Mid-June, 2024, guests aboard SERENA wrote:
This charter has been truly phenomenal. We sailed this gorgeous ship. We snorkeled glorious reefs. We saw squid, shark, puffers - things we've never experienced before. The Virgin Islands are amazing, but what truly makes Serena remarkable are its owners. Between Vivi's amazing meals and Hugh’s enchanting stories this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We feel like we've added family, we have enjoyed our time with Hugh and Vivi so much. The Pittman/ Baldwin/ Tolliver group are so grateful for the memories we've made this week. We will miss this beautiful area when we head back to Detroit, but we will miss these remarkable people even more.
Heather Pittman
P.S. Our nighttime sing-a-longs were epic! Best parties ever!
Captain Hugh and Vivi are Masters of Improvisation and Adaptation. The previous page covers what a fantastic week this has been. Adding to that is that we have 5/6 guests with various allergies, and the food was high end restaurant quality even when 3-4 different platings/ingredients were juggled. Vivi and Hugh adapted to our schedule of being late sleepers, and we still maximized our two main focci, Snorkeling and Sailing.
We saws how much effort this took, and we appreciate it!
Thank you.
Neil Pittman
Mid April, 2024, guests aboard SERENA wrote:
Thank you Hugh!! Words cannot express how much we loved our time aboard Yacht Serena with you & Vivi…. truly the trip of a lifetime!!
Early April, 2024, guests aboard SERENA wrote:
As we were filling out our preference lists, we figured you’d be dreading your week with us - fish lovers who can’t eat anything spicy, a teenager who eats no fish and vegetables, and a Vegan (gasp!) who likes very spicy things… Poor Vivi!

Luckily, we all like sailing, so at least you handsome fun on the boat on the extra windy days this week!

Serious hats off to Vici for crafting such amazing (individualized) meals to keep everyone happy (especially the F*#%ing Vegan) And Hugh, thanks for getting Taffy out for snorkelling trips without a hitch and listening to all Jeff’stories. You’ve learned far too much about this family - try not to use it against us😊

Thanks for everything….. I can’t remember the last time I felt this relaxed & well cared for. I hope we will be back for another Serena cruise!

Come visit us ❤️

Cheers, Melissa

Jeff loved sailing your beautiful boat & helping Milo learn the ropes. This, our first crewed charter was so relaxing, fun + delicious food unbelievable. Thank you both!

Taffy & Jeff

Thanks for the adventure - Milo
Early February, 2024, charter guests aboard SERENA said:
Including 85-years young Dad, see the hand-written comments below.
Fan Mail from recent charter guests
Fan Mail from recent charter guests for yacht SERENA, the new Beneteau 63 sloop.