Broker Feedback - September 2021
"The client have had a great time onboard, the yacht went beyond his expectations and the crew was excellent." Frank Dumon - MSC yachting

Client Feedback - August 2021 (1)
[Translated From French]
Here are our impressions ; regarding the yacht, she is very beautiful, very comfortable, and very well equipped. Cabins are well-designed to well designed to store your belongings, comfortable mattresses and very practical shower room. We had a little water on the floor but it was not a problem. The living room is well decorated and spacious, it is very nice to have space even if I stayed most of my stay on the deck. Nothing to add because it was perfect.

The crew is very professional and attentive to our needs. Discreet and efficient, friendly, the two crew members contributed well to our well-being.

These few words sum up this experience,
Yours sincerely,
Client Feedback - August 2021 (2)
[Translated from French]
Hello, First of all, please accept my apologies for this late reply !
We had and unforgettable stay on the Luce Guida. We were 6 passengers with 2 crew members and had a very nice feeling of privacy on board. To begin with, the common areas are very comfortable and spacious with attention to detail in the decoration. Moreover, we were lucky to enough to have very good weather and we enjoyed the deck.
The cabins are also very comfortable with all the necessary equipment for a relaxing stayd. The crew members were efficient and discreet at the same time, providing us with an impeccable service!
The rather sportive navigation was up to our expectations and we appreciated even more the comfort on board after these moments of intense sensations.
No doubt that this stay will remain engraved in our memories for a long time...
Best regards