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Captain Gary is a man of many hats! Hanging out with him on board Avalanche, you may find yourself kite-boarding the crystal blue waters, hoisting and trimming sails, chart plotting to find your best point of sail, scuba diving ship wrecks, and navigating the stars. Gary loves to share his enthusiasm for these water sports and get others involved. Certified to teach these activities, the array of new skills one can learn from Gary during a charter are priceless.

Born and raised in Northern California, Gary has been sailing since he was twelve. He has lived on multiple sailboats including one of his own since 2010. In 2014 he became an American Sailing Association instructor and advanced his knowledge of navigation,
weather, and vessel systems. He is licensed to teach ASA 101 Basic Keel Boat, 103 Basic Coastal Cruising, 104 Bareboat Cruising, 105 Coastal Navigation, and 114 Cruising Catamaran.

Since 2004 Gary has been a professional kite-boarding instructor as well as a sponsored rider. As an Advanced Open Water diver, he also enjoys leading underwater tours and maybe even snagging some Caribbean lobsters to cook fresh! Living and working on boats for so long, fishing is second nature to him. You may even find him in the galley, alongside Dana, preparing the fresh catch as he also is a great chef! His love of outdoor activities is deeper than the oceans that he dives. When not out on the ocean, you may find Gary snowboarding, paragliding, and skydiving.

His high school and college education background in auto mechanics and advanced welding helped him become a practiced engineer. Gary enjoys the challenge of problem solving and his confidence in mechanics assure a safe and comfortable environment.

Gary encourages his guests to not just come see the Caribbean, but to come experience the Caribbean!

Gary Rhodes