April 2022
When you arrived, what was your first impression of the yacht?
The yacht was very clean. There were pretty flowers on the table. It looked very welcoming!

What did you think about your accommodation?
It was all great! The bed was very comfortable. The bathroom was clean. There were nice toiletries provided.

Salon, cockpit, deck spaceL
It was all very comfortable for our family of six. We loved the bean bag chairs!

Was the boat kept clean during your charter?
Yes everything was kept clean throughout the week.

What did you enjoy most on board?
I enjoyed how relaxing it was. Madison totally spoiled us! She and Greg were always ready to do whatever we wanted to do. They spoiled us with drinks and snacks and whenever we wanted something.

Please describe your captain.
Greg was so friendly, upbeat and calm. We felt very confident in his expertise of sailing our yacht. He was always ready to use the dinghy to take us to shore if we wanted to get equipment ready for activities.

What did you think about your itinerary?
We loved our itinerary. We all enjoyed sailing to a new place each day. The took us to great snorkel spots. Our kids loved paddleboarding and kayaking. We had a nice dinner on Lovango one night.

Please describe your chef.
Madison was always smiling! She is very up beat and friendly. She is a great snorkel guide! She had our coffee ready each morning before we were up. Each meal was thoughtfully and different each day.

Please describe your meals.
We all loved the food Madison prepared! It was always fresh, beautifully presented, and more than enough for all of us. We felt the quality was great.

Do you feel the meals and drinks reflected the requests you made in the preference sheet?
Yes our crew had everything we had requested on our preference sheet. It was amazing! Greg was a great bartender too!

Any other notes?
On my husbands birthday we woke up to the yacht being totally decorated. Madison had balloons, streamers, and banners up everywhere. It was very thoughtful of her and made my husband feel very special. We really appreciate the extra effort she made to help us celebrate Jim's birthday! We feel fortunate that our original trip was postponed because we wouldn't have had Madison and Greg otherwise. They made our trip extra special! We highly recommend sailing with them!
April 2022
Maddie and Greg are the kindest team! We can’t imagine a better experience. They made everyday they best day from activities, games to exploring the he greatest spots. We were spoiled and cared for beyond expectation. We feel blessed to have had this experience and can’t imagine it without Maddie and Greg. They are truly a special crew! We will hold these memories dear forever. The food was phenomenal and we have even come home to recreate the dishes. We loved every meal and our children did too! Every meal was creative and so fresh. Maddie made a hug effort to accommodate allergies and restrictions. It made us feel at ease. Thank for Maddie for every delicious meal that I know you made with love. Maddie and Greg, It’s hard to put in words how grateful we are! You both exude kindness and positive attitudes daily. You were so engaging and truly felt like part of our family for the week. This week is a real gift that you have given us. We truly hope our lives and paths will cross again. Thank you! -The Chambers Family
March 2022
Dear Maddie and Greg,

Thank you so much for everything you do to give your guests a fun, fabulous, and memorable week. First and foremost, your easy going, happy attitudes put your clients at ease so they can relax and enjoy the sun, scenery and outdoor activities while you work your butts off to provide everything we could want or need – and with a smile and a laugh!

From the fantastic food to the great beach towels to the well stocked bar and fun toys, everything was here for us. But it is your kindness that really made the experience extra special.

Salad bowl, little Lamshure Bay and Bills shorts will stay with me and make me smile for many years to come. Best of luck in this venture and hope to stay in touch. Beth and Bill.
February 2022
Maddie and Greg,

Thank you so much for such a spectacular week, he incredible meals, the great snorkeling, the fun sails, but most importantly for your hospitality, your kindness and your patience. You are always there. Thanks for everything, and always remember to save for the run are the best!!
February 2022
OMG, Where to start?

It was a monster time start to finish. And a key part of that was the two of you. So appreciate the extra B-day effort.

And everything she said. Here's to always having plenty of water beneath your keels. Cheers!

P.S. Look forward to jumping into the blue again with you in the future.

P.P.S. Oh, and don't stop the Painkillers...

January 2022
When we heard the BVI was not accessible we were disappointed. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We went many places in the US VI we did not know exist. Every port we visitation was wonderful. We would highly recommend cruising the USVI. Madison was equally amazing. Wonderful meals and snacks three times today. She has an amazing work ethic, constantly on the go making sure we enjoyed ourselves. This is especially true given the limitation of her galley. Greg and Madison actively participate it in many of our leisure activities which made them far more enjoyable. Greg went snorkeling with us and taught me how to catch lobster, which we ate fresh. Amazing. We trolled for fish when changing anchorages and caught another delicious lunch. Maddie and Greg took us to a small Cove known for surfing and gave surfing lessons to those who want it. Wonderful meals every day. We had dinner on the boat every day. Five of seven lunches on the boat and all breakfast. Could not be better.
January 2022
Maddy & Greg,

We are so grateful and lucky to have spent a wonderful week with you! You gave us a grand tour of St. John and St. Thomas and showed us so many bays, beaches and little islands we never would have seen without you! You are generous, fun and work together so well! We hope to remain in contact with you and be friends! Hope to meet you again! Our highlights were playing with dolphins, catching fish and lobster! Snorkeling and enjoying beautiful and delicious food and drink! Much love!
January 2022
Maddy and Greg,

We are so happy to have spent a week with you! From our fun hike on new Years Eve to catching our own fish and lobster to the wonderful snorkeling – and including my surfing lesson! Everything was enjoyable because of you! We feel so lucky that you ended up cruising our boat! Enjoy the rest of the season – Best!
January 2022
Thanks so much for the relaxing trip! I enjpyed the dinner conversations and positive attitudes through the whole trip. Thanks!

I loved the calm mornings and friendly crew! Thank you! I loved the wakeboarding everyday and Greg preventing us from capsizing hehehe
December 2021
Madison and Greg,
Thanks so much for rescuing our trip! You are both such a great team and have a great work ethic – amazing to see it in this day and age. You will go far! The food was great and so nice to always see smiling faces every day no mater what the boat threw at you!
December 2021
Maddy and Greg,
What a lovely relaxed week we had with you guys! We feel grateful that we had you as our guides. We hope to remain in contact with you and meet again someday! Thank you for the beautiful food everyday, great snorkeling spots and for helping Brad to catch his lobster! We will always cherish our time together!
December 2021
Maddy and Greg,
Thank you so much for such an enjoyable week. We loved all the places that you took us. You are both wonderful hosts. You fed us wonderful meals, made us feel so comfortable, and managed all of the little things that happen on boats beautfully. Good luck with all that you do and stay in touch! PS Thanks for the surfing lesson!
December 2021
Maddy and Greg,
We are so impressed by you calm, committed, and non stop attention to detail and customer experience. You never stopped working hard for us so that our vacation would be tremendous. You have such a great sense of adventure and perspective which translates to a wonderful atmosphere. We really appreciate al your hard work. And you have such great knowledge to share : how to surf, where to catch lobster, how to call on a dolphin pod, and the best midnight hikes. You made our vacation wonderful. Thank you!
February 8 - 15, 2020
Sandy and Dirk - I think the best way to sum up this trip is PERFECTION. This trip has been AMAZING! The food, service, hospitality, accommodations have been 5 Star all the way. This has been a trip of a lifetime! We really enjoyed all the beautiful scenery. The conditions were just perfect for us. We felt so safe and confident the entire trip. We were talking this morning and we have decided that we cannot pick one perfect day or beach because every day and every place was perfect! Thank you both so much for helping us make a memory of a lifetime.

Blessings and Love - Paula, Valerie, Dixie and Gail
January 26 - February 1, 2020
Dirk and Sandy - What an amazing adventure we have had! Thank you for hosting us to an exciting, relaxing, and memorable catamaran experience. You exceeded our expectations! You two make a wonderful team! Sandy, your cooking was fantastic! Thank you for meeting all of our requests. You went above and beyond! Dirk, you always guided us in the right direction for great dives, fun snorkeling and beautiful surroundings. You were both so flexible and accommodating to our high-energy, adventurous group. Thank you for putting us all at ease as guests of the Catatonic 500. You blessed us in every way. Ann and Dane, Bill and Betsy, Richard and Leslie
January 8 - 15, 2020
Dirk and Sandy -
Wow! Where to begin... How about Best In Class for both sailing and service? Boating and sailing in high winds and "sporty" conditions was no problem. Snorkeling and Diving, floating spots, all amazing. Now to Sandy's cooking... Everyone tried something they'd never had before and LOVED it! From breakfast through dinner, including desserts, all fabulous! Could not have had a better birthday cruise! Until we meet again!
- Carrie, David, Steve, Emma, Scott and Tomi
December 29, 2019 - January 5, 2020
Dirk and Sandy - Thank you for hosting us this week. We came from all over the country to spend New Year's together.
We appreciate your hospitality; the food was wonderful and we loved being so well taken care of.
Our favorites were diving, fishing, sunning, exploring the beautiful island spots and spending time with new friends.
We will be dreaming of our week and look forward to planning our next.
Happy New Year! - Jodi, Chris, Mike, Kim, Layne and Gina
December 21 - 28, 2019
Thank you Dirk and Sandy for a wonderful week back aboard Catatonic on our second charter with you. It has been an amazing trip and a fabulous way to spend Christmas 2019! You have both been great hosts all around. The food has been wonderful, the diving beautiful, fun evening stops and great sailing, too.

Thanks for making our trip special and for opening your home to us. We have memories that we will take home and cherish. Dianne, Terry and Michaei
December 8 - December 15, 2019
Dirk and Sandy, I am not sure we have words to express how amazing this trip was. We have forever been spoiled since this was our first time sailing for a week.
Your kindness, patience and generosity have been outstanding. Turning 50 with our dear friends has been an experience I will never forget (and thank you for the birthday cheesecake!!!). We will cherish our memories aboard Catatonic and our two new special friends.
Thank you for everything - a PERFECT trip! - Shawn and Kathie
November 23 – November 30, 2019
Dirk and Sandy, what an amazing and truly special time! The food, the diving, fishing and sailing were incredible, but both of you are the cherry on top. It’s always a joy when kindred spirits meet. Can’t wait to visit you and Catatonic again! - Teddi and Scott

Dirk and Sandy, thank you for a truly amazing week! Everything was absolutely wonderful! Diving with Dirk was a highlight ,as I never thought I would do something like that. Your patience and calm demeanor made it so easy. Knowing there was a cocktail at the end didn’t hurt either! Sandy, you are an amazing hostess! Seeing my tuna become our sushi lunch is a memory I will cherish! — Jill
June 3 - June 9, 2019
Thank you for an amazing week! You have been such great hosts. We love your boat and the meals have been so delicious! It was awesome to dive from the boat and fishing was so much fun! If you ar win Texas, look us up! :-)

Thank you for a fabulous week. It has been a wonderful rest full of adventure. The wreck of the Rhone was certainly a highlight. We love your yacht. The whole experience was fantastic - the food was exceptional, the diving and boating demonstrated the highest levels of safety and professionalism.
April 6, 2019 - April 13, 2019
Dirk and Sandy - we can't thank you enough for a fabulous vacation. We enjoyed our time on your beautiful catamaran and loved getting to know you both. The food was amazing and so were all of the beautiful destinations you took us to!
April 6, 2019 - April 13, 2019
Dirk and Sandy, We are so very thankful for all you have done this week for us! It has truly been an amazing week. We feel especially blessed to have had you both as our hosts. Everything from the water fun to the food has been spectacular. Thank you for sharing your beautiful catamaran with us. We hope to see you again in the next few years with our family! Wishing you safe travels until we meet again!
March 23, 2019 - March 30, 2019
You made our vacation truly a wonderful experience. You kept our 13, 13, and 11 year old boys totally engaged and off their devices as much as possible. You have been unconditionally hospitable and tirelessly accommodating. The food was amazing! "Some of the best food I've ever had" says the 11 year old! Endless, wonderful activities, SCUBA, tubing, fishing, paddle boarding, rum drinking....thank you for a wonderful adventure, we'll be back!
March 5, 2019 - March 12, 2019
Thank you for giving us a beautiful week in paradise! We fit so much in during what felt like a way too short of a stay. We had fun, sun, and laughs that will last us only until the next time we can come back and visit again. Wishing you lots of success and joy until we meet again.

You two are special people to make useful so welcome your home - plus to best professional and notice everything while playing hard with us too. The best hit of the diving was feeding the lion fish to the shark. We will be coming back!

Sometimes you hear you can never recreate a great trip, but you both helped us find an even better experience than our 2016 trip. So glad we could help support the efforts to rebuild the area after Irma. All our best to you both, Cat 500, and Kittytonic! Ahoy!

Thank you for a wonderful first trip to paradise! So many fun things to see and do! It was great having the insider's scoop on the different excursions. Dirk, the dives were amazing and the sailing was masterful! Thank you for showing the ropes on fishing and sailing. Sandy, thank you for fantastic food and for being hostess, chef, and first mate! You are a great pair! Keep sailing!
February 16, 2019 - February 23, 2019
Thanks for an amazing week, showing us the best of the best of the BVI. We loved the diving, especially the wrecks, and all the delicious food. Thanks Dirk for your patience in working with John on the kiteboarding - what a special treat for him! A fabulous way for us to celebrate the big 5-0 and share time together as a family. Thanks for making it so special!
February 1, 2019 - February 8, 2019
What a way to celebrate turning 40! Such an experience with the gourmet meals, drinks in hand, stories, relaxation and overall 5 star hospitality on board.

We appreciate you guys introducing us to so many things: snorkeling, fishing, SNUBA, paddle boarding and touring all of the beautiful islands with the fun beach bars! BVI has not disappointed!

All of these things have helped us grow our relationships as couples, friends and will leave us with memories we can talk about for years to come.
January 23, 2019 - January 30, 2019
Dreams do come true!! Best trip ever...Virgin Gorda had to be our favorite bit of paradise. Food was spectacular. Came as guests, left as friends! We will be back!
January 12, 2019 - January 19, 2019
The Leeward Islands were amazing, amazing yachts at St. Barts, secluded beaches on Anguilla, great dining at Grand Case, and Saba was amazing for SCUBA. The food was spectacular especially fresh catch of the day...twice! Second time back and already planning our next trip.
December 26, 2018 - January 5, 2019
We had an awesome time aboard Catatonic 500 with Sandy and Dirk sailing the Leeward Islands of St Maarten, St Barth's and Anguilla for 10 days. There were 6 of us, my wife and I, our two teenage daughters , and two of their friends. This was the 3rd time we chartered with Catatonic (Twice in the BVI) We would charter with them whenever possible! All our trips from Food/drinks, Locations they recommend, excursions/activities have always been beyond our expectations. Sandy and Dirk have an endless amount of energy and were always ready to entertain the girls, and us, whether it was tubing, a trip to the beach, taking a walk through towns, fishing etc. Our first sailing trip was on Catatonic, it was so much better than being at a luxury resort (where you are stuck on the same beach every day, same lounger etc.) that now we only Sail ! We highly recommend taking a trip on Catatonic, it changed our views on what a real vacation should be!
December 15 - 22, 2018
We are so grateful - we had an amazing time and we are thankful for all you have done to make our trip extraordinary. Cheers to your upcoming St Maarten trip and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
November 17 - 24, 2018
Sandy and Dirk -
Thanks for an amazing experience in the Virgin Islands! We couldn't even wear you out! Skiing past the Willy T, wakeboarding, fishing, diving, paddle boarding, and "bean bagging." Too much fun with so many toys to play with! Thank you for everything, we are already planning to come back to visit our newest friends, Sandy and Dirk. - Stacy, Lucas, Grace and Luke
November 7 - 14, 2018
We want to thank you both so much for a spectacular vacation! What you both have given us is the memory of a lifetime! Both you and Dirk are masters in what you love to do. Sandy, your love for cooking shows in the many wonderful dishes you prepared for us! Dirk, your knowledge in running Catatonic 500 made us feel safe at all times. We loved your toys and the activities on board made us feel alive! Thank you for introducing us to your local friends who keep the Virgin Islands what they are. Thank you for helping us check just one more thing off our bucket list. - Donna and Randy
Broker provided feedback for 2 week New England charter
So where do I begin?
We started in Newport first loading our gear and then having lunch ashore. We departed from the fuel dock at the Newport yachting center as perotti’s were not accommodating despite dirk having cleared it with them the night before!
Our itinerary week 1 was block island to cuttyhunk to menemsha to Hadley’s harbor to Nantucket and then MV. Weather was perfect except for a lack of wind! Lots of swimming, paddle boarding, card games. Fun cocktails, meals as requested - lite, healthy and delicious.
We were able to bring my dad’s scooter which allowed us some mobility for meals ashore. Several days my dad requested to stay put instead of eating ashore as he tires out. sandy and Dirk graciously accommodated. They are both welcoming and generous people. My dad tried to reciprocate by splicing a few worn lines! It felt like we had known them for a long time. We shared travel logs, pictures and videos. Dirk was forever offering activities and Sandy would participate in all the evening card games with the girls! Very sensitive to our needs and anticipating desires!
Dirk is a knowledgeable and skillful captain... my dad (also a captain ) always attentive to these matters spent wonderful hours together with him at the helm. Dirk was always up for adventure and exploration whereas other skippers we’ve have always seem to take the easy route where less effort was required! (Philippe now wants a drone!)
Week 1 was very family like, we ate lunch and dinners aboard together.
Week 2 we exchanged our 2 girls for another couple and added another family member, and we enjoyed cocktails and long boating hours together.
Week 2 we went to Provincetown and literally went whale hunting and paddled with the harbor seals! We stopped in wellsfleet to see the French semifinals. Stopped in pocasset For incredible lobster salad and an exciting navigation thru the narrows and shoal! Back to Hadley’s for the night. Then to Nantucket (again! My cousins hadn’t visited yet) for more good food at the Pearl and Dune. Last night in cuttyhunk before Newport! Lunched on board in Breton’s cove next to my dad’s mooring. We offloaded again at the NYC which was perfect!
The trip was everything we were looking for and more!
Thanks for arranging it for us! They are to be highly recommended!

Best regards,

April 2018
Dirk and Sandy -
Can’t tell you enough how much we enjoyed the trip. From the sailing lessons to all of the wonderful spots you took us, it’s been the trip of a lifetime. We are already trying to figure out when we can return. Catatonic is an awesome sailboat with an even awesomer owners/crew :-).

Good luck to you two sailing on!
Brad and Nyssa
March 2018
When we arrived it was apparent that we all were in need of a vacation, however what we got was so much more. Over the last week we received a plethora of memories, 5-star meals and incredible scuba dives. From lobster to turtles to Natalie's lobster tan, the islands have offered us wonders of nature and in return we hope to bring help in any way we can in order to rebuild this beautiful place. We are truly thankful for this adventure.

Natalie, Juliette, Christine, and Gene
February 2018
Thank you so much for an incredible trip, very sad to leave! The girls first sailing experience was one the will never forget. Looking forward to booking another trip with you VERY SOON!! The water is colder than yesterday:)

Thank you for everything,
Matt, Taylor, Katie, and Libby
January 2018
Dirk and Sandy,
Thank you so much for an amazing 9 days on your beautiful Catatonic 500! The hospitality that you show us every time we get together makes us feel so like family!
Bananas Foster, Key Lime Pie, Ice Cream of many flavors - so amazing!! Swimming pigs, dolphins off the bow and friendly sting rays- how cool!! Karaoke, friendly card games, and charades - what memories are made of!! Kite boarding, water skiing, and snorkeling a reef - pure island dreams!! GTC poker run - how fun!
Jeff and I will always treasure our times spent with you both!! Cannot wait to spend more time in the islands we all love so much. In the immortal words of KC - "Life is a lime, and from time to time I got to get my fix, yeah. We roll with the flow, friends come and go, usually by the edge of the dock!"
Until our next adventure together!! You guys will always have a place to stay in Texax. Thanks again for a wonderful introduction to the Bahamas!

See you at the next dock,
Jeff and Shawna
January 2018
Trip of my dreams came true! So happy the Lord brought me to you and Cat 500! And what a surprise to have my mom at my side too. That piece is the best! Nevertheless, the trip would not have been this comfortable and fun without you, Sandy and Dirk, and the rest of the boat family you brought. Thanks for helping me find such wonderful people to come along! Dirk - thanks for answering my numerous questions about boats and boat language. Sandy - as everyone said your cooking - superb! Also, you opened up your home and allowed us to make it ours too! Thank you!
Christmas 2017
Christmas on a sailboat in the Bahamas with blue seas and palm trees. A most memorable vacation for us and our 4 children. Thanks to Sandy and Dirk for your hospitality, great food, tender rides to shore, and anything else we needed! Sailing offered a completely different way to experience a vacation. We are completely relaxed! Can't think of a better way to end 2017 and begin a new year. We enjoyed game nights - every time we watch American Idol, we will think of you!

Best wishes,
Janet, Paul, Andrew, Katie, Ashley, and Alex
How Do We Top This Vacation?
Our family can't thank you enough for recommending the Catatonic for our vacation. We had the most incredible time, each day was a great adventure that I really can't describe appropriately. Each snorkel spot was a little different than the last. We docked in cool spots with exactly the sort of the things we like to do. Snorkeling with huge Tarpon, bouldering and jumping off big rocks or big boats, colorful fish and coral, hiking and playing on pristine beaches, etc.

I can't say enough great things about Captain Robert.. Robert's knowledge of the islands from a historical standpoint as well as knowing where the fun stuff was amazing. He just knew what we would love and gave us a bunch of it. We did so much it's hard to write it all here however some highlights besides the great snorkel spots was taking a great cab ride for dinner from Levington Bay to Hog Heaven which ranked as my favorite spot.

This was topped the next day of course when we rolled into Cane Garden Bay and had a great sunset, happy hour and night listening to exactly the type of music from a one-man band which, ironically, is much like my favorite guy near my beach house which I had
described to Robert. Captain went beyond any expectations we had for our trip, I have already spoken to several of my friends to refer them to the Catatonic for their own family vacations.

The chef's meals and everything she brought to the table was amazing and she fit right in with the family. She was always figuring out what would make each day a great experience with local flavor. Our preference sheet was far exceeded with great meals every day and night.

The tough thing going forward from here will be, "How do we top this vacation?" Truly nothing will compare thanks to the great boat and crew. They made us feel so comfortable and right at home from the moment we stepped on the boat until we stepped back off. It was great to make 2 new friends while vacationing with the family.
Grins and Memories for a Lifetime!
We enjoyed being on the boat, going to the different spots, letting me sail a bit (absolutely loved that return from Anegada to Marina Cay), and generally taking our foot off the brake for a while as we had fun down there with you all. You showed us so much from the busier anchorages in Jost Van Dyke to the more remote spots like Brewer's Bay, it really checked all the boxes. Like I said, it was a wonderful feeling mid-week to wake up and not know what day it was.

Being on a charter boat as crew is a tough job, but you both completely exceeded our expectations. I can't say enough about that. We had great laughs, but with your calm confidence and how you both professionally executed the job and made it look effortless, you both enabled us to have a spectacular week aboard Catatonic and leave with grins & memories for a lifetime!

Additionally, I really appreciate the recommendations for our post-charter time on St. John. Morgan's Mango was terrific and we just loved the different flavors of the different dishes there. We rented a car, drove the island, and spent a little time on some of the North shore beaches. And yes, a Skinny Legs burger was consumed!!
We Loved Every Single Minute of It
Absolute best vacation ever! Not sure how we will ever top it! The crew were the perfect match for our group! Captain really knows everything that there is to know about sailing and the BVI's! They could not have been more accommodating.

We took tons of pictures and had tons of fun. We can't thank you enough for your suggestions and help along the way. It truly was the best way to spend the week and experience all that the BVI's have to offer. From Willie T's, to Soggy Dollar and all the drinks, bars, fun and games in between, WE LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT!! Thanks for the ‪‎best vacation ever‬!!"
August 26 13
We are still on a high from our trip on the Catatonic. I have to say for me it was one of the best vacations and definitely the most exciting birthday weeks of my life.(50 years-The big one)
All of us cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, patience and friendship towards all of us. They were like family to us. They are an excellent crew together and I hope to see them again on the Catatonic.
I would rate this trip a 10.

Crew rate a 10
Boat- Loved the layout and the size. The beds, seating area and stereo were great. I look forward to another trip on the Catatonic. ~Richard and Annette and Guest
February 8 - 15, 2020
Sandy and Dirk - I think the best way to sum this trip up is Perfection! This trip has been AMAZING! The food, service, hospitality, accommodations have been 5 Star all the way! This has been a trip of a lifetime! We really enjoyed all the beautiful scenery. The conditions were just perfect for us. We felt so safe and confident the entire trip. We were talking this morning and we have decided that we cannot pick one perfect day or beach because EVERY day and EVERY place was perfect. Thank you both so much for helping us make a memory of a lifetime.
Blessings and Love, - Paula, Valerie, Gail and Dixie
February 2009
March 2009
Thank you very much for making the trip amazing. I had a lot of fun learning poker and eating the amazing banana dessert. I had an amazing time! Thanks you!!! - Sophie (Age 13)

I really liked the hamburger and the banana pound cake. I also liked learning to play poker! - Conrad (Age 11)
May 2009
Being with you on Catatonic has been like a dream come true! We could not have asked for a better captain or chef! You truly pampered us beyond belief. The stops were fantastic - loved Norman Isle, the bubbly pool, kayaking, snorkeling, trunk beach! And the food was incredible. You are truly our favorite restaurant chef ever! You have the perfect balance of allowing family time and yet when we are with you, you feel like faimly too.

Thanks for the best vacation ever! We will never forget our week on Catatonic of the happy memories together. - Laura
June 2009
We had a blast on Catatonic - kayaking and snorkeling right off the back of the boat, reading on the trampoline, watching the horizon from the captain's deck, and just catching some sun. THIS is how a vacation should be - totally relaxing, amazing food, great tunes, awesome sailing, WOW! This is the first time I've ever seen my husband not wear a watch - THAT's how relaxed we were! We can't wait to come back!
March 2009
I want to take you home with me...For many reasons. But since I can't I will miss you but I will remember how good you guys were to us. Thank you so much for everything. -Matt

Thanks you so much for a Lazy Sunday...what?! Chronicles of What...Narnia!?! You are by far the best crew an East coast Canadian could hope for. Thank you for the food, the booze, brownies, and memories. -Anita

It started as a surprise birthday week for a 60 year old geezer & finished as a week of renewal for our family. You allowed us all the renew our friendship and create new ones with you both! Life is a journey of various components, building credibility & credits as we plan for the future! A trip such as we have enjoyed gives us the opportunity to pause & appreciate each other. Thank you both for the memoriies! - Jack (birthday boy)

It started as anticipation of my Dad's surprise and turned into a week of fun & laughter. Not only am I continously surprised & enamored by my family, I was thrilled that our crew was part of the group. We had a week of fun & sun as we as a great dive in the islands. At this time, I cannot find the words to describe the adventure we were able to take. The food was another love and the presentation was artful.I look forward to the next time our family can be together. I also look forward to the next time we can enjoy your crew, as they were instrumental in making it happen. They truly showed us the Virgin Islands & allowed us to have an incredible experience. Thank you! - Tevis

Thanks so much for an absolutely fabulous week. Sometime when you look forward to something for such a long time and then when it happens it is never what you expect. This was more than any of us could have wished for. Thanks for taking such good care of us. Food was better than a 5 star!

Thanks you two! - Bonnie
Thank you very much for making the trip amazing. I had a lot of fun learning poker and eating the amazing banana dessert. I had an amazing time! Thanks you!!! - Sophie (Age 13)

I really liked the hamburger and the banana pound cake. I also liked learning to play poker! - Conrad (Age 11)
July 2009
We have been reflecting for the last couple of days on what was absolutely one of the most enjoyable weeks/vacations of all time. Thanks were both absolutely great and we consider you both special friends. We definitely plan to find a way to visit with you both in the VI again soon. Lot's of unbelievable experience, exceptional camaraderie, fantastic food, and lot's of laughs (yeah, no, yeah, no, yeah, no......................).
Sorry that we haven't had an opportunity to forward the photo's we promised. Our home system crashed, but Deb and Cody will try to send the shots to you manana.
Enjoy your time off and please stay in touch.
Warmest personal regards,
P.S. We had a great time in St. John and the Skinny Leg burger was epic! Remind us to share our travel saga for the return journey........23 hours of hell! Unbelievable!