Sail Allende!!!!! 5 Stars---All the Way!!!!
I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your help setting up our first and BEST sailboat trip in the BVI's. I can't explain how magical and perfect our trip was!!! The catamaran was amazing, but no matter how the boat was, you can never replicate the crew! Kristiann and Graham were soooo key to our trip being perfect, fun and delicious. The service was by far better than any luxury hotel I've stayed in. They both were low-key and accommodating, and sooo organized and prepared to supply their guest with the best of the best. I HIGHLY recommend making Sail Allende your first choice when a potential customer asks for your "opinion" as there are many boats/crew to choose from.

This trip touched my soul! I feel like I'll need to sail at least once a year, and I will only sail with Kristiann and Graham. They have a loyal following with me and my husband! Truly epic and remarkable experience thanks to them and their perfectly designed and well-maintained boat along with their 5-star meals, coffee, drinks, and appetizers!!!

The FOOD was AMAZING and sooooo THOUGHTFUL!!!! Loved Kristiann's very own homemade "Bushwacker" or "Frozen Lemonade." Let me not forget how Kristiann made homemade hamburger buns, homemade Key-Lime Pie (which she used a "blow-torch" to scorch the meringue on top------SO COOL!!!!), homemade Almond Cake, Homemade banana nut bread......... and they have a grill on board, so all of our meats were grilled and yummy right down to the "grilled pineapple" they served with our burgers. We appreciated so much of the thought, detail, and care that went into making our trip so special. I felt like the Queen of England on the seas!!! LOL

Kristin G - August 2017