News Years Charter 2021
Broker provided Survey

Name: David

Yacht: BLUE PEPPER with Taylor & Denise Melton
Charter Dates: 12/29/2020 to 01/05/2021

Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5/5

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
Yes! Excellent!

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yes! Absolutely!

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Yes! Amazing!

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
6. May we post this review on our website?

7. Additional comments on your charter?
We had 5 couples who each had the best vacation we ever had. Blue Pepper and their crew was the BEST!

USVI Charter July 2020
Name: Misti
Yacht: BLUE PEPPER with Taylor, Denise & Elizabeth Melton
Charter Dates: 07/21/2020 to 07/27/2020
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5/5

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
They were beyond accommodating. They took care of our needs before we even recognized we had a need. One example...we were going on a hike and a Captain Taylor saw that one girl wasn’t wearing socks with her he went and got a pair of socks because he knew she would need them. He was right...she would have gotten awful blisters without them.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
The boat was gorgeous. Immaculately cared for. Looks new!

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
AC worked great!

4. Was the food good and well presented?
The food was insane! It was like art...beautifully plated and the way Chef Denise describes the meal made your mouth water! It tastes even better!! Beyond perfect!!

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
Captain Taylor did a great job of keeping the views interesting and different even though the BVI was closed.

6. Additional comments on your charter?
Captain Taylor, Chef Denise and First Mate Lizz made the trip the best trip of our life. They are eager to serve you. Patient with you and genuine. I cannot imagine any crew ever able to match their service.
February 16-20, 2020
This was my 3rd charter in the BVI's and by far the BP was the most comfortable and clean catamaran we have encountered.

The crew of the BP (Taylor, Denise & Liz) could not have been more friendly and accommodating. From the moment we boarded till the last second of our charter. They were nothing short of AMAZING. For real..

The food on the BP was as advertised. Fresh, Fresh and more Fresh. The from the ingredients that went into each and every meal to the love that you feel from Denise's preparation and presentations. Could not have been more satisfied. They literally catered to each and everyones individual food needs.. There were four adults, three teenagers and one 5 year old.

Taylor knows his way around the USVI and the BVI's we hit all the spots that we wanted and a few hidden gems!

To sum up our 2020 BVI adventure, BEST TRIP EVER...The crew is what made the BP what is was.. BP is just the name on a boat...The heart and soul of the BP is and will always be its crew.

Already booked BP for 2021 !!!!!

Michale S. & Family
July 2019
Name: George
Yacht: BLUE PEPPER with Taylor and Denise Melton
Charter Dates: 2019-07-09 08:00 to 2019-07-16 08:00
Area Cruised: Virgin Islands
Overall Rating: 5/5

1. Was the crew friendly and accommodating?
The crew was awesome. I highly recommend them.

2. Was the yacht comfortable and clean?
Yacht was in perfect condition and the Captain kept it in immaculate condition throughout the vacation.

3. Was the yacht well ventilated?
AC was great, no complaints.

4. Was the food good and well presented?
Chef prepared gourmet 5 star meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Presentation and flavor was awesome. We all gained weight! LOL

5. Did you like the area you sailed?
We enjoyed the USVI

6. Additional comments on your charter?
This is the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. The crew, Captain Taylor, Chef Denise and stew Elizabeth were awesome. They went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD ON A VACATION!!! Captain very attentive to making sure the vessel kept in immaculate condition the entire vacation and he too great efforts to ensure our comfort. AWESOME TEAM, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This charter was a 10!!!
Amazing charter
I wanted to reach out to congratulate you on the amazing crew you have, with Taylor and Denise, on your catamaran Blue Pepper. My family and I spent last week aboard and had the most amazing experience. I have done three other prior charters and none equates to last week. The catamaran is beautiful and has an excellent distribution of space to accommodate all 10 guests comfortably. On top of that, Taylor and Denise are definitely the best crew. They spent every second of the week making sure everything was perfect and they did so with great smiles at all times. Denise cooking is just amazing and she was so versatile in accommodating preferences. I would chose her cooking over any restaurant. Taylor was great about facilitating all activities onboard and on the islands and planned a perfect route for our trip. I don’t think they ever took a break from making sure the catamaran was just impeccable and everything running smoothly. The two of them together make a great team and made everyone of us feel so pampered as they took care of every single detail to make our vacation just perfect at all times.
Thank you!
February 2018
Awesome trip, our very first Virgin Islands charter, this was excellent! Great food, drinks, and amazing service!

Steve and Cheryl
January 2018
We have been doing charters in the Virgin Islands since 2012 and this has definitely been the best one ever! Taylor and Denise met our every need and want!

December 2017
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip that was perfect for 1 years old, to 50! Denise and Taylor made sure that we always had the best food and drink, and ensured we had an incredibly memorable Christmas, one that we will never forget.

Scalise and William
September 2016
Captain/Chef Denise Made Our Honeymoon Amazing!
My wife and I are just getting back and settled from our honeymoon with Denise on Bella Vita and I just wanted to reach out and let you know how absolutely AMAZING it was. Denise is not only an amazing Captain but she is also an insanely good chef! We could not believe the food that she was preparing for us, how good it was and all done in a small kitchen! Before my wife and I left, I realized that we were really jumping into this blind and neither of us really knew what it was going to be like but Denise blew us away and we could not have pictured it any better. We are really hoping on booking her and the boat again at some point so I sure hope you hold onto her! Thanks for the perfect trip!

Jason & Kaitland
August 2016
We can't wait to come back in October. Denise is absolutely fantastic, and we want to adopt her! Our daughter, Madeline, adored her and tears flowed as we left.

July 2016
Best. Crew. Ever! Their every waking moment was spent making sure we had as perfect a vacation as it is possible to have. The strict and unusual dietary requirements of two of us were not a problem; Denise’s food was imaginative and delicious. Everything was made fresh, followed the dietary requirements, and was of 5-star restaurant caliber...

McXXXXX Family