January 2019
"What a great three days. Definitely will do this again! Tim is great."
June 2018
Dad took ASA 104 114 with his wife and 3 kids as a vacation:

1. May I have your Overall Rating for your charter? (10 being the highest, 0 being the lowest)

2. Was Tim friendly, professional and accommodating?
Tim was accommodating and knowledgeable.

3. Was JET STREAM comfortable and clean?

4. Was JET STREAM well ventilated?

5. How did the provisions work out?
Provisions were fine, there were also opportunities to resupply.

6. Did you enjoy the BVI?
We had an amazing vacation.

7. Any additional comments on your charter?
Tim was a great teacher and guide.
July 2017
We would rate our charter on Jet Stream with Tim Schaaf as a 10/10. The purpose of our trip was to study, learn and develop skills (courses 103, 104 and 114), all within a relatively short period of time. We would probably recommend that anyone else, particularly if a sailing novice like myself is included, read all the books and take practice tests, with online apps (ASA and Sailing Quiz), and in the books, well in advance. We would also recommend that, if possible, allow several more days during which additional practice/consolidation of skills and rest/relaxation could occur.

Tim is a lovely person, so welcoming, skilled, wise, interesting, and kind. He is a pleasure to be with. He is an excellent teacher, patient and adept with explanation, and appears to love teaching. His love of sailing is contagious. He is clearly well known in the area, respected and loved by many! Everyone knew Tim!

We were pleased to find life aboard Jet Stream to be so comfortable and easy. The boat was extremely clean, inside and out. Tim keeps a tight ship, and is clear that he expects everyone to treat Jet Stream like it is their boat. We completely understood that, and were happy to do so. In fact, we learned many tips regarding ways to maintain and protect the excellent condition of a boat. Even in the summer heat, the cabins and salon were quickly made cool and lovely after a day of sailing. Tim was very sensitive to our needs for air-conditioning, temperature, etc. The water maker on board made life so easy, with the availability of fresh water to drink and to use for cooking, showers etc. We prepared meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch, and one dinner) ourselves, and found the kitchen to be quite efficient, with a propane stove, microwave, French press for coffee, an array of cutlery and pots/pans, and double sink.

With regard to provisioning, we were unsure of quantities to order or specific foods that travel best on a boat. We stopped twice in small markets to purchase any additional supplies we wanted, which worked out perfectly. Jet Stream has surprisingly large refrigerator capacities and freezer room as well. Tim has a wide array of condiments, spices, and supplies already on the boat, so we would advise checking with him regarding inventory before purchasing to avoid duplication. We used Riteway for our provisions, which provided excellent produce, etc. and delivered the items directly to Jet Stream the day prior to our charter. Tim was quite helpful with completing this task, something we had never done before.

We loved the BVI, and particularly our extremely serene "home cove," at Biras Creek, Virgin Gorda, where we moored many nights. North Sound is gorgeous, ringed by islands, and a perfect place to learn. We found that we traveled less than expected due to our study and practice needs, knowing that we would return to sail at our leisure and explore further. We loved the local restaurants, particularly The Fat Virgin (you can ask for a hot dog, not on the menu, if you like), and of course, the Bitter End Yacht Club.

For those who wish to charter as we did (i.e., as students), we would highly recommend plenty of sunscreen, hats that do not blow off and away, lightweight rash guards, a water bottle, plenty of bug repellent, and reading lights for studying in bed at night! Shoes on the boat are unnecessary and unwelcome! Pack as lightly as possible, since you can easily wash clothing in a sink and dry it overnight on deck. Life is casual and simple, when living on a boat, as we came to learn, and dresses don't travel too well by dinghy!

We would be happy to speak with prospective guests if the request presents itself.
With best regards, Isabel and David”
March 2015
Ours was a cruise and learn charter for myself and my wife, on Jet Stream, a Leopard 45 Catamaran captained by its owner and ASA instructor, Tim Schaff. We were on board Jet Stream for 10 days, during which time our goal was to complete ASA Certifications 101, 103, 104 and 114, having already done the small keel boat sailing portion of 101 at Bitter End Yacht Club over two days before we boarded Jet Stream.
I would recommend this approach to others, as we were able to achieve our goals, and to truly prepare ourselves for future bare boat chartering, but it took a lot of work and very long days. How other sailing schools claim to get folks, in groups of 6-8, through this coursework in 5-7 days I do not know, but I truly cannot imagine that even the best students really learn the material in such a short period, no less receive the essential hands on experience.

Tim Schaff is simply one of a kind in terms of his level of expertise, his effort and his attention to detail. I cannot imagine getting this much learning done with any other instructor. Maybe more important, Tim was not satisfied with just helping us to pass the tests or to do single repetitions of the basic or requisite skills Tims goals was to make us into competent sailors, and, more specifically, into Catamaran sailors. He worked with us tirelessly, from 8am to 11pm or later every day (we were up for it), to make sure that we were learning the materials and enjoying the experience. He made sure that we were hands on sailing, doing multiple repetitions daily and adding levels of challenge daily. He truly did an outstanding job for and with us. Also, Tim is an unusually bright and interesting man with decades of sailing experience on monohulls and cats in all types of conditions.

Tim is Harvard educated, was the Mens Golf Coach at Stanford for almost a decade, has lived all over the world, and is remarkably warm and accessible. I really feel like my wife and I made a friend, and I look forward to sailing with Tim again and to staying in touch with him. Jet Stream is both a crewed charter catamaran and Tims home. As a result, the boat is fully equipped with numerous extras that you do not always find on a charter, including a generator, air conditioning, and a water maker. The yacht was meticulously cared for and could not have been in better condition for a cat of its vintage. Tim takes particular care to make sure that salt water is not allowed into the cabin areas and that the air conditioning and ventilation are used to keep the boat dry and fresh smelling.

The BVIs are a perfect place to do the sailing and learning that we did. Our charter was during an unusually windy period, with sustained winds from 20mph -30mph, so we were not able to sail comfortably upwind to Anegada, but were able to find comfortable sailing and mooring all across the BVIs. In the end, our charter was really all about Tim and our interaction with him as our captain/ASA instructor. We took the course as a couple, and we were a challenge, I think, as we presented somewhat different learning styles and levels of interest, but Tim was indefatigable, and we both ended up both doing very well. Anybody that is serious about learning to sail or to sail cruising catamarans should want to spend time learning from Tim Schaff on Jet Stream.
I look forward to sailing with Tim again.
Claude Okin

Outrageously Beautiful
Dear Tim,

Carlos and I have come up with 2 words that might begin to describe the BVI's and they are OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. This sail has been one of the most fantastic vacations we've ever experienced.
Thanks so much for a great trip and some brisk sails. We very much appreciate your laid back demenor and admire your life style. You are one lucky dude!
Fondly, Carrie & Carlos F
ASA Sailing Instructions Charter
Dear Tim,
It has been an honor and a privilege to sail with you. Your clear and concise instructions was invaluble and your coaching experience was obvious and I was the beneficary as I feel confident that I will be OK skippering in the BVI. May I say that you are unfortunately one of a vanishing breed of gentlemen/yachtsmen, and I thank you for the experience gained and the lessons learned. My very best, Phil R.
\"Red Neck\" Group goes sailing
Thanks for exposing the "Red Neck" group to sailing and the BVI. The experiences will be remembered forever. Thanks for the friendship. Kirk & Sally C.
Completely relaxed!
Dear Tim,
We enjoyed this trip immensely. Your boat is beautiful and your knowledge of the islands make the experience one of the most memorable ever.
Thanks for being such a great captain. Your relaxed approach made us able to relax completely and truly enjoy the entire experience.
Best of luck to you.

Fair winds and following seas, Jeff and Karen
A memorable vacation
This was a fantastic charter with even better hospitality. We have been anticipating this cruise for a long time, and it was better than I could have imagined. Thnk you for making this such a memorable vacation.
Andrew D.
Fabulous time
We knew how much Em, Andrew & Taylor would enjoy this experience when we took our 1st voyage on JET STREAM and they did. Not only did they but Peter and I did also. After learning the ropes the 1st time, I was completely at home this time. Kudos to the Captain, we had a fabulous time. Mary Lou and Peter
You inspired me to play college golf. It was honestly a life changing conversation that we had. I promise that I will work on everything we talked about and try as hard as I can to get into Stanford or another great college. I will definitely stay in touch about the golf.
First time on a boat
This was our first time on a boat and . . . it was been THE BEST! Thanks for your amazing guidance and kindess - you'll see Itolang onboard soon!!
Love the island hopping
Ahhh . . . nothing like two teenagers trapped on a boat with their parents for 3 nights and 4 days... no computers, no iPhones, no texting, no television. We all got caught up on plenty of sleep, and lots of laughing, lingering over breakfast drinking coffee, with great conversation. Loved the island hopping - we love Anagada and "Cow Wreck" beach and restaurant. We even had a night sail getting to Jost Van Dyke island. Lots of fun helping out on the boat and taking in the character and beautify of the BVI's. Let us know when you're in Annapolis or Maine! Jim, Marta, Eric & Sarah