Repeat guests on Mojeka in the Grenadines 9-15 April 2019
We all had a wonderful time!
Grenada and the Grenadines were beautiful and the sailing was fantastic! The area is much less developed than any other place we've been in the Caribbean. We were able to do one dinner ashore, a lobster barbecue in the Tobago Cays, and that was good fun! The people were friendly, and the landscapes were breathtaking. And did I mention that the Windward sailing was fantastic!
Mojeka was a pleasure to be back aboard. The large bow with suncushions is great! The large cockpit with movable roof and side screens is great! The large swim platform is great! And she handles beautifully in a brisk wind!
Gus was a good skipper, he was friendly, and very competent, and he let Les and I take the helm whenever we requested! He is not a conversationalist, but happy to answer questions. He was very dependable and always helpful. There were some minor issues with Mojeka and he solved them quickly, he knows the boat well. - We would hire him again.
Ellie was a good cook, and very enthusiastic and friendly. Her cooking was not fancy or lavish, but very good.
Overall, it was another very fine experience!
Thank you for arranging things, Melanie. We appreciate all your help!

10-20 January, 2019 in Grenadines
We are home after a fabulous 10 days With Mark Barton and Ana. I can not praise our crew highly enough. Mark and Ana made the trip. I have been on other cruises but have never been treated the way Mark and Ana treated us. You have a real winner in this crew. I hope you will be able hold on to them.
Kindest personal regards,
Al G
10-20 May, 2018 - An Amazing Trip!
Marc and Anna were wonderful! We had great conversation, I loved hearing Marc’s sailing and life stories and this will be a trip I will never forget!

Marc was recognizable to a lot of the locals. The islands are more “raw” than I was anticipating and the fact that Marc resides in Grenada and knew the culture was extremely comforting and helpful. As I was hoping, I think it was a blessing in disguise. Anna was an amazing hostess as well.
My only comparison for a sailing trip is BVI’s 10 years ago. This was completely different. It was beautiful and special in its own way. Sure there were a couple hiccups with the A/C.

At the end of the day – we loved it! And I found out I really enjoy plantains… We learned a lot, we met great people (crew and other vacationers, and a guy named Willy took us to a beach bbq in Tobago Cayes then we ran into him at Union Island and he was full of waives and hello’s), we experienced a part of the world we had never been to, we saw underwater art in Grenada, on 2 separate occasions it was literally just me and Ashley on an island, I almost touched a stingray snorkeling by accident, and we had an absolutely amazing 10 year anniversary trip. So thank you! Job well done.
1-8 March, 2018 ~ Grenadines ~ Our most memorable vacations ever!
We just had one of our most memorable vacations ever. We sailed the Grenadines (Grenada to Mustique and back) on the beautiful Mojeka, a 2014 Moody 54, for 7 days. The boat is kept in bristol condition by its incredible and hardworking crew Tristan and Logan.
They catered to our every whim and their attention to detail is amazing. The food was extremely fresh and delicious from the fresh fruit for breakfast to the locally sourced fish for dinner. Logan makes a banana bread from scratch that is to die for. The recipe is from Tristan's Grandmother.
They have great insight and knowledge into the many islands and know where to find the private coves and great rum bars. (Happy Island, The Last Bar Before the Jungle, Glossy Bay, Basils)
Tristan and Logan made our trip relaxing, stress free and highly enjoyable.
The only problem - the trip wasn't long enough. :)
We’ll be back for more!!!!

Comments from the Broker
I did speak directly with David after the charter and he raved about it. I'm so happy all went well and it's always nice when crew get a review written for them. So I appreciate the hard work that Tristan & Logan did on this charter.
January 2018 in Martinique - Diving at Diamond Rock
Diving in clear blue waters!
January 2018 in Martinique - Diving at Diamond Rock
Having a blast on Mojeka!
2018 New Year Charter - Absolutely Amazing
Satisfaction with yacht charter
• Crew Friendliness: Very satisfied
• Crew Knowledge: Very satisfied
• Quality of Service: Very satisfied
• Professionalism of Crew: Very satisfied
• On-board Cuisine: Very satisfied
• Destination/Location: Very satisfied
• Watersports: Very satisfied
• Overall Satisfaction: Very satisfied

Graham L
Antigua Yacht Show Meeting December 2017
Captain Tristan and Chef Logan welcomed brokers to this unique design sailing yacht with top level saloon.

They also made a SPLASH in the Caribbean Sunday Funday Brunch Chef & Table Decor Competition!

Photos courtesy of Travel and Culinary Consultant - Capt. Jan Robinson of Ship to Shore cookbooks

Diving on Mojeka!
Come and join Tristan and Logan diving on Mojeka
Prior Crew Comments
The Guest Comments below are from the prior crew, Jan & Alma
6-11 April, 2017 ~ Sensational Antigua!
Note from broker:
Thank you so much for taking great care of my clients on their first ever Antigua sailing yacht charter. Thank you also Alma for picking up the flower arrangement for me and for setting up the chilled champagne so nicely for the guests arrival :-).

I am still waiting for the "full report" from them, but their initial feedback was excellent. Mike texted me a few times.

1) Mojeka is beautiful!
2) We had a sensational time!! Thanks so much for the welcoming flowers and amazing champagne! The crew and boat were great and we really enjoyed it! Cheers!

Photo of "Happy Hour" at Green Island
11-19 March, 2017 ~ Grenadines - Comments to crew:
Hi Jan and Alma,

We woke up this morning in Concord, MA missing both of you! It's 35 degrees and cloudy with some snow on the ground. Thanks so much for such a wonderful week. We feel so lucky to have met you both and to have had you as a part of our vacation! We enjoyed all of the great conversation as well as your thoughtful, careful, and warm approach to every aspect of our trip. As we drove home from the airport, Olivia, Tim and Luke each remarked as what nice, special people you both are!
We hope to see you again soon, and hope you have a wonderful trip north to Antigua!

Tom and Kristan
11-19 March, 2017 ~ Grenadines - Comments to broker:
We want to thank you both for your efforts in planning our wonderful trip on Mojeka. We absolutely loved Jan and Alma, they became such a special part of our trip and gave our family an experience that we will always remember. The boat was a nice fit, the sailing was great. I appreciate all of the work that you did to help prepare us, Jan and Alma for the trip. We will certainly speak to you again, hopefully for another trip next year!
6-10 March, 2017 ~ St Lucia ~ Wonderful!
It was really wonderful. The boat was better than expected. Jan and Alma couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating.


2-9 Feb 2017 in Grenadines
We wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful vacation on Mojeka. She is such an awesome boat. We will always treasure our days sailing on her. She is so comfortable to stay on and sails like a dream. We can only hope a 45 Moody is in our future.

Alma what can I say except you are just such a sweet lovely person. You made us feel so welcome and comfortable aboard Mojeka. And very spoiled as well. Each meal was better then the last. Your food presentation is lovely. We felt like we were in a fine dining restaurant. I can tell you we are missing your cooking. And a special thank you for all of your research into Gluten free cooking. Having Celiac disease is difficult and we never get to eat out anymore so your delicious meals meant so much to us. You were always one step ahead of us when we needed something and you kept the boat so neat and tidy. Your sunny disposition is so uplifting to be around.

Captain Jan you are the best. We both learned so much from you during our trip. You are such a knowledgable sailor. Mojeka and her owner are very lucky to have you. Mojeka is in good hands with you as we can tell how much you like her and how well you are caring for her. We wish we could have you caring for our boat Mojito like that. As you know I can be a bit of a nervous sailor but I was totally relaxed in your capable hands. You handle Mojeka so well. Your fun, friendly personality made our trip so pleasant. We could tell that you really wanted us to have an amazing vacation and that was so sweet. Like I said before I would trust you to sail me across the Atlantic.

We wish you both safe sailing and much happiness together. You make a great team. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can do it again next year if finances allow. You are always welcome to stay with us here in Virginia. What fun we would have taking you both horseback riding. Please stay in touch because we would love to hear about all of your adventures. Get that Mojeka Facebook page

Thank you again !!!

Cheryl And Budd
Xmas and New Year Grenadines 2016/2017 ~ Splendid!
We were very happy overall with the charter. The yacht was splendid, the crew was great and the itinerary worked out well.
21 Dec - 2 Jan, 2017 - St Lucia to Grenadines ~ Mojeka Smile!
The yacht Mojeka:

The yacht was in tip-top condition ( effectively new) and fitted out to the highest standard. The master primary was spacious and comfortable, and shared a head and shower with the starboard side twin cabin. The port side twin cabin had its own head and shower, but restricted headroom for one of the bunks. The galley and dining area was roomy, light and had excellent views , whilst the cockpit external dining area ( which we used most of the time and seated 6 in comfort) was really luxurious and seemed unique in a yacht of this size. The bimini gave sun and rain protection and could be stowed away in seconds. The swimming deck was easy to deploy and access and the watermaker was a real luxury � there was always plenty of fresh water. The front sun deck was a nice feature, especially when coming into port, and the rear rail seating was comfortable and safe even when cruising fast at a 25 degree heel.

Overall, we didn�t see another yacht in 12 days of cruising that offered the comparable quality of fit-out, an equivalent entertaining space and top-level sailing qualities. We were quite proud to be on it, actually � a real peach.

The crew:

This was the first charter Jan and Alma had done together on Mojeka. They were keen to please and that created a very positive impression right from the start. At the same time, they were obviously working out how to operate together effectively and that was quite charming to observe. We felt they relaxed towards each other and to us in the course of the charter and we all had a lot of fun together as the trip progressed. Jan was a highly competent and experienced sailor with good practical skills around the boat, whilst Alma ( with limited sailing experience) was an imaginative and skillful cook who rose impressively to the challenge of organizing and cooking in a grand style in the restricted facilities available. Her menus always had a touch of the exotic which is exactly what we had hoped for. We established an on-board routine of expansive breakfasts, then either a big lunch or dinner on board and the other meal ashore, which suited everyone fine. We particularly liked Alma�s cheery disposition, always on display and especially at mealtimes! Jan took his responsibility as captain very seriously and we would enjoy sailing with him again in waters he knows well and this may be something we plan on doing in the future.

The Charter:

A charter of a big, modern yacht over Christmas and New Year was always going to be expensive and this charter certainly ticked that box. However, the overall quality and delivery was excellent and there were no additional �nasty surprises� - the only extra charge was for the six bottles of top quality champagne which was ordered at our request, as agreed. The yacht and crew succeeded in fulfilling our (high) expectations and we would certainly consider chartering Mojeka with Jan and Alma again, perhaps in a different area of the Caribbean.

Please pass on our thanks to the owner. We very much enjoyed his cocktail recipe �Mojeka Smile�, which encouraged us to burn through 6 bottles of rum on the trip. He can be confident in the crew he has operating Mojeka on his behalf.

Mojeka in Scandanavia
Enjoying the view and the sunsets!
Mojeka Smile
Special Mojeka welcome drink awaits you!!
Chill out on the comfortable and spacious fore deck cushions
Enjoy the view and sunset!
Visiting Swedish Archipelago, July 2015
Post launch sailing in Sweden