Previously named Necker Belle

CaptainOswaldo Cruz Mexican 0
ChefBriar New Zealand 0
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Crew Profiles:
Oswaldo fell in love with the Ocean during his time in the Mexican Navy. After completing his service, he spent ten years developing a specialist dive center in which he took Mexico’s elite on dive tours around the world. For several years he worked on many different shores including Canada, Egypt, and the Mediterranean. Oswaldo completed his RYA yacht-master training in the challenging waters around the UK, and in 2009 after moving to the BVI’s he met Chef Briar. They have been working side-by-side ever since. Oswaldo’s rich knowledge of the islands and witty sense of humor will ensure you have an unforgettable experience onboard BELLA VITA.

Like many adventurous Kiwi’s, Briar left New Zealand to travel the world in her early 20’s. This led her to discover a passion for food & cooking. She trained as a travel agent and worked in the UK for several years, a computer programmer in the USA for 2 years and as an avid volunteer worker in Israel and the Galapagos. Throughout this time Briar developed her culinary skills which she has since complimented with a number of training courses in the UK as well as advanced courses at ‘Gastronomicom’ in the South of France which is a world-renowned Michelin starred International training academy. This training, her love for food of all cultures and experience in the galley has her effortlessly delivering a variety of cuisines with amazingly full flavors. All dishes are presented with flair and elegance. Briar’s enthusiasm for food and people will win you over and her attention to detail will ensure that your vacation aboard BELLA VITA is perfect.

CHIEF STEWARDESS, Amanda Weyers - South African
Amanda was born and raised in a loving Christian home in South Africa. Her decision to spend her life in the service of others started as a professional butler and manager for the Ritz Carlton, where she mastered the art of her duties. Then her love of travel moved her onto yachts where she quickly became the Chief Stewardess. Amanda has had the privilege of working closely with many high end clients and Royal families. She enjoys her job and uses her knowledge to give Bella Vita clients an unforgettable and memorable experience.

SECOND STEWARDESS, Julia Robberts - South African
Julia knew she wanted to work close to the ocean for the start and joined the yachting industry at the young age of 18. She is an energetic young woman, committed to a high standard of service delivery. Her South African background, love of the ocean and her passion for sailing shines through in her work. Her fun loving nature towards life will instantly put any guest at ease.

DECKHAND, Dean Chamberlain, Deckhand - South African
Dean, also from South African fell in love with the ocean and then with Julia (our 2nd Stewardess). They have been working together ever since. Dean is a quiet and polite hard worker that will keep the outside deck sparkling. He is a qualified sailor and the perfect person for all water activities our guests wish to venture into during their stay on Bella Vita.

ENGINEER, Jason DeShay - American
Jason grew up in Seaside Park , New Jersey . The son of a commercial fisherman and tugboat Captain he started his career as a mariner at the very young age of 10 years old building his first boat side by side with his father. Jason has been working in private and charter yachting for 18 years and uses that experience to enhance the safety and enjoyment of all onboard. His zest for life and tenacity have allowed him to fulfill his dreams and aspirations and he is proud to be and integral part of the Bella Vita crew keeping the ship in order and creating a few laughs along the way. He is an expert sport fisherman, diver and boat builder.

Oswaldo Cruz

Briar Smith