CaptainAntonis Zannos Greek 0 RYA
Number of Crew: 6Languages: FLUENTLY: GREEK, ENGLISH, SPANISH

Crew Profiles:
Captain Antonis, was born in Greece. He graduated as a captain in 1990 from the Higher Institute of Merchantile Marine whilst his high school was the Naval High School of Andros. He started his career working on board seagoing ships, cargo ships and tankers. After gaining valuable experiences throughout the globe Captain Antonis moved to the yachting industry. His first yacht was m/y "Ostria" then changed to large sailing yachts being the captain of "Odysseus", "Marina II", "Kallisto" and "Amadeus". For the last 7 years Captain Antonis was the captain of "Aello" a unique 128ft guff scooner built in 1921. Captain Antonis is a professional sailor. During his more than twelve year experience as a Captain on Greek yachts Captain Antonis performed various charter and owner trips among Greek seas. Therefore he masters all Greek island destinations as well as many little, unknown and unspoiled harbors. He speaks English and on top of his Captain degree and experience holds a lot of additional certificates like "Life Saving and Fire Fighting Appliances", "Ro. Ro. Passenger", "A.R.P.A" and many more. Captain Antonis is married with one daughter and his hobbies are scuba diving and snorkeling.


ENGINEER Giannis Sarantou
- Nationality: Greek
- Born: 1979
- Marital Status: Single
Giannis has studied Marine engineering in Greece and has served for 12 years on board sea going vessels.
Giannis joined the "Arktos" in May 2013, when he took charge of the engine room.
His mother tongue is Greek, he also speaks English and some Italian.


Konstantinos was born in 19BB in Athens, Greece and graduated from Special Forces in 2008. He starLed his career in 2009, in public ships as a steward and in 2011 he joined the yachting industry as a sailor. Konstantinos is a skipper, professional dive master with a big background and knowledge in engineering issues and trouble shooting . His drive and passion for travelling in different places and cultures, makes him an expert in Greek destinations, hidden magnificent bays and nice places to eat or have a drink. Konstantinos is fluent in English and speaks also Spanish.
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