The most amazing time with you...
Dear Phil + Audrey,
Our family had the most amazing time with you on the Mystic Soul. Every detail was perfect, from
the itinerary to the destinations to the food. The meals far exceeded our expectations and were
nothing short of miraculous. We have stayed at luxury hotels all over the world, and this has been
hands down the best vacation we have ever had. Thank you so much for all of your time, energy +
- The Yeshwants
I could not have asked for a better crew...
Dear Phil and Audrey
Thank you for an unforgettable experience. From the magnificent food to the amazing views, you
both have made my time in the BVI something beyond my wildest dreams. The accommodations and
the conversations were top class. I could not have asked for a better crew to join our family trip. To
many more journeys in the future !
- Spencer Chrein
Your hospitality is unmatched!
Dear Phil & Audrey, you made this charter one I will never forget. Your hospitality is unmatched!
Thank you both so much, we will be back.

- The Owens
the BEST vacation ever
Dear Audrey & Phil,
What a magical week it has been on the boat! Each day was truly a gift. Thank you for the
hospitality, wonderful recommendations, outstanding food and the BEST vacation ever. We loved
every minute of our trip and can’t wait to come back. In the words of Van Morrison, thank you for
‘’rocking our gipsy souls’’
- Gabriella & Steve
Spoiled by your creations and service
Dear Phil & Audrey
Thank you for having us & and creating such beautiful memories. This has been a perfect get-away for a
couple of tired souls. The boat is obviously so amazing, but the care you both provide is what makes
this experience extraordinary! Your easy going and cheerful disposition are so much appreciated. Each
stop was perfect and wonderful. We loved the dive, snorkelling, island bar hopping and sea bobs. But the best was the boat rides in between and just being on the water. We have no words adequate for describing the food you prepared us. Beyond exquisite! We may never be able to enjoy food at home
again, after being spoiled by your creations and service. And thank you for your thoughtfulness in
preparing our 40 th anniversary cake, which again was beyond delicious. Topping off the evening with
Philip paying his guitar & signing also made the evening just PERFECT! We will miss both of you as we go, but will always carry the fondest memories of how special you made each day for us. We really
do hope to be back !
- With love, The Mann
Exquisite meals
Such a wonderful week filled with ‘’Good Mornings’’ from the sea turtles, flirtations from a whale,
beautiful turquoise seas and magnificent sunsets which provide us with a small glimpse of our loving
god. – Your knowledge of the beautiful and still untouched BVI has inspired us to learn more. Your
intuitiveness and kind hearts surrounded us with comfort, so we longed for nothing. Your exquisite
meals took us beyond the BVI. We will not forget your graciousness and fun-loving hearts. Our prayer
is that you continue to aspire to journey on great adventures and let your soul and spirit fly Into the
Mystic thank you for a lovely week !
- Ken & Sabrina
Multiple boats in the past and this has been the best yet
Dear Audrey & Phil Thank you so much! Audrey your food is sooo good and you are so fun to talk
with. Phil thank you for driving us to beautiful places and carrying the sea bobs down stairs. Y’all
have made this trip so special.
- Peyton (14 y/o)
What an amazing week! We have been on multiple boats in the past and this has been the best yet –
Audrey & Phil are real pros and the boat was perfection
- Liz, Gregor, Peyton & Max
5 star meals
Philip + Audrey
What a fantastic trip thru the BVI. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but both of you exceeded
expectations. The personalized experience was incredibly enjoyable. The Mystic Soul is a beautiful
vessel that I would recommend to anyone. As for the food, best I have had anywhere. Audrey’s
attention to detail made for a 5 star meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Captain Philip found the
best locations to anchor and enjoy our time. I really hate to leave. Thank you for the memories
- Joe & Kelley
Incredible week and you have spoiled us rotten
Dear Philip & Audrey
It has been an incredible week and you have spoiled us rotten! A fantastic itinerary with many
beautiful stops. We enjoyed all the toys, especially the seabobs. The craft cocktails ! The food far
exceeded our expectations and even got our picky teens excited to come to the table. Thank you for
all the little touches that didn’t go unnoticed. Such a clean & tidy boat, well cared for to making our
beds each day. We wouldn’t change a thing ! And especially loved Phil’s little extra surprises �� You
are both incredibly talented. Thank you, thank you.
- Mindy, Jeff, Jack & Laine