CaptainDimitris Bokolas Greek 1968
ChefZoi Chatzeathanasiou  Greek 1992
Number of Crew: 3Languages: English (fluent) - Greek (native)

Crew Profiles:
Dimitris Bokolas - Captain
“Sea is my life” is Dimitris’s life quote. Since he was a child he remembers himself in a boat. He is an experienced sailor and captain of power and sailing boats. The first boat he was captain in, was his family’s 55ft. traditional Greek Kaiki. Since then he had the opportunity to sail around Greek waters with different kind of boats. During all these years he came across of all kind of weather and sea conditions which made him familiar with
the difficult Greek seas. His natural capability of communicate with people and the fact that he can remain calm in any unpredictable situation, creates for his passengers and fellow crew members a feeling of comfort, relaxation and above all safeness during the travel.

Zoi Chatzeathanasiou - Chef
My name is Zoe. I am a professional chef with 7 years of experience. During these years I have worked in different kind of restaurants, gaining skills and experience next to award winning Greek chefs. Although my culinary expertise is mainly based on Mediterranean cuisine, I really like experimenting with different tastes and variety of cuisines as well. I am passionate not only about cooking but also about nature, so my free time I enjoy exploring and hiking.

Stathis Apostolidis - Deckhand
Hello, my name is Stathis, and I am delighted to introduce myself to you. I hail from Athens, where I was born and raised. Despite earning a degree in programming, my true calling led me away from the confines of a computer screen and towards a more immersive connection with nature and people.
After a brief stint in a marketing company, I discovered my true passion in tourism, specifically within the yachting industry. This shift allowed me to seamlessly blend my love for sailing with the joy of exploring diverse destinations. What truly sets my heart afloat is the opportunity to spend quality time with guests, creating lasting connections and unforgettable experiences.
Every day spent at sea reinforces my enthusiasm for what I do, and I am as dedicated as ever to continual learning and improvement. I look forward to sharing my love for sailing and creating remarkable moments with you on board Oneida 2.

Dimitris Bokolas

Zoe Chatzeathanasiou 

Stathis Apostolidis