December 2018
Good things must come to an end! Looking foreward to our next sailing adventure now that Mike and Lizzy have shown us how awesome it can be.

You will be missed but not forgotten because I have your info and will be a pest! Wouldn’t want any other crew!

Thank you Mike and Lizzy, thank you for making my first trip to the BVI enjoyable, we will be back. Remember when staring at the night sky how small we are. You guys have shown us more stars than we have ever seen! A big thank you. N R-S

Great trip! Mike and Lizzy are awesome and made this great trip beyond amazing. Some new experiences with friend.
Thank you, SH

What an incredible adventure sailing the BVIs with Mike and Lizzy! Fantastic, amazing, breathtaking – just BRILLIANT! As a first timer I had no idea what was in store but soon discovered magic on the sea. Mike and Lizzy – you out did yourselves in so many ways – you guys MADE this trip and have left u sleaving wanting to come back and we will be back!
November 2018
Once again Mike and Lizzy proved to be second to non providing a fabulous vacation for the family. Adept at planning, sailing, cooking and non-stop adventures, we would not consider another sailing trip without them. And on top of that a really fun couple to hang out with. Really the total package. Thank you and look forward to our next trip!! IG Head Charterer

Its hard to imagine a better sailing trip than the previous sail with Mike and Lizzy, but it has happened. The BVI is my happy place and spending Thanksgiving holiday amongst family and friends is the ultimate in happiness. While the sail itself is extraordinary, it’s all the “extras” that made this trip so magical. Mike and Lizzy go the extra mile for fun and comfort. My boys had a blast on the water, as did us grown us. Thanks so much for another memory making trip. Can’t wait to do it again. SGG Head Charterer

This was, once again, one of the greatest trips I have been on. Not only was Lizzy’s cooking phenomenal, Mike’s skill and efficiency extraordinary and the views breath taking, the adventures and memories were enough to last a lifetime. To anyone reading this, you will embark on a journey you will never forget (if you haven’t already) AG

This trip was so much fun – SUPER. AG aged 9
4th – 11 August 2018
Dear Mike and Lizzy,
What can we say? We knew this would be great because this wasn’t our 1st rodeo, but you guys most definitely exceeded our expectations. There was the fabulous food – not being cooks our selves we marvelled at what you brought out of that kitchen Lizzy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ken eat so much – and while we have a hard time picking a favourite, that brownie and ice cream will be remembered. And we were huge snorkelling fans – loved Tobago Cays, the sculpture garden and just the bazillions of reefs and fish. Mark, Max and Kenny have raved about the scuba in Bequia (an island we were so happy to see by the way!) we also got a huge kick out of drinking in the beach bars with you guys, plus taking full advantage of your bartending prowess Mike – Max and Kenny may have taken more advantage than Mark and I! But what we are most grateful for and will remember forever is the sailing. Watching Max and Kenny getting soaked on that amazing sail to Bequia; the long lazy sail back to Grenada our second to last day and just watching the sails from the deck and the sunset from a gently bobbing boat – these were so good for our souls. Thank you for your hospitality, your guidance and your excellent company. We hope we sail with you again in the future! Fondly CP (Head charterer)

6th – 14th July 2018
Thanks again Mike and Lizzy for a beautiful trip! JW

Thank you for our wonderful trip and your patience with our girls! PH
9th – 16th June 2018
Mike and Lizzy, thank you so much for making my retirement trip to the BVIs so much fun! We all had a wonderful time. You made the trip very comfortable and the food was great. We hope to come back and sail with you again. Thank you N & C C (Head charterer)

Dear Mike and Lizzy, many thanks to you both for this memorable sailing trip. We loved every minute and every meal 😊 Exquisite cooking Lizzy!! All the pampering and attention to detail made us feel like the royal King and Queen lol I will recommend this trip to all our friends and family. With love D & T J

Mike and Lizzy, thank you for making our return trip so much fun! You both have been such a pleasure and so very accommodating. We got to see new things and never once felt uncomfortable. We cannot wait to follow you both on face book and all your future adventures. We hope our next trip down here to paradise includes you both. The food and drink were great! Take care, see you both soon! XOXO B & C B

Mike and Lizzy, Don & I thoroughly enjoyed our 1st sail! The islands are a true treasure, as is our amazing crew. You both made our adventure one to remember. Every aspect was lovely, fulfilling and packed with awesome memories. We can’t thank you enough for your wonderful hospitality – we are both going on a diet! – intriguing history and breath-taking views. D & K M
19th -28th May 2018
Lizzy & Mike, Our first visit to the Grenadines! This will not be our last. Both of you are wonderful hosts. You looked after all of us with individual care! You were both a perfect balance of fun and responsible! Thank you so much for making a trip! We look forward to sailing with you both again! M & MS C (Head charterer)

Dear Lizzy and Mike, Thank you for a wonderful charter! We had an amazing first trip to the Grenadines – thank you for working so hard to show us all of the best stops. Thank you, Mike, for dinghying us all to the best snorkel spots and for making great Captain Cocktails. Thank you, Lizzy, for your wonderful meals – especially the beautifully piped chocolate cake. You were so fun. Thank you again. MC

Lizzy and Mike, Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. Everything was amazing and the boat is beautiful. Thank you for finding the best snorkel spots and for taking me and my mom on a mini day snorkel in the Tobago Cays while everyone else was diving. I loved all the Captain Cocktails! Lizzy, all the food was AMAZING! (and they made for good pics!) Thanks again! KC

Dear Lizzy and Mike, thank you for such a special trip! You guys are so wonderful and made this charter really great! Thank you for showing us all these amazing places. I’m going to miss you guys and Aoibh and the incredible meals! Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to come back with my family soon (and have another chance to beat Mike at Uno!) Thank you! HD

Mike and Lizzy, you guys exceeded expectations in every way. I don’t know how we could have had a better trip. Aoibh is a very nice boat, but you made the trip!! I can’t wait to sail with you again! NC
April 2018
Lizzy and Mike were exceptional. Great attention to our safety, comfort, experience on the water and being sure that we were well taken care of. This was a family cruise celebrating my birthday, Mike and a Lizzy made it special. AOIBH was the best cared for and appointed of any of the sailing charters I’ve booked. PERIOD
April 2018
What an exceptional week! My family and I came aboard with great excitement - not disappointed. Lizzy & Mike made us feel quite a home aboard AOIBH. Captain Mike is an exceptional sailor which was evident the minute the sails were hoisted. and Lizzy was a good complement with her sailing skills and a Chef extraordinaire. We were treated to the best meals, forced to eat homemade breads repeatedly.

Many thanks Lizzy and Mike, your attention to safety, tireless work skills and good humor were most appreciated.
Ken -

Great fun, great advice (where to go, what to do), great bread! DO
P.S. I’ve chartered a lot. This is one of the very very best based on overall experience!!

Lizzy and Mike, to accommodate a diverse group takes special talent! We all got what we hoped for, diving fun for the scuba group, land tours for the architecturally and culturally inclined, beaches for the walkers and sailing joy for all! Mike and Lizzy were made for this life, I have the sense; it takes a special person to gently lead the adventure, establish boundaries and suggest explorations suitable to all. Lizzy’s inspired cuisine constantly surprised and delighted! I’m so relaxed from sailing, dining, swimming, snorkelling. Thanks so much to our dynamic captains! SK

What a great time! Playing on the water, playing under the water, playing on the surface of the water and playing in the rainforest. First paddle board xperience and I stood up...mostly. Fabulous advice on where to go, what to see, what to do and how to avoid tat jewelry. the recommended hikes/walks with great views that got better around every corner.

Lizzy and Mike you both were so welcoming & calm & caring from day one to the (sadly) end. You turned an extraordinarily location into a spectacular vacation. Thank you for everything!
6th – 14th April 2018
Mike and Lizzy, This trip was meant to be the adventure of a lifetime and it has proven to be more than that! With the encouragement of you and my wonderful friends I have done things and tried things that I never thought I would. And enjoyed them all!! Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism in making this such an amazing holiday for all of us! KT

Mike and Lizzy, Definitely the trip of a life time with the consummate host taking care of all of our needs. You both made it look easy, even though we are all aware of what it takes to put a trip like this together. It was unforgettable. I cannot thank you both enough for giving us this beautiful experience. SN

Mike and Lizzy, words can’t describe what a spectacular time I (& we) all had. Its been wonderful. Meeting you both will be forever engraved in my mind. You’re both so amazing and its been my pleasure getting to know both of you! Wishing you happiness and love. May the sun always shine and the wind be with you. CM

Mike and Lizzy, Thank you so much for all that you have done to make this trip so amazing. Mike – you always brought us to the most beautiful snorkelling spots and Lizzy your meals were thoroughly planned, wonderfully orchestrated and the presentation was just the added bonus to how delicious each meal was. It’s apparent that you both truly love what you do. I truly enjoyed every adventure that you thoughtfully planned. JB
February 2018
Hi Mike, Lizzy & Toby,

FA and I wanted to drop you a personal note to say thanks for everything you did during the trip and I think I speak for everyone in saying we all enjoyed it and appreciated your hospitality.

We also now appreciate the “hard yards” Mike did, especially when not feeling well (the steaks were brilliant - no offence Lizzy😀) as we have one by one, come down with the same thing and FA even needed to go to the Clinic here in Barbados yesterday!! She is on the mend and hopefully the rest of us will recover fully in a couple days.

Best regards to you both,

E & FA L

To Mike, Lizzy & Toby,

Thank you for making our time with you so happy. A friendly, nothing too much trouble crew! What could anyone want! Food fantastic, I’ll be feeling the good food for some time – Ha ha ha! Thanks, Mike, for your care and good navigation. All the best E & FA L (Head charterer)

First time experience on a boat charter. Extremely relaxing, beautiful coastlines, sandy islands and swimming locations. Highly experienced crew, EXCEPTIONAL FOOD and fantastic service. Thank you. J & M

What a fabulous experience sailing around these islands. Felt totally comfortable and safe with Mike who attended to all our needs with diligence. Lizzy spoilt us all with her fabulous meals and particularly looked after me with my ‘fussiness’. Our sincere thanks to Mike & Lizzy for a fabulous, memorable, bucket list 8 days – we have absolutely loved every minute. K & S F

Wonderful experience second time round. Fabulous from day 1 and we have enjoyed every minute on this very comfortable boat. Congratulations to Mike & Lizzy for too much food, too much drink (for some) and fantastic service. Thought you could have made the wind die down and the water warmer but guess we can’t have everything!! Thank you so much for everything! S & B d’A

January/February 2018
Dear Mike and Lizzy,

From our first foot aboard until the last you were both wonderful hosts and such an excellent skipper & chef partnership. You greeted us with a warm welcome that set the tone for the whole holiday .... thank you.
The on-board accomodation was spotless and somehow the colour schemes throughout the cabins and craft maintained the feeling of calm and luxury that the Windward Islands promised ... not even the odd choppy crossing put us off - loved the gingerbeer tip. Even when it did rain on those few occasions, you quickly ensured we kept dry! Your suggested mooring places were stunning and we thoughly enjoyed being able to take that 'first thing in the morning' dip before getting ready for breakfast. Thanks Mike for the gentle approach to water tubing - you allowed me to go 'just fast enough'!!

Lizzy, your menus were balanced, varied and tastebud pleasing. Every meal was a delight from Mike's pre-dinner cocktails and table settings to your meals prepared with care to bring out flavours we all enjoyed .... our highlight had to be the steak you selected and marinated before cooking them to all our varied requirements ... nothing seemed too much for you both but we know only too well how hard that is to achieve. I so enjoyed your handmade sushi - brilliant flavours and presentation ... and thanks for your alternative lunch for Tony. The variety of breakfast was a first for us ... we've only ever been provisioned with standard breakfast fare - cereals, toast yogurt juices & coffees and occasional alternatives.... becomes a bit monotonous which your menu avoided! The variety of menu over the two weeks was superb and those of us requiring minor adjustments to your mouth-watering menu were made to feel special rather than a nuisance. Your fish and chicken dishes were all such good quality, introducing us to local jerk menus as well as the British & Mediterranean cuisine you promised. The off-catamaran Lobster lunch experience was amazing. Wines were of excellent standard and complimented all your superb meals.

You are both such lovely people, warm and generous but professional to the last. Mike, your first-class helmsmanship shines out - the safest of skippers if ever we had to name one!

Thank you again for a great trip - we'd willingly recommend this as a brilliant charter experience,
C & T D

January 2018
Dear Mike & Lizzie,

What a trip!! Thank you so much for looking after us so well on the beautiful Aoibh! We had the best time thanks to your amazing hospitality, great navigational skills finding some of the most breathtakingly beautiful spots, fantastic company, wonderful meals and stunning scenery! The list goes on!

I’m hard pressed to pick a favourite moment but the beach shacks in Bequia, swimming with turtles in Tobago Cays, and drinking rum and drumming with locals on Meyreau!

Lizzie your cooking skills too were next level!! Thoroughly depressed not to have your wonderful meals every day!

The trip has given us some amazing memories to treasure and I’ve attached a few of our fav photos!

Thanks again!

P and J

Hi Mike & Lizzi!

We hope you’re well!

We’re now back in gloomy old England after 10 days in the mountains of Slovakia. Although it was nice, it’s difficult to compare it with the tranquility of what you guys have out there!

We just wanted to say another huge thanks for what will be one of the most memorable trips of our lives! Your knowledge of the area and ability to barge your way to the front of any mooring spots didn’t go unnoticed Mike ;) And Lizzi, I genuinely mean it, if you ever think of quitting sailing, you will have a long and prosperous career as a top Michelin Star chef! They will come from far and wide for your food, we promise! :) I just can’t imagine the havoc you could wreak in a full sized kitchen!

On that note, can you send a picture of the cheese cake recipe from you book of secrets? We want to try and create it once more, TRY being the key word there!

I’ve attached a handful of pictures of what we thought were some of the best parts of the trip, feel free to use them and share them with other guests if they want to get an idea of what it looks like to be covered in egg smelling mud!…

I hope we’ll get to catch up one day in the future and when you’re in the UK, if we have a track day on, come along and I’ll show you life in a slightly faster and definitely less relaxing way!

All the best for now and a huge thanks once again!

L & H
Excellent trip
Mike and Lizzy,
I just can not thank you enough for the spectacular week we spent with you two on the boat.
I was a nervous wreck about this trip and being at the mercy of the sea in a boat for that long but you both made it so relaxing and enjoyable the whole time. I never once felt my anxiety kick in and want to go home :)
We all knew we'd get along good since we often vacation together as a group and you two just blended right in with us. Between Lizzy's amazing meals she prepared and Mike constantly pushing us beyond our comfort zones to try new things it will be a trip we never forget. I can't wait to try these recipes to see if they match up as hers did.
Mike you could have shared your playlists with us a little earlier in the week because 4 day's of Kenny was enough :)
Hugs to all and keep in touch!
Brenda and Todd
Unforgettable holiday
Mike & Lizzy,
Thank you both for an unforgettable holiday. We truly enjoyed the week and we were really glad to be able to spend it with you. All the places we visited were amazing and the food & hospitality we experienced was fantastic.
Thanks again for everything.
Kyle & Michelle.
Everything was perfect – it couldn’t have been better. We are very happy & especially with Lizzy & Mike who made things superb.
27th December 2017 – 3rd January 2018
Lizzy and Mike,
Just an amazing week….. no better way to spend a family vacation. We got to see the entire BVI and experience to the fullest. You’re both amazing!! JB (Head charterer)

This has been a great, very nice relaxing and ultimately enjoyable holiday. The BVIs are spectacular and the Aoibh is the way to see them. Mike and Lizzy were phenomenal crew and even better company. Many, many thanks to them. KB

This has officially claimed the place of #1 favourite trip and that’s saying a lot!! Thank you for making everything absolutely perfect. I so appreciate Lizzy making everything “Maggie Friendly”, Mike for taking us to the most beautiful and fun places and the both of you for being so great and accommodating. Thankyou!! MB

Thank you for being such great and accommodating people. Everything you have done for us was absolutely amazing and made this trip so special. I hope you love every minute of the Aoibh! SO

An amazing trip was had by all! Mike and Lizzy were the perfect hosts. The food and service were impeccable. It was a vacation for the memory books. Thank you so much. LB

Thank you both for the trip of a life time! Every day brought new fun and adventures. The food, crew and snorkelling were AMAZING! Thanks again for everything and I’ll miss the BVI a lot! EB

This trip was amazing! I loved all of the places we went, they were all so beautiful. All the food was amazing! Thank you for making this trip great!! KB (aged 8)