August 27th to September 03rd, 2023
Great team, great adventure!
Thanks a lot for excellent service and the attitude of devotion and care!
Warmest wishes,
V. family
August 12th to 26th, 2023
We had a great trip by the Ionian sea and its islands. The journey was great and pleasant, the views, the bays and the sea was perfectly clear and beautiful. The team hepled us with everything, were very helpful and wiling to assist.
Thank you from all of us!

It was a fantastic journey with great team led by Captain Stavros!
We are really wish to do it again with the same team.
August 02nd to 09th, 2023
The islands were beautiful. As was the Corinth Canal, the blue waters of Ionian Sea, and the green mountains. Additionally, the Captain's advice on where to cruise and how to do it was very wise.
The motor yacht Aquila, was the perfect yacht for this occasion: very sea worthy in rough weather and luxurious in every way.
However, the very best part of the holiday was the Captain and the crew of the Aquila! The Chef prepared excellent, tasting, classic, greek food. The attendants were always present and very helpful. The deckhands were smiling - always as they did their work and easy to converse with. The Captains were very helpful and kind. They knew the waters well and it showed.
We would come back again and again!
Matthew and M. family
September 04, 2022
Thank you for an amazing week! We've enjoyed every minute of it! The entire Aquila crew was wonderful. This was truly an ''once in a life'' trip.
Thank you ❤️
M. & B.
August 27th, 2022
Thank you to the entire Aquila crew! We loved our visit and had the best time on the boat.
Can't wait to come back.
❤️the A crew
August 12th, 2022
You are an amazing, professional, humble crew. We loved the food.
Thank you for all the great recommendations.
Thank you for the peace of mind.
Thank you for giving us a good time.
Thomas, Shay, Oly, Ziad, Fares ❤️
July 31st, 2022
Thank you so much for an amazing adventure!
We loved every second we were here ❤️Best crew!!
Daniel, Helene, Otto, Oliver, Elias, Cecilia
July 27th, 2022
Hi Crew,
We had a fantastic cruise the last 10 days, beautiful Hydra, Spetses, Epidavrus, crystal clear water.
The cook together with his staff did some fine cooking.
Also the whole crew was always at our disposal, smiling and friendly.
We have spent great days together.
Thanks so much and hope to see you back.
Love, D.

The Best ever!
Thank you so much ❤️❤️

Thank you for everything!
I spent a wonderful time on the AQUILA!
I just wish I could stay longer.
July 2022
Dear Aquila Crew,
Thank you so much for making our vacation the best vacation ever!! Everything was perfect!!
Each of you treated us so wonderful!
The food was delicious! The service was beyond believe!! Whatever we requested you make it all happen!!
Love and hugs to all of you!
Kelly & Tom

Thank you Captain!
The greatest cruise we had. My husband and I were very happy. We set our own program. The Management and the Crew was great. The Crew was great - always helpful doing whatever to please us. We will only come in your ship with you as Captain as you are very great. We love everybody here and thank you!
July, 2022
Dear Captain and Crew,
We started the cruise with a great mood.
You did a great job to keep us happy throughout the cruise, we will return to our homebase with the best memories.
Theofilos & Lilian

Perfect Captain!!!
Perfect Crew!!!
Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL stay!!!
Hope to see you soon!!!
We wish you the best!!!
K. family
June 25th to July 03rd, 2022
Dear Aquila Crew,
Thank you all so much for making this trip so fun for my family and I.
All the extra accomondations for my grandparents were so helpful so I'm truly greatful!
The food was delicious and stories/facts from the crew about the Greek Islands were so cool to hear.
Thank you,
Ashley ❤️
August 10th to 20th, 2021
Dear Crew,
Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation! We all had an amazing time.
Thank you for all your hard work and extraordinary energy, for making us feel at home with incredible food and unforgettable experiences, all the swimming, the fireworks, the scuba diving.
Thank you as well for your great attitude and for being all the time taking care for us.
Everybody in the Aquila have been so nice, all the effort you have done, make us feel incredibly happy and super comfort in the boat.
There are no words that can describe what this vacations was for all of us!!
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you!
Joe, Billy, Cristina, Mateo, Lorenzo
July 09th, 2021
Dearest Aquila crew,
Words cannot describe the amazing time we have had with all of you. Our first experience to cruising the Islands. It has been the trip of a lifetime! The staff took amazing care of us! You all treated us like family. Thank you Panos for getting us on and off the ship- keeping us walk the plank!
Filippos thank you for keeping the ship running. Eleftheria you always knew what we needed , you were a wonderful hostess. Vanessa you kept us entertained and shared the culture with us. You can jump in anywhere to make things happen. Captain Stavros you did an amazing job on the seas!
Thank you all for making our first time cruising onderful! We will really have you in our lifetime of memories.
Anytime you wish to visit Michigan you are welcome!
PS: Joanna the food was amazing!!
PSS: Nikos thank you for taking us fishing! It was a fun time!
Thank you all for sharing yourselves with us!
Jim & D.
July, 2021
Panos, Filippos, Eleftheria you each made our trip fun and took great care of us! Thank you!
We will miss you all and hope you come visit us in Nashville one day soon!
PS: We will be back - next time we will get to the Ionians!
The D. family