Bora Bora

CaptainAntonio Guscic Croatian 0
Chef, hostess, deckhand 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Captain Antonio Guscic was born in 1986 in Zadar, Croatia. He studied at Maritime high school in Zadar. He has seventeen years of experience in the marine industry on sailing and motor yachts of different sizes. He possesses a yacht master license for up to 500 GT. Antonio is a captain that always puts the passenger’s safety and commodity on the first place. He is fluent in English and Italian language. He is a very communicative and friendly captain, ready to take his guests on a luxury yacht charter.

Chef Robert Stipčević was born in 1967 in Split. He is an excellent Chef with many years of experience gained in the work of various types of high-class restaurants, prestigious hotels, yachts, and luxury motorboats. For several years he stayed abroad where he achieved good business success and earned and received recognition. He worked with large and small teams as well as with various types of people. Robert is communicative, organized, accessible, responsible, and friendly. He puts the safety first of staff, equipment, and the environment in which he works.
Chef Robert is cooking with top-quality groceries of all kinds such as fresh fish and first-class meat steaks. He is a highly motivated, capable & professional Chef, with a genuine passion for preparing delicious, and nutritious meals. Robert is a chef that has the skills to precisely combine delicious spices and flavors, making his meals fantastic. He is fluent in English.

Hostess Antonija Zubovic Guscic has a bachelor’s degree in economics of entrepreneurship in Zagreb. She has plenty of experience in working with people and hospitality. Antonija fluently speaks English and basic Italian. Working in many various teams, Antonija has very strong communication skills and is always open to conversing. With many years of experience in working with people, she is a very professional worker with excellent social skills, always with a positive attitude and at the guest’s disposal.

Deckhand Lovro Guscic grew up and spent his whole life living on an island in a small town, he could not imagine his life and career anywhere else but at the sea. He finished Hotel and tourism management and hospitality school and started to work in a private hotel. Lovro started his maritime career by working as a deckhand on an 18 meters charter yacht. Afterward, he continues to work as a deckhand on 43 meters sailing yacht where his main responsibilities included refurbishing and maintenance of the yacht, painting, and varnishing the interior and exterior of the vessel, and organizing and preparing the vessel for the season. Also, his work as a deckhand included mooring and anchor operations, operating with water toys, and making sure the guests are having the best possible experience on board. Lovro is very capable of doing her duties on board with plenty of enthusiasm and always with a smile. He is a hardworking team player with a good attitude towards tasks, always striving to do his work the best he can.

Antonio Guscic

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