Filter coffee, espresso, Greek coffee Tea, fresh orange juice,fresh milk. Muffins, cake, croissant, Apple pie. Cereals crepes, eggs,tost Omelette, scrambled eggs Yogurt fruit, fruit salad, Honey rufus.
1. Pumpkin flowers stuffed with feta cheese. Greek salad with fennel and rocket. Beef raids with wild rice and blackcurrant sauce. Fruit tarte
2.Cesarean pie Salad politika Calf with eggs plant puree Baklava
3.Split peas (FABA) with kidnapping (apaki) Dakos salad Lamb with stamnagathi Kaltsounia with honey
4.Mashrooms stuffed with zucchini Salad with eggs plant and capers Schnitzel golden blue Lemon pie
5. Beef with tuna Greek salad with spinach Chocolate Mouse
6. Fresh ravioli Salad Cake Sea beam alla Livornese Chocolate souffle
7. Spetsopee Green salad with katiki Staffed Lamb with cream cheese Greek donuts
8. Shrimp kataifi Green Salad with tuna Branzino with boiled vegetables Ice cream
9. Orecchiette with ricotta and tomato sauce Caprese salad Beef saltimbocca Panna cotta
10. Involtini salmon with asparagus Lentils Salad with octopus Sea bed Staffed with Sea food Semi freddo
11. Halloumi cheese with pie and pepper honey sauce Moussaka Ekmek kataifi
12. Cheesecake Green Salad with cream and Apple Ham and pomegranate sauce Filet Wellington Lime Mouse
13. Squid stuffed with feta Grilled vegetables Mixed Sea food grills Sorbet watermelon
14. Roasted mushroom with halloumi cheese Pineapple salad with prospect with vegetables and chicken.
1. Youvetsi with shrimp and tarragon Parmesan rocket Salmon with vodka and caviar Strawberry jelly
2. Pumpkin with tzatziki Salad with spinach rocket Dried tomato xinomyzithra Tenderloin with mastiha Lemon pie
3. Potato with bacon cheese and whipping cream Caesars salad Chicken roll Ravani
4.Shrimp mussels Salad feast
Tortellini with shrimps and truffles
5.Pan with meat (krasopoulio) Salad with cabbage and carrot Braids beef with black currant Orange pie
7. Feta bags with honey Greek salad Stuffed tomato Galactompoureko
8. Eggplant rolls with mozzarella Pasta salad Paigiar with asparagus Caramel
9. Mussels with mustard sauce Green salad with salmon Lobster Pasta Semi freddo
10. Onion pie Salad kous kous Pork and beef skewers Yogurt with sweet grapes
11. Butterfly shrimp Green salad with caviar Mix crayfish and shrimp grilled Chocolate tart
12. Mix vegetables and fava Lattice salad Beef burgina Chocolate trunk
13. Mussels with ouzo and fennel Mediterranean salad Olympus with Pasta Ice cream
14. Tuna carpaccio Vongole salad Chocolate Eckler