North Sardinia from 23 to 30 July
Dearest Angelo and Michele,

the Gullet Atlantik III is very comfortable, but what really made the difference were Cristian and Laura, both very special people, always prepared and ready to make the difference in any situation.

They welcomed to their home with open arms and not only did they make sure we had everything we needed, they also spoiled us with delicious food prepared by Cristian.

They were particularly good with my father, who is physically disabled and can be challenging at times. Laura is excellent at virtually everything, even as a psychologist! They fully understood our bad experience with the first leg trip, and so they did everything they possibly could to make sure we enjoyed this trip and felt comfortable. A good example of this would be our last day, how they let us disembark in the afternoon instead of at 9am as scheduled, to make up for a day we had lost because of bad weather. This was very kind and entirely out of their own will as they had no obligation to make such a nice gesture.

I would like to thank you once more for your assistance before and during the trip, and we really hope to be able to book you again in the future.

Paola and family