CaptainMatthias Bitterwolf USA 1989 USCG Master
Chef/Hostess/FiAmber Duncan USA 1985 USCG Master
Number of Crew: 2Languages: English

Crew Profiles:
Matthias Bitterwolf was born and raised on a sailboat off of St. Thomas and spent his childhood sailing around the Caribbean, fishing, snorkeling, and diving. He has worked in the marine industry for many years and has his 100 ton USCG captain's license as well as his dive master certificate and is working to obtain his instructors license soon. He has worked on many vessels ranging from 40' sailboats to a 150' mega yacht. His last job was captain on a 100' passenger vessel carrying up to 350 guests, but he is now looking for a more rewarding career in the term charter industry on board SY Antillean. With Matthias' skills in diving, fishing, sailing and entertaining his guests he hopes to carry on the success which Antillean has had in the past.

Amber Duncan, Antillean's fiery cook, bartender, server, and entertainer was born in Florida. She grew up in Maine where she learned more about boating while fishing for lobster and eel with her mother and uncle. Amber also spent many years in the service industry as a bartender, server, and snorkel guide, as well as cook and crape chef. Given the opportunity, she sailed from Florida to St. Croix and since then has obtained her 100 ton USCG captain's license. Amber enjoys aquatic activities, fire dancing on the the beach, hiking, exploring, beach combing, as well as creating new dishes with cultural flare.

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