CaptainKyle Holmes American 0 200/500 USCG
ChefJonathan MacLean Trinidad 0
Number of Crew: 4Languages:

Crew Profiles:
Captain - Kyle Holmes
Kyle grew up in Sacramento, California. Kyle has been around the water for his entire life, as a young adult he taught sailing, water skiing and worked on commercial fishing boats. His family has a house and sport fishing company in Mexico so feel free to test his fishing expertise. He realized he wanted to have his career as a captain and completed 4 years at the California Maritime Academy. From there he went straight into yachting and has never looked back. He has been in yachting for 10 years and a captain for 5 years. He is passionate about his job and loves to help his guests enjoy the ocean and yachting experience as much as he does.

Chef - Jonathan Mac Lean
Jonathan is culinary trained from Johnson and Wales University. He grew up the island of Trinidad and Tobago. This island boy’s passion to cook came from an early age while growing up and living in the remote hotel of Blue Waters Inn in Speyside Tobago. His mouthwatering dishes has a unique Caribbean Flair combined with his culinary training. Jonathan has traveled around the globe to study and learn different cuisines which can be seen throughout his creations which is why he has chosen to work in the Yachting industry for the past 4 years. Jonathan loves to use the freshest ingredients from the local areas which we will be travelling to and most times will even dive into the water to catch dinner. Jonathan loves everything to do with the water from fishing, Spearfishing, snorkeling and is a dive master, to wake-boarding, driving the tender and all types of water sports.

Mate - Andy Moran
Mate Andy Moran is originally from Sydney, Australia. He's been in the yachting industry for five years. Prior to the yachting industry Andy was a dive instructor in Australia. He has been diving all over the world, but his favorite place to dive is in the Exumas, Bahamas. He would love to take the guests exploring the beautiful world underwater. He also enjoys teaching diving, so if you're looking to go on your first drive, Andy is your guy! Besides diving Andy is also a fun, loving and relaxed person who brings a great vibe to the boat. You will find his positive and friendly spirit contagious.

Chief Stewardess - Alison Hadeed
Alison was born and grew up in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and spent her childhood growing up by the ocean. She moved to Florida to pursue her passion for the water and travel and began a career in yachting. In her spare time Alison enjoys running, yoga, scuba diving and relaxing beach days. Alison is fun, loving and has a very positive attitude. With her big smiles, genuine warmth and attentiveness she makes guest feel immediately at home when aboard Andiamo. She looks forward to making your stay on Andiamo! an enjoyable and memorable one!