****December 18-23, 2022****
Welcomed us with a big smile.
Very knowledgeable about cruisingandthe boat, in general
Restructured the 5-day boat trip for best weather, traveled South to furthest island and then North for best weather
Worked well with crew and they all knew their responsibilities, like "all hands on deck" when approaching a new island and docking
Talked to us to ask us our preferences of places to see and explore
Just a very nice guy

We kept him busy with 5 teenage boys enjoying the boat toys, like Seabob, etc.
Kept an eye on the boys when in the water and gave them life jackets when need be
Kept the boat clean at all times and was constantly shining rails, etc.
Very pleasant and interesting life
Best part, he was using his drone to take pictures of outings and we didn't know it. The last night he shared them on the TV

Seems to love her job.
Learned how we like our coffee and brought it to us without asking in the morning
Good bartender, could make any alcoholic drink we asked for
Every lunch and dinner there were different arrangements on the table, always beautiful
Learned all our names
It was Grammy's 75th BD celebration on boat. Both Alexia and Chloe went beyond to decorate with balloons and beautiful decorations for the night we celebrated. They even hung a BD banner on the back of the boat as we came in from a tour
Excellent waitress skills
Very pleasant and engaging

Very mature for her age
Impressed with cleaning responsibilities, like ironing sheets on our bed every morning to make perfect. Morning and evening cleaning, straightening of rooms
Helped Alexia when needed with serving and decorating
Always pleasant and responsible
Helped Billy on boat tours and made sure we had adequate water/beer on boat tours

The food was excellent, 5 star. Every night a meat and a fish and delicious sides
Ask us what we wanted for breakfast and served it at different times as our group woke up
Made a delicious birthday cake for my 75th BD celebration
Always available for "all hands on deck"
Very engagingand agreeable to share recipes

All in all we felt like we had made new friends. They were all excellent and we are highly recommending that crew to our friends and neighbors who ask about our trip to Bahamas