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Captain Luke Arthur
Luke grew up in Georgia spending his summers on the water boating and fishing. He began his yachting career 18 years ago so he could pursue his interests in engineering, boating, adventure, and traveling. He has cruised from Maine to Alaska on a variety of yachts catering from families to corporate clients. Alaska being his favorite because of its wildlife, beauty and remoteness. Luke holds a USCG 1600/3000T Unlimited Master License.

Chef Terri Moore
Terri prepares clean and health-oriented cuisines, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle
Eastern, and Latin styles. She is comfortable with dietary requests such as gluten-free, dairy-free,
egg-free, plant-based and is trained an a Holistic Ayurvedic Dietician. She id from Jacksonville Florida but career has taken her all over the world including:

East & West Coasts of the United States including Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Sea of Cortez,
Bahamas, Caribbean. Atlantic passages; Originating from Ft. Lauderdale & Newport RI to the
Azores, Palma de Majorca, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Dalmatian Coast of Croatia,
Malta. Bermuda, Mediterranean & Aegean Seas. Suez Canal & the Red Sea.

Terri's passion is to provide cuisine that is flavorful and beautiful, emphasizing fresh seasonal ingredients and the special desires of the guests.

Deckhand - Jordon Booth
Jordagrew up on a small lake town near Westchester, NY. Following university, he worked as as a Venture Capitalist in Silicon Valley. After a few years, he left his career and threw away his suit to seek new adventures backpacking around the globe. He was drawn to the water, and ended up working on boats throughout Asia and Australia. This passion for the sea led him to the yachting industry. His hobbies are crypto, scuba/free diving, hiking, sailing, and travel. He is easy going and enjoys all types of people, all while being mindful and conscious of delivering an exceptional guests experience.

Stewardess - Xochitl Arthur
Xochitl (So-Chill) is the wife of Luke and is from Mexico They met in Mexico eleven years ago while Luke was there working on a yacht. After marrying, she happily traded in her corporate office job for the opportunity to work on yachts with her husband. Always with a smile on her face, she has a keen eye for cleanliness and order.

Luke Arthur

Terri Moore

Jordan Booth
First Mate

Xochitl Arthur