Always served with freshly brewed coffee, choice of regular or de-café,

and choice of regular or herbal teas.

Juice or freshly made fruit smoothie made from ripe tropical fruits.

 Fresh tropical fruit platter. Fine imported preserves and cheeses.


Waffles with fresh berries – Caribbean French Toast – English muffins

Home made banana walnut bread – Chocolate chips pancakes

Eggs and bacon - Warm croissants -  Bagels with smoked salmon

Scrambled Eggs platter with ham and tomatoes topped with green onion



Served with fresh French or home made breads


Sea food salad with fresh asparagus served in avocados  

Marinated steak salad – Portobello Picata with Marinara sauce

Spinacopita with Greek salad – Smoked salmon and melon salad

  Pasta with Gorgonzola sauce


Hors d’oeuvres

Always served for “Happy Hour” accompanied by your favorite cocktails.


Baked artichoke dip – Home made graved Lax –  Vegetable platter

 Crab dip - Cheese platter  –  Pita bread with home made hummus

Baked  Brie cheese bread.



Always served with your choice of wine


Salmon in potato crust with fresh steamed asparagus and Hollandaise sauce

Grilled marinated pork tenderloin with potatoes au gratin and steamed vegetables

Poussins with basmati rice, red wine sauce and warm fruit salad

Rack of lamb Greenbrier with rosemary potatoes and steamed carrots

Sesame seed seared tuna with plantains, wild rice and wasabi

Grilled Filet Mignon with Hassel baked potatoes, steamed vegetables and Béarnaise sauce



Always served with coffee, tea and your choice of after dinner drinks.


Blue berry cheese cake – Almond crepes with ice crème

Chocolate soufflé’ -  Fresh berries in Chamboard liquor with whipped crème

Mango mousse – Hazelnut cake with panache – Key lime pie