CaptainVagelis Broumos Greek 1970 Captain’s diploma and the Yacht Master Offshore Diplomas
ChefSpiros Varelis Greek 0 culinary degree and a bakery/pastry chef degree
Number of Crew: 4Languages: Greek and English

Crew Profiles:
Captain Vagelis Broumos (Greek)
Born in Athens in 1970, he graduated the Merchant Marine Academy, Vagelis holds Captain’s diploma and the Yacht Master Offshore Diplomas also certified for GMDSS, Fire Fighting and First Aid, Personal Safety and Life Saving.
He has over 25 years of service at sea on board various yachts. His excellent skills in commanding yachts, his impressive sailing experience around the bays and the small islands of the Greek Archipelago. His fine manners and his sense of humour are just a few of his charismas

Chef Spiros Varelis (Greek)
Spiros has a passion for good food and has always been involved with cooking, as his parents own a Greek and Italian cuisine restaurant in the island of Corfu.
He has a culinary degree and a bakery/pastry chef degree from Akmi School of Culinary Arts. He has worked in numerous restaurants and hotels and enjoys exploring culinary differences, experimenting with new ingredients, especially Greek products, using them to approach Mediterranean cuisine in a creative, delicious and insightful way. As Spiros has always enjoyed travelling, he seized the opportunity to work on a yacht and he is looking forward to satisfying your taste buds and help you explore a new side of the Greek cuisine with his mouth watering creations.

Stewardess Iliana Driva (Greek)
Iliana Driva is 28 years old. In her past experience she has worked in other yachts hosting many people from different countries and she is very keen on offering high quality services. Iliana studied fine arts and direction of photography and this has made her appreciate the beauty wherever it appears, either in the magnificent landscapes that we see while travelling or in the clear and beautiful lines of a proper set on a table. She loves travelling and sharing with guests the experience of exploring the endless beauty of Greece.

Sailor Stamatis Korontinis (Greek)
Stamatis holds a diploma in offshore sailing. He worked as deckhand on a private motor sailer until he joined Alfea,
His love for the sea came from his family as his father was fisherman for many years. In his free time he enjoys football, swimming and fishing.

Vagelis Broumos

Spiros Varelis

Iliana Driva

Stamatis Korontinis