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Crew Profiles:
Captain - Vassilis Mazis

Captain Vassilis has 17 years experience in the marine industry ranging from unlimited tonnage tankers to cruising ships, passenger ships, motor yachts, carrying thousands of passengers daily. He has extensively cruised the Eastern and Western Mediterranean as well as the North Atlantic.
He studied in the Naval Academy as an Officer and graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Kefalonia Island.
His enthusiasm blends well with the positive attitude of the entire crew. As the Captain, he takes great pride in creating tailor-made yacht cruise experiences for each charterer and works closely with his guests to ensure that all of their needs are met.
His love for travelling provides Vasilis with the passion to research and organize all kinds of activities for the enhancement of the onboard experience.

Cook - Stamatina Roumani

Stamatina is a very active woman who has transformed into professional her two great passions: the sea and cooking. Coming from the splendid island of Spetses, she traveled to all the oceans along with her captain husband and gathered experience from the numerous yachts and mega-yachts where she has worked as a cook-hostess. She has also been owner of restaurants.
Her love and knowledge in genuine Greek cuisine is the one that reflects the notorious Greek hospitality for her guests from all over the world. She can make miracles with fresh products, authentic flavors and lots of love.
She speaks English well and communicates in French. She is also passionate about cycling, writing books and handmade creations.

Sailor / Deckhand - Kostas Athanasopoulos

His love for the sea is a driving force for Kostas. Inspired by his sailor uncle, since his childhood he wanted to travel in the sea and soon he acquired a license for powerboat operator.
Although he studied car engineer, boats were the ones who won him to work professionally in the summer on the Greek islands as deckhand.
His team spirit, the tranquility of his character, but also his energetic and willingness, make Kostas a precious crew member and ideal for providing best services to guests.
He is 29 y.o. and very athletic, with particular love in basketball, martial arts and snorkel fishing.

Stewardess - Maria Aggelopoulou

Maria is the youngest member of the crew, 23 y.o. She is studying Tourist Business Management, speaks English and wants to work with the hosting of people from all over the world who are eager to meet our country.
Maria is discreet but humorous, effective and consistent in her duties. Patience and hard work are her basic characteristics, as is her love for her family and especially her mother whom she admires for her strength as a person.
She also loves basketball and cinema.