Previously named Rose of Jericho

CaptainHåkan Norberg Swedish 1956
ChefSusanne Akerlund Swedish 0
Number of Crew: 0Languages: English and Swedish

Crew Profiles:
Håkan Norberg, 61 years old, Swedish
Languages spoken: English and Swedish
The seaman story of Håkan began many years ago, within the Royal Swedish Navy. During the last 14 years of his life, Håkan has held the position of Captain aboard several private and charter yachts in the range of the 100ft, cruising the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the US East Coast. A self-composed person, Håkan brings to the Azizam's team the benefits of the skills acquired during his long career and the balance and maturity developed with his life experiences. A keen diver and sportsman, Håkan always puts the safety of his guests as a top priority.

Susanne Akerlund, Swedish
Languages spoken: English and Swedish
For many years, Susanne has managed her own restaurant/conference center. Very sensitive to the latest food trends, she is a keen believer in the healthy eating without sacrificing the taste. Skilled in International cuisine, Susanne adds a personal touch to her dishes by using the fresh, local products.

Victor, 24 years old, Swedish
Languages spoken: English and Swedish
Aside his main duties of deck & engines maintenance, Victor is in charge of making sure that all the water toys aboard Azizam run in a perfect order. He will be happy to assist his guests by instructing them to a safe use of the water sport equipment. Or discovering together new secret bays, if they wish.

Zacharias, 20 years old, Swedish
Languages spoken: English and Swedish
Very service-oriented, Zacharias was born in a family with a long occupational history in the Yachting. Eager to learn and quick-witted, Zacharia is bringing strong energy and motivation to the entire Azizam's team.