Coffee (cappuccino, espresso, regular, frappe, greek coffee) / Tea / Milk (Low Fat and Regular) / Fresh Orange Juice / Fresh Grape Fruit or other Selections/ Toasted Bread (slices) / Butter / Jelly-Marmelade / Honey / Yogurt and Fruits / Eggs: Omellete (options: tomato, onion, feta cheese, ham, bacon, pepper / mushrooms) sunny, poached, scrambled with bacon or ham / Cake  


Appetizers: Shrimps “Saghanaki”, Cooked in Tomato Sauce with Feta Cheese
Salad: Green Salad with Fresh Arugula, Croutons and Trimmed Goat’s Cheese, Balsamico Dressing
Main Courses: Fresh fish With Steamed Rice and Fresh Vegetables
Dessert: Loukoumades, Fruit in Season


Appetizer: Choice of Meze
Salad: Greek Country Salad
Main Courses: Lamb in the oven with lemon sauce Served with Potatoes
Dessert: Greek chalvas, Fruit in Season

Appetizer: Traditional Meze Choice
Salad: Tossed Romaine Lettuce Tomato and Radish with Virgin Olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing
Main Course: Snichzel with fried Potatoes
Dessert: Galaktompoureko, Fruit in Season


Appetizer: Traditional Meze Choice
Salad: Tomato with mozzarella cheese
Main Course: Fried calamari - fried pumpkins, tzatziki
Dessert: Ice-cream, Fruit in Season


Appetizer: Traditional Meze Choice
Salad: Tuna fish assorted with vegetables and mayonnaise sauce
Main Course: Baked Perch a’la Spetsiota
Dessert: Greek baklava, Fruit in Season


Appetizer: Greek traditional Meze
Salad: Green Salad with Baby Shrimps and rice, Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing
Main Course: Taskebap (beef in pieces, baked in tomato sauce)- mashed potatoes
Dessert: Strawberries with fresh cream or cream caramel, Fruit in Season


Appetizer: Greek traditional Meze
Salad: Mixed salad with herbs
Main Course: Fish in the oven with lemon sauce and potatoes
Dessert: Yogurt with honey and nuts, Fruit in Season

We can also prepare for you a variety of dishes according to your preference. This is only an indicative list to which you have the flexibility to choose and combine whatever you would like to taste.