Perfect Holiday
Thank you so much for the perfect most wonderful time. It was the perfect holiday and you are the most amazing crew.
Dear Chiara - you are the most amazing cook - we loved your food so much. You are the sweetest cucina with the best seafood pasta and of course banana bread.
Dear Dani - Il captiano grande. Thank you for the most amazing sail of our lives. We always felt safe and we fell in love with the BVIs cause of you. Thank you!
Dear Anton - Dankeschou! Du bist des beste cocktailwaches, couchhopser and spricheklopfer wit au besten, lustigsten laune.
THE LEGENDARY PIET - The Marc - Launch for boat hite. JSY and Tommy, Doro, Kimi
Smooth Sailing
Such an amazing trip to the BVI's! Smooth sailing all the way! The service was over the top! The food was so fresh and delicious and Anton was so amazing! Looking forward to sailing with this crew again! Linda and Tim

Each of you will leave us with memories we will never forget. To Chiara: Your warm smile and wonderful meals after a long day of drinking. To Anton: Your wit and planning. To Captain Dani: Your hard work and confidence will not be forgotten. Lisa of the Seas did not disappoint! We hope to come back here again and we hope our paths will cross again. If over in Atlanta please look us up. Safe Travels, Jim and Maria

Captain Dani, Chiara and Anton,
Words cannot express the gratitude we have for you all. You each played such an important part on giving us a once in a lifetime trip. You treated all ten of us like family. We wish you all the best in your life and continue to follow your dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa and Mark
PS Necker Island will always be one of the best experiences ever!

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Lisa of the Seas is a beautiful boat but the crew was the best part. Captain Dani is patient and confident. Chiara is a fabulous chef and a beautiful charming lady. Anton kept us well informed and entertained - couldn't ask for more. xoxo Letitia and Larry

I don't think we can put into words how much we loved this trip! Lisa of the Seas was everything we hoped it would be and so much more! Our amazing crew truly went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed and then some. Anton, Chiara and Captain Dani - you guys were amazing! Thank you again for such an incredible adventure! Love Paul and Lisa

Wonderful Memories
Daniele, Chiara and Anton,
Each of you gave us memories we will hold in all of our hearts forever! Your constant smiles and hospitality, phenomenal meals, jokes, banter cannot be matched! You made us feel so welcome and safe on all of our excursions (even the jet ski adventure). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a vacation of a lifetime! With Love, Ed and Laurie, Chris and Kathy, Rob and Jennifer, Jim and Denise and Kim and Gary
A Million Thanks
A million thanks to our wonderful crew! You made our trip unforgettable! (Dinner Music, Late Night Poker, Private Drink Creations on the Fly Bridge, Charcuterie (Again !?!) Help with our Italian, etc...) You took great care of us and we are forever grateful! With Love and Appreciation George, Sally, Thomas and James Waters
Unforgettable Virgin Islands
Nouvel au daus les Caraibes a bord du Lisa of the Seas! Non, ce n'est pas un reve mais une realite.
A caring team with a warm welcoming on board - unforgettable! Happy New Year PS. I loved the bucket. - Nicolas

Grazie mille tu Daniele, Chiara and Robert for the very nice and very professional cruise to start 2024. - Florence

Highly Recommend
Muchas Gracias por tantas atenciones! Nos vamos Felices! See you soon! - Erika y Guillermo

Cinte tedo mochinsimo gracco a los 3 por todas sos atencines, exelete tralo, comida, sacici, limpieza etc.. oigan aoi y esprao x repila este vioje con. Los recomendamos mucho ron amigos y familiares. - Maruered
Treasured Journey
Dear Crew,
To the crew who became our seafaring family for a short while, your attention, care and enthusiasm were the wind in our sails! We'll forever treasure this journey! Thanks for making our charter boat experience one for the books! We loved your caring, food, smoothies, smiles and love! - Will and Annette
Beyond Expectations
Dani, Chiara, Clara, and Lisa of the Seas,
Thank you all for giving us your hearts and souls. Beyond expectations was the experience you set up for us - Phi Beach Club, JimmySax, the Private Restaurant on the water - too many to name. And Chiara the food was above and beyond expectations - every country represented. Italian, Japanese, Thai, American. Todd said the best lasagne he ever had. Ally said the carbanara was the best ever. An for me the truffle risotto along with the summer rolls. And how you made the pescans and meat eaters happy! You have a gift. Clara your heart enters the room before you do. Such kindness so glad to have experienced you. Dani you are cool as a cucumber and clearly a competent captain. And you looked pretty good when you dressed up. With love and wishes for a happy life to all of you. Hope we cross paths again! - Melanie, Todd and Alexandria
Amazing Trip!
Thank you very much for an amazing trip! We enjoyed spending time with you and the crew for the last two weeks. The entire crew was fantastic and went above and beyond to make our vacation wonderful.
Forever Grateful
Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience, I am forever grateful Chiara, you need to write a cookbook! Thank you for everything and returning us home safely. - Fiona

This has been an incredible experience that I will never forget. The effort the crew put into taking care of us was never ending. Chiara kept us fed and happy with her amazing cookery. I am so grateful and lucky to have been a guest on Lisa of the Seas. Thanks for everything. - Ruby

Thank you for enabling such an extraordinary experience on Lisa of the Seas. I will never forget this incredible week we spent with my family and friends. I hope we meet again one day on the sea that I love so much. Merci! Noemi

Chiara, Dario and Daniele,
What an amazing way to discover Italy. Thank you for your attention to detail and kindness throughout the cruise. We are looking forward to meeting you again. 'LOTS' to discover. Thank you again for caring so well for our guests and boat. Anne and Julien.
Thank You For An Amazing Week!
Your smiles, hospitality, and kindness have been much appreciated by all of us. Thank you for making sure the kids had a great time with the water sports, for the endless delicious meals, and keeping us all safe all over Italy for a week. We had the best time and can't wait to do this again!
To The Best Crew In The World!
Thank you so much for making our trip so magical. We loved getting to know you, and experiencing Italy with you. We felt so safe and welcomed on Lisa Of The Seas. Thank you for greeting us every morning with a huge smile and for making our experience so pleasant. The food was exceptional, the service impeccable, and the travel was seamless. We really felt right at home. We hope to cross paths again soon as we can't imagine any boat experience without you all.

Dear Crew
You guys were so kind to us. Your food was amazing. The pasta, mozzarella, salad, eggs, bacon and nutella bread were the best. My cousins, Mom, brother, Aunt and Uncle and i had an amazing week. Thank you. Levon, Mary, Ruzan, Vale, Gev, Julia and William.
Great Time Aboard Lisa!
What a great time we had just off the coast of Italy! Fantastic food, great crew, could not have been better!