July 2021 in USVI
We had an incredible experience aboard the Guiding Light filled with quality stories, snorkeling, and drinks. The Virgin Islands would not have been the same without our phenomenal and knowledgeable guide, Captain Shane! Hope to see you again soon. - Morgan, Linus, Nick, Zack, and Leo
2-8 April, 2021 in USVI
Thank you for the experience aboard Guiding Light. The highlights of our trip were eating on Lily Pad, seeing sea animals, riding a dinghy and relaxing on the trampoline. Thanks for the challenge puzzle and the local knowledge. We enjoyed the drink of the day. Here’s to the next trip.
PS – The girls “loved” the food and the desserts.
PSS – The games were great.
Bye from Jose, Kelli, Nevaeh, and Josi
A Lovely Family Trip!
Capt Shane, Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Our Family loved every minute of our vacation. You did an amazing job of showing us the joys and beauty of sailing. We appreciate your sincere hospitality and ability to accommodate all of our needs. We hope you can someday make it to the Lake of the Ozarks and we look forward to our next adventure on the Guiding Light!!! Wishing you many blessings. - Travis, Amber, Kendall, Mary Kaitlyn, Maggie, & Clair
USVI 17-24 March, 2021
Fantastic time with a great ship captain, snorkeling educator, bartender, cook/chef, storyteller, and new “friend” *Shane*. Thanks for a great getaway! - Jim & Lisa

Awesome trip w/ Cpt Shane. Loved the variety of snorkeling spots & his knowledge of reef life. Plus the food & D.O.D didn’t suck either! Looking forward to learning more games early in the evening :). Terrific weekend & new friend on the water! - Tad & Lynette

Murphy’s Top 10:
1) Snorkeling*****
2) Perfect weather
3) Great meals
4) Exercise
5)E Coffee hour
6) Excellent guide
7) Show & tell while snorkeling
8) Total relaxation
9) Attempting new games
10) Unlimited tonic water

Thank you Captain Shane for opening up your home to us. You are an excellent host. We are hoping to return. - Tom & Monna
Sweets Baked by Captain Shane
Truffles - Orange Walnut Torte - Mojito Cake
Dec 2020
Oh “2020” – COVID! After the quarantines, disruptions, work from home & virtual learning we were fortunate enough to spend Christmas w/ Captain Shane! St John, snorkeling, beaches, drinks of the day were only topped by our captains loving personality – throwing everyone overboard, wrestling on the mat, watching Christmas movies & playing board games. Thank you for such a memorable week!
- Danny, Alanna, Maggie (11), Thomas (9), Gabriel (6), and Matthew (3)
Dec 2020
One of the best trips the Wilsons have ever had! Snorkeling and hiking were some of the best views!!! Thank you for everything and all the stories! See ya again soon!!!
- Jericho & Rebecca and Bryan & Erin
December 2019
Thank you Shane, this was a memorable trip! It was amazing to visit all these new places and get to know their culture a bit. The sailing in between was spectacular! We loved the colorful snorkel spots as well as the turtles! And you fed us well with your chef skills! Thank you for being an exceptional captain. We had an outstanding time on the famous Guiding Light!!!
- Jose, Susy, Max, Isaac, Simy, & Noa
June 2019
A warm and heartfelt “Thank you” to our wonderful host. Shane made sure all of our needs and wants were met and then some! We especially enjoyed the sailing, snorkeling, and exploring. And the drink of the day is not to be missed! We will take with us all the lovely Caribbean memories!
- Fred, Jennifer & Monte
March 2019
Thank you for making the last week of my birthday month fantastic! We enjoyed all our excursions, thanks to your very special guidance, especially the “off the path” tour of the Baths and snorkeling at the Indians.
March 2019
Captain Shane is the bomb! Even though he almost killed us in the Baths. The drink of the day was always a great part of the day. So was “burying the turn” of the day. Wish the best for the captain in his future travels! – TK & Sherri

This vacation will be hard to top! Thank you for a relaxing, yet adventurous week at sea. Loved snorkeling (Christmas Cove was our favorite), paddle boarding, kayaking, and rock exploring. Also, really enjoyed fresh bread daily, yum! – Kyla & Kyle

Amazing trip! Thanks for pushing us out of our comfort zone. You are an excellent chef and even better bartender! Favorite part was all our daily adventures. Good luck in all your future travels! – Kerie & JJ
January 2019
Thanks for a great time on the Guiding Light! – Jeremy & Jodi

Thank you for a great week! We loved the secluded beach at Caneel Bay, swimming with rays and turtles at Newfound Bay, and the “hike” to the petroglyphs! We enjoyed learning some new games and almost winning. I looked forward to the drink of the day every day at 5:00! This was our first time on a sailing vacay and it did not disappoint! Thanks again. – Todd & Loni
January 2019
What a great way to start the new year! Our first time doing this but not the last. Capt Shane took great care of us. Outstanding tour guide, chef, and cocktailer. He does a great can opener off the top deck of Willy T’s, but he can’t do a flip ☹.
Thanks again, Shane! – Phil, Angela, Jake, & Sarah
December 2018
Fantastic week in the Caribbean! So many once in a lifetime adventures b/c of Shane’s guidance! Wow! Shane made this trip one we’ll never forget. Hospitality, patience, lots of stories, & yummy drinks of the day. Definitely exceeded our expectations! We’ll be back for sure! – Chad & Melissa

What a wonderful time I had in the Caribbean! Our captain was #1 at all times. I wouldn’t of made it on some of our tours without him, especially getting in the window out of the rain. Your meals were fantastic. So many good stories & drinks of the day. If anyone is looking for a fantastic trip, book with him. Loved the homemade bread. Thanks again. – Grandma Kay

Wow! We can’t thank you enough for our unforgettable trip! The snorkeling, hiking through the Baths, drinks of the day, and great food will be hard to beat. Thank you for everything. Love – Jake and Allie
December 2018
We had an amazing time! We truly enjoyed all of the adventures with the highlights being the Baths, snorkeling, and Anegada. We loved the food on board as well as dinners out and dance bars! The sailing was incredible, and we loved being here with our best friends, Chris & Alexa. Wish you the best of luck in the future Shane. Love – Carrie & Brian (not the fat guy!)

Fantastic sailing trip with awesome friends. We came with an openness to adventure & left with so many incredible memories and a few scraps and bruises. Lots of love for the islands. Thanks, Shane, for keeping us safe & showing us the beauty of the BVI. – Chris & Alexa
June 2018
Thank you Captain Shane for a wonderful week aboard the Guiding Light. We enjoyed exploring Grenada – chocolate factory, rum factory, discovering new fruits with Cutty, snorkeling the underwater sculptures, and witnessing a leatherback turtle lay eggs! What an amazing week! Thank you for your hospitality and delicious meals too. Every aspect of the trip was spectacular, and we can’t wait to do it again!

Best Wishes!
The MXXXX family
April 2018
What a great family vacation! We especially enjoyed the drinks each night and delicious dinners. You homemade bread was also so tasty. Thanks for showing us so many must see sites. Your boat was just an amazing home away from home.

Thanks again.
– JD, Ruth, Damyn, Chelsea, Lindsey, & Everett
April 2018
We had a great week on the Guiding Light with Shane and Melek. Thank you both for being such wonderful host. We loved the Drink of the Day and discussing our daily favorites. The best part for us was spending the week with Dan, Di, Jake, & Ally. As for the experience, it could not have been better. For me the best part was when we were under sail. I loved the sail to Anegada, it was absolutely gorgeous. For Tim, his favorites were scuba diving with Dan & Jake and eating lobster on Anegada at Neptune’s Treasure.
– Tim & Ruth
April 2018
Shane & Melek, What a fabulous week on the Guiding Light. We have never experienced so much fun on the water – especially exploring the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean. We greatly enjoyed all the fine dining as well as “of course” the Drink of the Day amongst our “favorite adventure of the day” conversations. Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. We would love to experience this adventure once again in the near future!
Much love, - Dan, Diana, Jake, & Alexandra
March 2018
Shane & Melek, Thanks for everything (heart). The food was DELICIOUS especially the desserts. Thanks for always being nice to all of us, thanks for the amazing experiences, everything was really fun all the time. Thanks for showing us our new favorite game, we are never going to stop playing SPICES. I’m not sure if I’m going to go back in the future, but if I do is going to be with you guys (heart). Thanks for giving me my best graduation present ever and the best first drinks in my life and for my 18th year. PS – The fire coral was amazing 😊 – it wasn’t really at all, thanks for the vinegar. With Love – Juanita

Shane & Melek, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing trip (even though Shane almost killed me in the Baths). Anyways I wish you guys the best of luck! – McKinna

Thanks Guiding Light for letting me be in you for 9 days. Thanks Shane & Melek for being so nice with me. Gracias. – Juan

Again, what a wonderful time aboard the Guiding Light! We loved it all. Thanks for the memories. – Juan & KT

I’m w/ them. Thanks for the trip. 😊 – Irie
February 2018
We had a wonderful week full of sun, wind, nad some rain. The food was great and the company was terrific! We saw many pretty sights and met some very nice natives. We really enjoyed the games, especially “Spice”. We will remember this trip very fondly and speak about the great time we had! Thank you both for the wonderful memories! God Bless. – Mike, Steina, Bry
Wow Amazing Trip!
Wow. What a week. This has by far been the best trip in my 43 years of living. We travel every January for Amy’s birthday & you’ve made this one so memorable. The Baths x2 gave me the insight that I need to workout when I return home & playing “Spices” taught me to be more aware of my surroundings 😊. Discussing life with Mel put a smile on my face. The Guiding Light will be referred to others & talked about forever in the future.
Shane, you ROCK!!! (Sorry about your toes 😊)
– Stacy G. (aka The Other One)

This has been an amazing trip! Cannot wait to come back and do it again…after I work on my stamina, upper body strength, and “Spice Game”. Thank you so much for making this trip wonderful.
– Melissa C. (aka The Responsible One)

Thank you, Shane, for having us. I thought we might be too much for you at first, but you made it through. I loved the Baths and going out of our comfort zone. (I’m going to get a tetanus booster tomorrow 😊) Thank you for the birthday cake. I truly was surprised! This has been a wonderful week with many memories and laughs! #angelfish #Patrick’s Rock #Guiding Light Shut Foxy’s Down 😊 I hope you and Melek had as great of a week as we did. We love Spices.
Take care, safe sailing, & hope to do this again. God Bless.
– Amy W.
New Years 2018
Thank you for a joyful sail and experience on the Guiding Light. Happy New Year! I love the BVI. Snorkel and a lot of sunshine! See ya downwind! Full Moon Party!!
– Mark & Peggy

Thanks for a great voyage, snorkeling, hiking, bouldering Baths, great dinner & desserts, and much more. Us Montana folks enjoyed!
– Tim & Bev

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip on the Guiding Light. You made our trip very comfortable and enjoyable touring us around the BVI Islands. All the best to both of you in 2018 and beyond. Happy New Year!
– Jo & Shane
June 2017
Shane, Thank you for showing us the wonders of the Baths! I had a blast arguing with you over the various nuances of life. I hope our little group left a lasting impression, as we will never forget you! Peace out. – Jack (age 17)

I second Jack’s sentiments. Thanks for the delicious meals and the drinks of the day. A great way to celebrate all the graduations in our family! The depths and shallows of the BVI will never be the same having been navigated by the Johnsons w/ Capt Shane. Everything was meticulously planned and timed perfectly. Thanks for the memorable trip and kindness. – KJ, Luara, Julia, Jack, David, and Sarah (the sunburned angel)
February 2-9, 2017
Thank you Captain Shane for stretching us and making it one of our best trips ever! We were impressed by the meals you served and shared with us your life experience and difficulties! May the Lord be your Guiding Light as you continue in lifes vast ocean! We are greatful for the memories we have made with you!
Gods Blessings!
Dave & Becky and Perry & Sherry
Exceeding Expectations!!!
Our last week aboard the Guiding Light far exceeded our expectations, thanks to Shane. Shane quickly built relationships with Trevor (15) and Miranda (19) and we all enjoyed Shane's sense of humor, knowledge of the Virgin Islands and different marine life, and his cooking! He pushed us out of our comfort zone and we had an absolute blast all week. Hopefully Trevor shut the fan off when we left! J Thanks for making this a trip of a lifetime connecting as a family was our goal and it was a great success! Looking forward to our next adventure!

Thanks for the best trip ever and helping me fulfill my lifelong dream of swimming with sea turtles. And thanks for using my pictures for Pictures of the Day! We will be back very soon!

Thank you Shane for this great trip. All your jokes and comments mad it that much more enjoyable. All the snorkeling spots and rock jumps were a lot of fun. I also liked that I got to touch that seas turtle. This time I turned my fan off J. Hopefully we will be back aboard the Guiding Light soon. Thanks for a fun time!

A big thanks to Shane for an amazing week of adventure in the BVI. Plenty of great snorkeling and islands to hit and party on. Had a couple of movie nights which were great. Thanks for a great week.
Good times aboard Guiding Light
Great trip! I learned a lot about life, texts, and, oh yeah, the BVi, USVI, Caribbean, Sailing, and not to sail over green things! J Whaah!

Shane, Thanks for the great memories! I am sure we will meet again. I will be in touch!
-Rock Star (Eric)

Great time sailing the BVI. Hope to be back soon.
- Victor
Kendall & Dave had a great time!
Awesome adventure! Fulfilled life long dream to swim with sea turtles. So many different opportunities to swim with the turtles. The beautiful scenery, quite coves, and Capt Shane made our trip extraordinary.
-Jan & Shawn

Shane, you truly helped to make this special trip the trip of a lifetime. You managed to find all the private, quite spots we sought and to bring us the information, history, and variety to it all. What an amazing adventure! Highlights include Sandy Cay, Monkey Point, and Buck Island. Awesome! All of it was awesome. Thank you so much. We hope to see you and the VI again soon!
-Kendall & Dave
Thank you for another great adventure
Thank you for another great adventure. You made St John sail and snorkel better than 35 years in the BVI. You know the most colorful, fish busy, comfortable anchorages. Guiding Light is a delightful sailing cat, especially in 25 knots and 5-8 foot seas.

Here's to the snorkeling, sailing, and all those yummy gluten, dairy, seed free meals. Thanks for going the extra mile throughout the trip

Wow, great time! Thanks for everything especially the great food and fantastic snorkeling. And for being so understanding about the rock in the sink!!! It was loads of fun & I especially enjoyed "sailing" the boat!!
-Laura Kay

So sad to be going L. Happy we'll come back again J.
A trip of a lifetime and we will never forget it
Thank you for a wonderful trip celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Your bread, dinners on the boat, and the drinks of the day were fantastic. We loved doing and seeing many things on the islands. And especially thank you for helping me make it to explore the Baths. Our trip was a trip of a lifetime and we will never forget it. You are an Awesome captain!!
-Anita & Chad
Awesome trip!
Awesome trip! Loved everything we did and ate. Drink Wisconsinbly! Thank you so much for showing us the islands. Really Mark, Really! Shane is the best captain. Trust your captain. Thank you for starting Mark's retirement with a great trip on the Guiding Light!
-Mark & Nikki

Thanks Shane for the great adventure. Love seeing all the sites and the fantastic snorkeling. It's a trip we'll never forget.
-Steve & Liz

Thank you for a very good time! The snorkeling was fantastic and the personalized tours were great. We had a very good time! Thank you very much for the memories!
-Jim & DeeDee
Guiding Light has another smashing review!
Fulfilling the bucket list of sailing in the Caribbean on an awesome adventure before the kids start disappearing to college and the real world.
-Helmsman Kevin

Loved the sailing, but even more the awesome adventures that Captain Shane took us on! Your knowledge of cool locations and ways to see the islands made this an incredible experience!
-Blender Buddy Laura

Sailing is fun. I like sailing because it is fun. The ocean is cool and I like it. I like it because it is pretty.
-Mooring Ball Master Logan

On the Guiding Light snorkeling, Baths, jumps, and fun. A great time aboard.
-Legen..(wait for it)..dary Bro Nolan

The adventures were great but were better with Captain Shane's "creations".
-Knautical Knotier Colton
What a blast!
Thank you for an amazing week! The snorkeling, SUPing, swimming, and spots were awesome. Your experience in the BVI made our trip even better. Couldn't think of a better way to usher in our 40th year! Great friends, awesome memories, and lots and lots of Milla Lites! Woot! Wicked pissah week! <3 Tanya from Bawstan.
-Kerry & Max

Shane, two years ago I came here with friends and brought my amazing experience and stories home to my family & friends. I convinced this small group of friends that THEY HAD TO GO!! Thank you for taking us crazy "kids" around the BVI, we had a great time! <3
-April & Greg

What a blast! Brian and I had an awesome time this week so much to see and do! You definitely made us a fan of the BVI. Couldn't think of a better way to start our 40's. <3 PS the cake was a nice touch J. Go Pats (with a drawing of Patriots logo)..but congrats Payton Manning!!!!
-Heather & Brian (evil J)
We look forward to returning & sailing again
Thank Capt Shane for an amazing 6 days cruising the Spanish VI. This has been an awesome first time for Matthew & me. Bob truely enjoyed learning more about sailing a cat, his future dream. The "Drink of the Day" was always delicious, as was the cruisine. Matthew of course has enjoyed the Pirate Room and the new noise/sound maker toy. Matthew says his favorite part of the trip is when Capt Shane touched the sting rays tail! OF COURSE! I know that he also enjoyed seeing & swimming with the turtles. He will never forget the movie Castaway and Wilson! Every time he sees a coconut he will remember. We all enjoyed your fresh bread, and the delicious chocolate surprise! The cherry pastry was a close second. The fish was all delicious, thank you! We look forward to returning & sailing again. Hopefully on the Guiding Light. Looking forward to watching the Super Bowl. Go Broncos!!
-Rachel, Bob, and Matthew
What an adventure!
Thank you for an amazing start to 2016! What an adventure! Wonderful snorkeling, beautiful views, fabulous islands, delicious meals! So glad we chose the BVI's and the GL to experience this winter. Also, thank you for allowing us to fly our Michigan flag loud and proud from your mast! If your journeys ever take you our way be sure to look us up so you can experience a game in the Big House! God bless and Go Blue! - Bill, Linda, Rob, and Deb
Thanks for an awesome week at sea!
Shane, Thanks for an awesome week at sea! We had a great time exploring & ringing in the New Year with Foxy, and created many lifelong memories with awesome friends. Cheers to a wonderful 2016!
-Team Nespo (Luke, Shannon, Justin, & Danielle)
The week plus of fantastic adventures was topped by Christmas in Christmas Cove - Incredible!!! Shane, Thank you for sharing your home, hospitality, patience, drinks, experimental meals, knowledge, puzzles, did I say drinks, turtles, fish, sting rays, urchins, bigger fish, baras, salt, sea spray, tacking, bread, and jokes. And much, much, more. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!
-Ray & Marium
Such a fantastic honeymoon
Thanks for giving us such a fantastic honeymoon. We couldn't have asked for a better one. We explored, snorkeled, and had a blast. Thanks for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime!
-Jess & Mike
Thanks for a wonderful week of adventures!
Shane thank you for helping me overcome some boundaries and bring me out of my comfort zone and helping me find my dreams. You are an amazing person, sailor, explorer, & friend. I will forever hold you and your beautiful home in my heart.

Thanks for a wonderful week of adventures! We couldn't have done it without you! Great food, drinks, and we all learned and saw things we have never seen before. Can't wait to download the pics.
A family vacation we will never forget!
Thanks for sharing the Guiding Light with us for a family vacation we will never forget! Wonderful snorkeling, swimming, drinks of the day, and beaches all with perfect weather. Lots of great memories and we even celebrated two birthdays! Awesome!
-Conrad, Wendy, Matthew, Andrew, Emily, and Erik Segher
An experience of a lifetime for all of us
An experience of a lifetime for all of us. Us gals were shocked that we really could go a week without a hairdryer! EVERYTHING was great. We continue to be amazed at God's creation. We wish many blessings on your life, Shane. Thanks for some great memories!
Thank you for helping make my husband's birthday one to remember! Fantastic water, fantastic food, fantastic boat = FANFREAKINTASTICAL time! This should be on everyone's bucket list to do! Thanks Captain Shane for one amazing trip!
-Carrie and Eric

Thank you for giving us an incredible week. The snorkeling, sailing, and places we visited were more wonderful than I can put into words. Capt Shane is a great cook to boot!! We ate very well! Hope you put out a cookbook soon!
-Steve Edwards
'Twas rad!
Thank you for a fantastic week, it was incredible.

Thanks for the fun week, definitely coolest captain out there.

'Twas rad! Thank you!
Bruce, Matt, Zach, Kevin, & Josh
This trip far exceeded my expectations
Many thanks for helping us to create great memories. Your patience and "guiding" hand lead us to the right places. This trip far exceeded my expectations and I hope to be blessed to have the opportunity to sail with my family and you again. Thanks a million (fish)!

Thank you so much for everything! I had so much fun. Your cooking was great. I loved it when you played with me and my brothers in the water. You made this trip amazing.

I can't thank you enough for all that you did to show us how to live on a cat for a week, to play games, and to have fun anywhere! We enjoyed everything! Thank you! The food, coffee, & snorkeling were great.
Thank you just doesn't seem adequate
Captain Shane, Thank you just doesn't seem adequate for our amazing experience you promised and then delivered.
With thanks,
Debbie, Adrienne, Brad, & Holly
A wonderful week of sailing, exploring, and adventure
A wonderful week of sailing, exploring, and adventure
Thank you so much for a wonderful week of sailing, exploring, and adventure. It was the perfect vacation! We will treasure the experience forever as one of our best family vacations. Thank you, Shane!
-George, Jody, Lily, & Charlie

G Gregarious
U Unique
I Infinite Adventure
D Dreamy
I Indefatigable
N Nonstop fun
G Great bread

L Limitless
I Incredible smoothies
G Groovy
H High Adventure
T Trip of a lifetime

This was the best vacation ever!
This was the best vacation ever! So many great places & so much to do. Thanks Shane for showing us the best spots on the islands. Very memorable experience and appreciate everything.
- Debbie, Kenny, Ken, and Jennifer
Best family vacay yet!
Thanks for a great trip & Lots of memories
- Kathy

It was a super fantastic time with family & friends. Thank you Captain Shane
- Mary

Best family vacay yet!
- Lisa, Matt, & Carver

Wow! Great times with good friends & family! Thanks captain Shane for helping us make great memories and fun times!
- Gina
Great two weeks
Great two weeks. Perfect sailing and lots of underwater adventure. Thanks.
- John & Jeanne
Perfect week of fun, sun, and sailing!
Perfect week of fun, sun, and sailing! We loved so many things about our week sailing the BVI that it's hard to say what part was the best. The Baths (Virgin Gorda), Soggy Dollar, and our amazing sail to Anegada were favorites!
-Damon, Marcie, Melissa, Chris
What a wonderful week! Everything was perfect
What a wonderful week! Everything was perfect: sea, sun, wind, cocktails, and SUNSETS!!! We had quite a day at the Baths, we really enjoyed it (even if we had to sit on the rock before we jumped!). Thanks for everything! Merci beaucoup!
-Marie & Francois
Thank you for a wonderful time here at the Guiding Light!!
Thank you for a wonderful time here at the Guiding Light!! We have enjoyed it from the start till the very end! When you come to Norway you HAVE to visit us you are so welcome! Best regards from Kristine, Trond, Frida, and Mari
You exceeded our expectations.
Shane, Thanks for a wonderful Christmas vacation. You exceeded our expectations. The spots you chose each night were fantastic. Your knowledge and tour guides on both land and in the water were the best. Thanks again.
-Fred, Lisa, & Brandon
Perfect from Start to Finish
Thank you for a great experience! It was perfect from start to finish.
-Bryan, Erin, Randy, and Marilea
G reat family adventure
U nderwater exploration
I ncredible views
D elicious food
I nteresting facts
N ever ending fun
G lowing stars and sun

L ovely lights
I ntelligent captain
G enerous deserts
H illy hikes
T errific vacation

Thanks for the fabulous memories!
Better Than Expected!
Great Adventure. Fulfilled my first sailing trip wishes. You did a great job! Thanks so much. - John

Thank you so much for an amazing charter! #BetterThanExpected #Awesome #GreatBread. This exceeded my expectation! #ThankYou - Tommy
Loved Everything!!
Captain Shane, we had an awesome trip! Loved everything, all sites, beaches, snorkeling, fresh baked bread, drink of the day, your hospitality, and the list goes on. Truly thank you for everything!! "Good on ya mate". Cheers from Erica & Rob, New Zealand
We enjoyed every single minute of it!
Thank you so much for this wonderful trip! We enjoyed every single minute of it! It couldn't have been better in any way and what a fabulous ending of our trip being able to swim with all these turtles! Thank you for everything. Patrik, Tanka, and Torben
Great Trip!!
Thanks for a great week away from real life. It was an awesome week and so was the food you prepared for us. Thanks for giving us a great family vacation! Sailing can't get any easier than with Guiding Light!
Great Trip on-board Guidinglight!
Great week, lots of great sights & snorkeling.... Ditto! Turtles, goats, and drinks....Oh my!

Aaron and Sabrina
Awesome captain!
The Guiding Light is a great boat and Shane was an awesome captain. Thanks for the great time and adventure."

Chris & Audrey
Long Overdue!!
Long overdue. Thanks for the great times on the Guiding Light. You're on my christmas card list. Stay with us when traveling thru.

A fantastic way to spend my 40th!
Sail fast, live slow! From the fresh bread to the Full Moon Party life was fantastic sailing the blue waters with the girls and Captain Shane!! Thank you. - Becca

Trip of a lifetime! The memories I have are beyond my expectations! Captain Shane (aka "Team Photographer") thank you for everything! - Lisa

A fantastic way to spend my 40th! Water, beaches, snorkeling, happy hours - all great times with amazing friends & we were the 1st official ALL GIRL charter for Captain Shane! - Christina
Thank you for all the adventures and new memories!
Braydon - Thanks for a great vacation, had a great time in the rock maze. I will be using your insurance joke with co-workers. Hope to see you soon.

Susie - What a trip!! I loved every second - upon waking, I loved diving in the ocean, paddle boarding, kayaking and having hot coffee ready for me!! The snorkeling and hiking was a 10!! You have provided me with an unforgettable trip of a lifetime! Thanks a million!!

Alex - Thank you for an amazing graduation trip on the Guiding Light. The trip wouldn't have been the same without your first hand island knowledge and unmeasured enthusiasm. I know there is so much more to see - we will be back...maybe Blake's graduation?! Thanks for everything!

Paul - Thanks for a great trip. Everyday was a new adventure and better than the day before. The dinners were awesome and eating out was always entertaining and fun. A great trip was had by all....

Blake - Thank you for all the adventures and new memories I am sure none of us will forget. You truly made this trip a one of a kind. Your cooking is fantastic and your homemade bread is by far my favorite. Thanks again Shane for leading us through an incredible trip!

Greg - Thank you for the experience of a life time. Every day we did something new. There was never a dull moment throughout my entire trip. The activities paired with the history behind it all. I appreciate all the effort you put into making us feel at home. Great trip all around.
Awesome Trip!!
Thanks for an awesome trip. We had a fabulous time. Memories of a life time! - Mike & Michele

Thanks for a wonderful week in the islands! Fun Times :) - Susan & Chris

Awesome trip! Great snorkeling! Thanks for the fun memories. - Patti & Christopher
This is the coolest, most rewarding trip I\'ve ever been on
What a trip it's been. I really didn't know what to expect going into this trip, but you've really made this experience so special. I can easily say this is the coolest, most rewarding trip I've ever been on. It's going to be hard for anything to ever knock it from it's ranking. Thank you for everything you've done for us this past week and I hope to see you again soon! - Allie

At the end of every day we would think that the next day couldn't possibly get better and they did. Can't begin to thank you for an unforgettable adventure. - Kelly
This trip will stand out as one of the fondest memories
It is difficult to put a small slice of paradise into words. All vacations are memorable, but this trip will stand out as one of the fondest memories. Your fun loving adventurous spirits and warm hospitality made this more like a family vacation than a chartered boat. Thank you for sharing your home, stories, wonderful cooking, and adventures with us this week! Hope to keep in touch! - Michelle
Best Birthday!
Best 50th Birthday in history! Thanks for making it great.
- Jeff
Thanks bunches!
So glad to have this journey with you! What a pleasent experience! Thanks bunches!
- Donna & Jim
Such a fantastic family trip!
This Christmas week was magical. We'll always remember the year we spent x-mas in the Virgin Islands. My greatest joy was watching my four un-plugged teenagers playing board games every night. Thank you Shane for making this This Christmas week was magical. We'll always remember the year we spent x-mas in the Virgin Islands. My greatest joy was watching my four un-plugged teenagers playing board games every night. Thank you Shane for making this such a fantastic family trip. - Rose Haisty.
- Rose
No better way!
There is no better way to start a new year than with Captain Shane in the BVI!
- Marco
One sentence.....
First most awesome trip ever!
- Aaron
Great memories of the Virgin Islands!
Thank for the relaxing, adventurous, knowledge filled trip. We appriciate your egerness to give us great memories of the Virgin Islands!
- Dave & Tamera
We came, we saw, we played, and we had fun!
Captain Shane, Thanks for a wonderful family vacation. We came, we saw, we played, and we had fun! Great dinners aboard! We appriciate all the historical references about the places we toured and hiked to!
Best regards,
Tim & Sophie