CaptainKostas Katsimentes Greek 1969
ChefJohn Dimitriou Greek 1991
Number of Crew: 3Languages: Greek, English, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Kostas Katsimentes
Kostas was born on 7/6/1969 on the island of Evia. Because his father was a captain in commercial ships, he had the opportunity to travel to different places such as Africa, Asia, Europe and America from a young age. Enthralled by his travels as a youth, his dream was to follow in his father's footsteps. He studied civil engineering at a university in Athens while working concurrently as a skipper and sailing instructor at the Achaean Sailing School.
With 32 years of experience as a captain in the chartering industry, he has captained various boats including monohulls, catamarans, as well as motor yachts. He promises to take you to the most beautiful places and facilitate a carefree and safe holiday.
He also knows windsurfing, water skiing, kitesurfing and other sea sports.
He speaks English and Spanish

John Dimitriou
Giannis was born in 1991 in Spata, Attica. He has been interested in cooking from a young age, frequently cooking at home. In his professional career Giannis has worked at
several restaurants in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Saint Moritz. He has also
had the opportunity to work alongside highly skilled chefs at the Ekstedt restaurant in
Stockholm, which boasts a Michelin star. Recently, he also assumed a leadership role at
one of the restaurants at the Mayia hotel, in Rhodes.
His positive aura and his love for cooking will offer you a unique experience at sea.
He speaks English and a little German.

Fragoulis Agouridis
Fragoulis was born in 1976. He was raised by the sea and is a native of Patras.
He began his career as a steward/deckhand on private and charter boats (S/Y, M/Y, Cat S/Y, Cat M/Y) in the yachting sector.
Fragoulis is also a host training seminar instructor and possesses a sailing and scuba diving license.
He speaks English and Spanish