CaptainShane Taylor South African 0
Co- Captain/ First MatePreston Moss Bahamian 0
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Crew Profiles:
Co-Captain / Manager | Shane Taylor | South African
BIO: Captain Shane has dedicated decades of his life to his greatest passion of the ocean and has proven himself as an outstanding captain, chartering all over the globe on various types of vessels.
Shane was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and began his career as a sail yachts captain, delivering yachts transatlantic. His maritime education was chartering yachts of all sizes in the Caribbean and eventually ventured to the Mediterranean where he discovered an unleashed potential on larger motor yachts. His yachting career portfolio now consists of an in-depth knowledge of the US East Coast, The Bahamas and Caribbean, Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. Besides being a competent and proficient seafarer, Shane is also a divemaster, watersports instructor and mixologist. Shane provides a comfortable, exciting but also safe environment on board which keeps his guests wanting to return to whichever vessel he captains.

Co-Captain / First Mate | Preston Moss | Bahamian
BIO: Preston began his maritime career working for the Bahamian defense force and royal navy. Being born and raised in Nassau, his knowledge and abilities throughout The Bahamas is limitless. Even though his background is military, he has evolved into a skillful and competent superyacht seafarer and prides himself on the safety and security of the vessel while also catering to guests needs and desires.
Preston also holds a captain license and many engineering credentials. He has warm and friendly presence and is always ready to offer his services.

Stewardess | Tainah Carmo | Brazilian
BIO: Tainah has always had a driven mentality and strive for working in the hospitality industry. Her background is in ample areas, such as, cocktail waitressing, market managing, and sales. Tainah began her yachting career through her mother, whom was a cook/stew married to a captain, that decided to work land based. Her mother threw her in for daywork and she realized her passion for the ocean and began her journey and career in yachting. In her 3 years in yachting, she has a sweet personality, high work ethic, highly intuitive, attentive, and always makes sure their stay on C-Daze is relaxing and enjoyable. She ensures the right atmosphere and level of service is always met for each client. She loves animals, children and being social by making memories with all guests. Tainah’s interests include decorations, organization and yoga