I know this won't be the last time we travel with Margaret, Taylor, and Island Hoppin'.
It's taken a full week, but we've adjusted to life back on land. We could not have dreamed of better hosts or asked for better care than what Margaret and Taylor provide. Margaret is the perfect hostess and lover of island fun. Our numerous snorkeling expeditions last week made me feel like a little kid again. She is such a gifted young woman with her ability to know nature, assist with the needs of the boat and instructions of the captain, and cook like she stepped off the set of MasterChef. The meals she prepared are nothing short of cuisine. My husband refuses squash, but she made a dish with butternut squash so good one night, he asked for seconds. Taylor is ever the calm, stoic captain who not only ensures the boat and trip stay on schedule, but that the coolers stay full and the boat is in shape to entertain. You want for nothing on your trip with Taylor as the captain of the boat. He always made sure everyone was comfortable and that we were taking full advantage of all that Island Hoppin' offers. Margaret and Taylor made great recommendations for on shore fun and seamlessly guided us through the customs process both crossing into the BVI and heading back stateside. They are a knowledgeable, well organized team. You won't find better cruising in paradise than this gorgeous catamaran and the beyond amazing crew who man the vessel. I've never been homesick for a vacation until now. I know this won't be the last time we travel with Margaret, Taylor, and Island Hoppin'.
What an incredible boat!!
Let us first say that we were totally new to any kind of sailing or sailing adventure like this. Have been on a couple of small sailboats years ago for an afternoon sail but that was the extent of our sailing experience.

The Boat:
What an incredible boat!! No expense was spared by the owners when they outfitted this boat. Everything was done to enhance the experience.
• Even though it is a catamaran the individual staterooms have plenty of space.
• The beds were just slightly smaller than a conventional queen size bed - extremely
• Every stateroom had its own temperature control – the air conditioning was a welcome
benefit for sleeping at night.
• Each stateroom had its own bathroom with a shower. What I am told that is unique about
Island Hoppin’ is the ability for the toilets to flush toilet paper. Most boats do not offer this
• Plenty of fresh, hot water for the shower.
• Boat has its own fresh -water system so no need to make repeated stops for fresh water.

Common Areas
• The back deck was very spacious. You never felt crowded. Plenty of seating room.
• There was additional space to hang out on the front of the boat for sunbathing.
• The bridge/ upper deck was really cool. Lots of space to enjoy the incredible views.
• And Yes, for those who can’t be unconnected for a week, the boat does have Wifi.
• Boat comes fully equipped with just about every water related activity you can want.
• Complete snorkel and scuba gear was available. Everything was new and in perfect
working condition.
• The Captain is a dive instructor and the Chef/ First Mate is a Dive Master. They know all
of the great places in the islands to snorkel and dive.
• During our dive and snorkel trips, we saw turtles, rays and great variety of ocean fish.

The Crew
Margaret and Taylor were amazing!!! We can’t say enough good things about them. They made the whole trip as relaxing and fun filled as possible. They saw to everything for us. Always cheerful and pleasant nothing seemed to bother them.
Taylor is an excellent captain – knew all the great places to go to. Handled the boat with great skill and confidence. Made us non-sailors very comfortable and at ease.
Margaret is an incredible chef - every meal was a gourmet experience, rivaled some of the best restaurants we have eaten in around the world.
We are still debating which one was the better bartender!! (And the boat had an exceptional stock of fine beverages and a great wine selection)

The Islands
In spite of the US and British Virgin Islands still trying to recover from 2 devastating hurricanes, the islands were beautiful. Every sunrise and every sunset were a sight to behold. Incredible blue water and beautiful scenery.
We made several stops during the trip to sample the local flavor (usually made with some type of rum). Everyone was extremely friendly and very helpful. (Yes, Taylor and Margaret know all the good places to stop - Soggy Dollar, Full Moon Party, etc.)

This was the most relaxing, enjoyable vacation we can remember having in the past 20 years or more. The 7 days on board flew by. The entire trip was tailored to the passenger’s comfort and enjoyment - All thanks to an incredible crew, a fantastic boat and mother nature.
What would we change if we did this again - Nothing!! It was as perfect as you can get.
Second Trip Just as Wonderful!
Second Trip Just as Wonderful!
In the late summer of 2018 Tracy and I took were on the Island Hoppin on its relocation trip prior to hurricane season. This year we cruised the US and British Virgin Islands.
We arrived a few days early and stayed on St. John at the Westin. It had been ravaged by a hurricane a few years back but has rebuilt and reopened. We rented a jeep and circumvented the island stopping at numerous beaches. St. John’s is beautiful and we enjoyed our time there but given a choice of seeing from the land side or taking in aboard Island Hoppin, we would definitely suggest the later. At the end of our trip we went back to a number of St. John’s beaches only from the water side - definitely the way to do it.
Since our last visit, Island Hoppin does have a new crew. While the old crew was excellent, we absolutely adored Taylor, the current captain, and the first mate/chef, Margaret. We loved everything about them from the moment we got onboard.
They both are very professional which instilled us with confidence in their abilities. It was unseasonably windy for January during our trip, however Taylor and Margaret knew the islands so well they were able to modify the itinerary to take us to the calmest waters given the circumstance. On many islands we visited, they had excellent local connections that took us on island adventures.
Taylor and Margaret were able to set us up with dive gear and Taylor led us on our underwater adventures. When diving we certainly appreciated the attention to us and the knowledge of were to look for the most memorable ocean life.
Margaret is an excellent chef. Tracy and I were both dieting (well kind of anyway), but yet Margaret was able to incorporate healthy ingredients that felt like gourmet cuisine. Both Taylor and Margaret were also adept at fixing the end of the day cocktail for us.
As described after our last trip, Island Hoppin is absolutely gorgeous! There were few, if any boats under 60 feet that we saw that were as impressive. Once again, Tracy and I shared the boat with 2 other couples. We had more than enough room in our cabin and in the common spaces below and above deck to never feel cramped or in anyone’s way.
We absolutely love the high end custom coffee/espresso maker that is set up for us every morning. I would always add a little bit of “love” (liquor) to my morning coffee but that is of course optional. The boat comes with all the toys so we were constantly in the water enjoying ourselves including scuba diving or snorkeling. Taylor knew the best place to discover sea turtles during our in water excursions and we encountered them during our swims on a number of occasions. Island Hoppin also has lots of spots on the foredeck to either sunbathe or curl up with a good book.
In addition to time on the water, we had some pretty amazing sight seeing trips on the Islands. As
previously mentioned, Taylor and Margaret set up with locals that took us around to the best, overlooks with scenic vistas. The locals also got us right into bars/restaurants where we indulged in local food/drinks.
While every island was a blast a few experiences really stuck out for us. One of the first places we visited in the BVI was a floating bar called Willy T’s in Bight Bay on Norman Island. The sign says no jumping off the upper deck, however, word is that free drinks are given for those jumping off topless. I couldn’t talk Tracy into it. After jumping topless, I discovered that unwritten policy doesn’t apply to men.
On Virgin Gorda we took a memorable hike down to the Baths. These are amazing rock formations with hidden coves, surrounded by stunning boulders and cave formations which as the name implies are generally filled with water. The hike itself was of moderate intensity but the destination was well worth it.
White Bay on Jost Van Dyke was another of our favorites. The white sand beach by itself would have made the stop exceptional. The stop includes the famous Soggy Dollar Bar where we had to have a Painkiller. In our minds the highlight of the beach is a little bar called Gertrude’s. At Gertrude’s you mix your own drink and Olga, our host, was an absolute delight and helpful with her suggestions.
On Tortola we had a local take us to Stoutt’s Lookout Bar which, as the name might imply, because it hangs over a cliff, has one of the best views in the BVI. It also has by far the best drink we had anywhere. A BBC is Banana Bailey’s and Coconut. We think Stoutt’s also uses real ice cream. Regardless it, combined with the view was heaven.
We were luck enough to be in the Virgin Islands over a full moon. While we had never heard of a full moon party, we became enthusiastic participants of the one we went to at Trellis Bay. There are stilt walkers and bonfires set in raised iron containers in the Bay. The crowd, including us, were of course into the whole atmosphere of dancing and celebrating life under the full moon.
The above is just a taste of our overall experience. In summary, we were on one of the most gorgeous boats, in one of the world’s beautiful locations, with a delightful crew and our best friends. Really, how can life be much better?
You have a far greater impact on families than you realize!
Thank you so much for everything, it was soooooo much fun. I loved everything we did, especially the skiing and goat calling and helping me with my shark fear (but now I’m scared of walking on a beach with coconut trees). The food was so good, I don’t know how you ever made this food because it is literally the best food I’ve ever tasted. You guys played a big part in making this week so fun and always made us all laugh. It has been such a fun week and it is largely due to you guys.

Wow, what an amazing trip. We truly enjoyed ourselves and all the adventures. You guys made the vacation much more memorable. The mechanics of the trip were fine, but what made it a family memory was you guys. I’m sure you realize this but you become a big part of many families. This trip could have been nice but it was amazing because of your attention/guidance for our girls and us. You have a far greater impact on families than you realize. You helped us make memories we will cherish for years to come.

Thank you so much,
Larry, Kelly, Kristen, Devyn, and McKenzie
Thank you so much for sharing your home, your islands, your weather, your wisdom and hospitality with us!
The Hices had an absolutely wonderful vacation/adventure week! Thank you so much for sharing your home, your islands, your weather, your wisdom and hospitality with us! We are in awe of your sailing, scuba, free diving skills…. As well as your culinary expertise and awesome cocktail recipes. Feeding our family (ie. Rocco aka “Papa Ya”) was a feat in itself and you pulled it off perfectly. I am sure we made some incredible memories this week - and we are already excited to come back to the BVI’s and Better Days to make some more - with your help of course! Wishing you both a wonderful rest of the season - and hopefully some relaxing days ahead.

The Hices
We’ve been on several crewed charters in the BVI and y’all are absolutely THE BEST CREW!!
Thanks for the best time ever!!! Already planning for our next adventure! Y’all are the best!!!

We had a wonderful time…. Of course! Can’t wait to come back and do it again. Y’all are the best!!!!

Thanks for everything! We’ve been on several crewed charters in the BVI and y’all are absolutely THE BEST CREW!!! Hope to see you again!

All the Best,
Suzi and Mark, Ben and Harriet, and Stephanie and Joe
Thank you so much for the best vacation ever!
Thank you so much for the best vacation ever! We had so much fun. The food was amazing and the diving was excellent! The boys had a ball tubing and wakeboarding. We will miss the overnights in these beautiful waters. It truly was the most relaxing vacation ever.

The Peverall Family
So grateful for your thoughtfulness, care, and willingness to embrace our family’s needs!
It has been a pleasure getting to know you. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity, insights, positive attitudes, and overall awesomeness. We had a wonderful week on White House / Better Days and will remember our time and the fun we had fondly. Please come visit us in San Francisco!

So grateful for your thoughtfulness, care, and willingness to embrace our family’s needs. Your efforts made for a spectacular vacation! There are so many great memories - we will share our pics from Maho to Privateer Bay and the kids were beyond thrilled to check off the tubing from their bucket list. From the many delicious meals, drinks to SCUBA, snorkel, and yoga moments. Anyhow, we do hope you will keep in touch and please visit us!

All the best,
Zoe, Zara, Zac, Trip and Michelle
Your smiles are contagious and your generosity and warm personalities made for such a great week!
Thank you so much for the most memorable and relaxing vacation ever! Your smiles are contagious and your generosity and warm personalities made for such a great week! Thank you for all the awesome dives, wakeboarding, and of course delicious food and drinks.

We will never forget how you made us all so comfortable and the sweet way in which you interacted with both Mallory and Brynn. Your patience and hug hearts have certainly left an impact on our family! We are counting down the days until next spring break already in hopes that we can spend another week in paradise with both of you! Enjoy your time in the islands, continue to laugh and love - it suits you both so well!!

Thank you for the memories, they will never be forgotten!
Christy, Matt, Mallory, and Brynn
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fellowship, food, drinks, and fun!
Thank you so much for hosting the “Carolina Crew” on White House for the most amazing vacation ever! Living life on island time was just what the doctor ordered for this Type - A group of work-a-haulics. We left our mark on the Virgin Islands - Mermaid Bay, Foxy’s Dance-a-Thon where we left our mark on the dance floor, Cards Against Humanity (Everything is better with _____), and midnight birthday swims! What a paradise - we just wish the days were longer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the fellowship, food, drinks, and fun.

Your friends from NC,
Jim and Kim, Jimmy and Melanie, and Myron
“Vodka called and said we could dance!”
“It’s a verb - Bushwhacked!”
“Doc on a rock!”
The hospitality and experience shared with us was far more than we expected!
Three couples from different corners of the country met here to rekindle old friendships and gained two more friends in Margaret and Taylor. The hospitality and experience shared with us was far more than we expected. People from Wyoming and Wisconsin are not accustomed to the sailing lifestyle and the graciousness of you patience made us feel right at home. It was a grand adventure that formed many memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks again,
Mike and Lavonne, Steve and Sue, Talbot and Tracy
Ps. Don’t spank the captain!
Your care for the boat, guests, and each other set the tone for what has been a fantastic vacation.
Your smiles and warm welcome were all we needed to immediately feel at home. Your care for the boat, guests, and each other set the tone for what has been a fantastic vacation.

Exploring new places was a treat - and introducing Barb and Jack to some of our memories made them come alive again.The meals were DELICIOUS and so beautiful!

Thank you both for sharing your genuine, adventure loving selves with us so openly.

To Red Skies at Night and More Fun, Love,
Wendy, Dick, Barbara, and Jack
“Atlas Shrugged, Cribbage, Sudoku”
So happy you were our captain and chef!
Thank you so much for making our vacation to remember! We enjoyed all the stories you both told us of all the islands. Thank you for making us feel so completely at home. Scuba and snorkeling was fantastic! I think we all really enjoyed looking for the seaglass on Henely Island! We all admire what you are doing at your age - extremely well done! Thank you for teaching us to become better sailors. Both of you are so caring and patient! The martinis were amazing, cuisine scrumptious! So happy you were our captain and chef!

-The Ransom-Turkals
Thank you for everything - we’ll be back!

This has been the best week that we could have asked for - thank you both so much for making it happen! From the moment we came aboard, we’ve been overwhelmed by your warmth and hospitality, and we’ve so enjoyed getting to know you both this week. From conch diving, to starting our own scooter gang, to late night Catan, and rescuing Hanes’ belongings - y’all have gone above and beyond, and we are grateful not only for our time together, but that we are walking away with two new friends. Thank you for everything - we’ll be back!
Taylor and Margaret were awesome…
We had a fantastic week vacationing on the White House. Taylor and Margaret were awesome… considerate, thoughtful, and fun. We snorkeled, hiked, paddleboarded, kayaked, went scuba diving, sightseeing, sailed (Taylor is a great captain), and wakeboarded. Margaret cooked us amazing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her food was delicious. Margaret and Taylor made this one of our best family vacations. We can’t wait to come back.

-The Hoyles
We’ve enjoyed every minute!
Taylor & Margaret, Thank you for giving us the most amazing and unforgettable week in paradise! We’ve enjoyed every minute. The delicious food and drinks, awesome water toys, stunning views, and experiences all add up to the memories we will keep for a lifetime. Y’all were so amazing, the trip wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Thanks for a wonderful time, first class all the way! I could have not asked for a better trip and we feel blessed to have met you both.

Thank you!
-Cathy, Tom, Adam, Lauren, Taylor, Melanie