Previously named CYGNUS MONTANUS II

CaptainSteven Swartz American 0
ChefJennifer Baxter American 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Steven Swartz
Personal Profile
Having spent summer vacations on the open water aboard an annual family cruise I grew impassioned for the ocean. I cultivated this along with my technical knowledge serving 7 seasons aboard an Alaskan fishing vessel and on both fishing and large commercial vessels along the east coast. My true passion and calling presented itself four years ago when I found the waters of Penobscot Bay and the beautiful ships that sailed them in the summers. Getting my start as a yard worker and then a deck hand for the beautiful schooner Mary Day, I learned the art and value of exceptional customer service in the formal and professional setting that distinguishes her program.I quickly rose through the ranks aboard various vessels, culminating in command of a 115’loa, engineless coasting schooner. My diverse experiences have earned me a great knowledge of a variety of systems and engineering environments. I am driven to share my experience and cheerful positive outlook with owners and guests while maintaining their vessel to the highest standard. I emphasize strong communication to ensure that both the owner and the vessel get exactly what they desire with the assistance of my experience and knowledge as a liaison. I am greatly looking forward to once again work alongside my long time partner, Jennifer, to provide an even better service and experience. We work extremely well together and are strongest when in compliment to one another

Jennifer Baxter
Personal Profile
I came to sailing just over five years ago, when I applied to work aboard the classic
schooner Mary Day. I became enthralled and found life at sea to be a perfect outlet for my lifelong love of learning and working with my hands. Over the following two years I worked my way from messmate to cook and then second mate. Due to the owners of Mary Day’s high standard of both presentation and customer service, it proved to be a fantastic first experience.I learned the value of attention to detail, and went on to garner more experience in a variety of settings including crewing as mate aboard day-sailors and as cook/mate in tandem with my partner, Steve, aboard a 60 ft loa schooner running 2-7 day charters. It was in the later setting, as well aboard our own sailboats, that my partner and I honed our skills as a sailing and service-focused team. Most recently I have been working for a local sail loft, but I look forward to being able to get out on the water once more.