April 2019
Andreau is a genuinely good guy with tons of sailing experience. His calm demeanor instilled much confidence regardless of the situation or conditions.

Gonzalo and Tiago are genuinely good guys. We loved spending time with them and getting to know about them and their trades. They seemed to truly bond with our son and daughter who were close to the same ages. Gonzalo and Tiago both always seemed to know what we might want before we even asked. Tiago is an awesome chef. He prepared phenomenal meals and both Tiago and Gonzalo prepared awesome drinks. Gonzalo always performed his duties quietly in the background when we didn't even know he was doing them. Rooms were spotless before we even finished our morning coffee.

Crew maintained the S/Y in tip top condition. It was always orderly and never a single rope out of place or a spot on any surface. S/Y was comfortable but it was the crew that made the experience.

The itinerary was fabulous. We have sailed in the southern Grenadines often but the captain and crew made our experience all that much better with their superior route planning and attention to weather and sea state.

Perfect sports and leisure activities. Scuba gear was top notch. The Williams JetBoat Dingy was much better than any outboard dingy. It was powerful enough to enjoy ocean wakeboarding and versatile enough to get into some beach locations which an outboard could not have.
December 2018
The trip was great. The boat was very nice and the crew was excellent. They were very accommodating and did a great job.
December 2018
Feel the Blue is amazing. We are very thankful to have such a caring and thoughtful crew. Everything has been perfect.