CaptainNikolay Vasilev Bulgarian 0
ChefKrasse Gueorguiev Nikolaev Bulgarian 1974
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English, Bulgarian

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Nikolay Vasilev

With over 25 years of experience navigating various sport and pleasure crafts, Captain Nikolay is a seasoned seafarer. His affinity for watercrafts began in his early years, propelling him into the realms of sailing races, motor yachts, and advanced navigation. Renowned for his exceptional boat handling skills, he brings a wealth of expertise to the role of captain. He is kind, hard-working, a team player and is always happy to sail that extra mile for his guests in board. Beyond his maritime prowess, Nikolay is known for his remarkable communication skills, effortlessly engaging in both work-related discussions and casual conversations.

Chef: Krasse Gueorguiev Nikolaev

Meet Krasse, the talented Chef from Bulgaria who is excited to be a part of your crew on board Aurelia. With over 15 years of culinary expertise in diverse cuisines, Krasse has honed his skills in some of London's most cherished restaurants and hotels. Confident that your culinary journey on board will be extraordinary, Krasse believes that being a Chef involves more than just cooking—it's about infusing emotions and sensations into every dish, truly stimulating the Art of Senses.
Krasse's culinary adventures have taken him to various corners of the world, including England, America, Cambodia, Tanzania, and France. This globetrotting experience has granted him the privilege to explore and master the art of crafting authentic cuisines, to adapt to different environments and being creative.
Beyond his culinary prowess, Krasse brings a unique touch to Aurelias menu by incorporating sports nutrition into his creations, drawing inspiration from his personal experience as an athlete. Dedicated to providing more than just a meal, Krasse is committed to offering an immersive and delightful dining experience during your time on this catamaran.

*In addition to his excellent cooking skills, Krasse is also a famous ultra-marathon athlete. With over 60 marathons completed, he has run marathons in the Arctic, Cambodia and in the Sahara, alongside diverse companions like Maasai and Buddhists. He also organizes charity runs in Bulgaria for children with onco-hematological diseases. Krasse’s last project was in 2023 by isolating himself in a closed space in a public place in Sofia, in order to raise funds for addiction prevention.

Deck/Stew: TBA

Krasse Gueorguiev Nikolaev

Nikolay Vasilev