"When you eat alone you are only eating to exist. When you dine, it is a gathering, a family, a celebration of life. Eat alone when you must, otherwise always dine."




An alternation of cooked and fresh breakfast with homemade or local products, including:

- Fluffy Wholemeal Pancakes

-“Daisy’s best” banana bread

- Yogurt and muesli

-Salmon-avocado healthy toast

-Port holes (baked eggs with ham, cheese and tomatoes, served on an English muffin)

-Spanish tortilla and Italian frittatas

-Croissants, cinnamon roll, pan chocolat…fresh from the bakery

-cheesy and soft scrambled eggs



Fresh bread from the bakery or home-made breads and focaccias, tasty and healty sandwiches or burgers underway, or light lunches in a nice bay.

-Chicken Caribbean salad

-Chevre chaud: warm goat cheese, baby spinach, crunchy seeds and red fruit vinaigrette

-Veggie Carbonara: a lighter version of the classic Italian pasta dish

-Calypso salad: greek “enriched” salad (baby spinach,feta cheese, tomatoes,cucumbers, peppers and honey vinaigrette)

-Zesty cous-cous: chicken ginger cous-cous with a zesty refreshing boost

-Pesto gnocchi :for the pesto lovers, pesto can be the classic basil pesto or one of the southern Italian variations (rocket pesto,pistachio pesto, red pesto)

-Moussaka (greek style eggplant parmesan)

-Fish tacos and coleslaw salad



Something to nibble for the cocktail time.

-home made tzatziki served with pita bread and olives

-home made pink nutty hummus (beetroot hummus with a nutty taste) and vegetable sticks

-home made guacamole and tortilla chips

-mango spicy camembert: baked camembert and spicy mango chutney

-Italian bruschettas

-dates and bacon

-figues and blue cheese bites

-prawns on artichoke cream



-Lentils in the glass (lentil salad with orange and bacon)

-Mahi sashimi, with celery, green apple, walnuts and toasted pine nuts salad

-“Black and green”: green peas cream with calamari in their ink

-Velvet pumpkin soup: my special pumpkin soup served in a cocotte covered with a crust of puff pastry, and pan fried prawns

- Caramelized onion and brie tart (fillo pastry)

- Sicilian salad: from the southern Italy, an elegant citrus salad with orange, fennel, seeds and sundried tomatoes

-Saganaki cheese: tasty fried halloumi cheese with a caper and mustard vinaigrette

- Rocket and serrano ham with dried apricot



-Beef fillet/ Ribeye/ Ny strip in Martini Red reduction with asparagus and tornado potatoes

-Orange and Metaxa (brandy) pork tenderloin with Basmati rice and saute’ mushrooms

-Citrus roasted turkey and saute’ challots

-Catalana Lobster: lobster marinated in red onion and tomatoes

-Fish in salt crust or sesame encrusted seared tuna (depending on the catch of the day), served with veggies

-Risotto with sausage and champignon with a hint of truffle

-Mexican dinner with tacos, fajitas, home made chili con carne… or Indian dinner with spicy chicken tikka

-Salmon fillet with stewed red cabbage and spring onion mash



- Tiramisu’

-Tropical panna cotta

-Ice cream stuffed panettone (only in season)

-Key lime pie

-Balsamic strawberries: strawberries or seasonal fruits in a balsamic vinager reduction

-Ernst Knam’s famous salted caramel and chocolate cake

-Mango vodka sorbet

-Polvito uruguayo

-Banana foster’s with home-made ice-cream