CaptainNicholas Ensor (Nick) Canadian 0
Victoria Fernandez (Vicky) Portuguese 0
Number of Crew: 2Languages: Nick speaks English. Vicky is fluent in English and French, conversational Spanish, basic Portuguese

Crew Profiles:
Nick and Vick work well as a team. They have been chartering together for four years, in Australia and Spain and have been in the British Virgin Islands for more than two years now. They know all the tops spots and have contacts on various islands to assist in any adventure you anticipate in the BVI.

Nicks funny and outgoing personality compliments Vickys more quiet and patient nature. Nick loves to tell stories about travel and his 12+ years experience in the charter industry.

Vicky will make sure you are well taken care of with abundant food and drinks and overall comfort on the yacht. Together they will fulfil all your charter needs.