean breezes all night... loved it!

The crew were very gracious hosts, and most accommodating to our every needs. They were first to rise and last to bed every night, but made sure we were looked after during the trip. Our oldest daughter is Vegan, and the chef made sure she had what she wanted every meal, along with honoring the rest of the familys request for more traditional meals. We had our choice for a menu (both food /snacks/and bar) and all was aboard exactly as we requested (even the Moet and Chandon Champagne). We were greeted on arrival with wonderful snacks and champagne. Our favorite part of the day was the afternoon when the chef appeared with a yummy tray of snacks and her question of our afternoon drink of choice.

The captain took us to all the highlights of the BVIs, but was open to any requests we had and would sit with us in the galley and go over the charts of the BVIs and let us pick any destination that looked good, total adventure!

We snorkeled, paddle boarded, kayaked, swam, or went sightseeing everyday, basically whatever we wanted to do. The crew were very professional, yet at the same time, became like family and interacted with us on a very personal level when they were not otherwise doing their jobs as Captain and first mate.

After trips, we typically talk amongst ourselves and decide whether we would go again. We all said we were ready to go back the very next day! ~The Miles Family South Carolina
The Best Vacation We Have Ever Been On. We Came Strangers and Leave Friends!
This has been the best vacation my husband and I have ever been on! From the time y'all met us at the dock it was amazing. An experience we will never forget!!! Now we are spoiled...all other vacations will probably suck!! LOL
~ Amy and Curt

We appreciate all that you did o make this something we will never forget. We came strangers but leave friends - Please come to the mountains. We always find you a bed. Thank you so much for everything.~Carna and Lee

What a wonderful week on the Aliwe! I am not sure where to begin or what to pinpoint as the "best" thing about this past week. From the sailing to the food to the excursions to the relaxation, it was truly an experience of a lifetime. I feel like we are all family now and very much look forward to the next visit Thank you Collin and Corinne for an incredible week.~ Kimberly and Billy