Breakfast Buffet
Wheat and white bread
Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, omelettes
Cheese platter
Cold cuts platter

Greek yoghurt
Honey and fruit jams
Nuts and granola
Fruit platter

Feta cheese fried in phyllo crust, with honey and sesame
Spicy baked Feta cheese in tomato sauce
Smoked eggplant salad
Grilled peppers with burrata and chimichurri sauce
Fried Talagani cheese with orange jam
Kadaifi nests stuffed with fig, prosciutto, Greek cream cheese
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs

Fish starters
Anchovies and octopus marinated in vinegar
Smoked mackerel with beluga lentils salad
Seabass Ceviche with Leche de Tigre
Spicy shrimp Ceviche with cocktail sauce
Steamed Mussels

Greek Salad
Cucumber, tomato, peppers, pickled onion, olives, feta cheese
Cretan Dakos
Carob rusks, cherry tomatoes, critama leaves, xynomyzithra cheese
Crushed cucumber
Strawberries, spring onion, mint, lime
Green beans, almond flakes, lemon, zucchini
Baked beetroot
Beetroot leaves, strawberries, pecan nuts, garlic, manouri cheese
Green salad with grapes
Mixed greens, grapes, prosciutto, hazelnuts, parmesan flakes
Boiled Seasonal Greens
Quinoa Salad
Peach, peppers, spring onion, mint, ginger

Mushroom risotto
Wild mushrooms, truffle essence
Zucchini flowers risotto
Baby zucchinis, dill, lime
Beetroot risotto
Goat’s cheese, walnuts
Rigatoni Al pomodoro y Basilico
Pomodori tomatoes, fresh herbs
Spaghetti with basil pesto
Pine nuts, parmesan, cherry tomato confit
Carbonara Italiana Egg yolks, pecorino, guanciale

Meat Courses
Ragu alla Bolognese Slow cooked beef, served with handmade Greek pasta
Steak au poivre Beef steak, peppercorns, cream, served with potatoes
Osso buco alla Milanese
Slow cooked veal, gremolata, served with pearl cous cous Milanese
Crusted Roast Rack of lamb
Pistachio and herbs crust, served with glazed vegetables
Grilled Pork tenderloin
Greek wine gravy, dried sour cherries, served with celery root purée
Grilled Chicken thigh fillet
Tahini cumin sauce, lemon, served with vegetable stew

Seafood Courses
Shrimp Orzo
Pasta, tomato sauce, star anise
Octopus Calamarata
Pasta, capers, dill
Grilled Sea bream fillet
Served with wild greens, “avgolemono” greek lemony fish sauce
Pan-fried Cod fillet
Served with pea velouté, spring onion, caramelised carrots
Seared Tuna Tataki
Served with mango and pepper salsa, sesame seeds, soy sauce
Grilled Swordfish ‘Souvlakia’
Swordfish skewers, served with grilled vegetables and fresh greens
Sweet n’ sour Octopus stew
Served with fava beans and saffron puree, caramelised pearl onions
Salmon fillet sautéed
Served with potato puree and sautéed spinach

Greek Tradition’s Finest Courses
Slow Cooked Lamb in a pouch
Roasted vegetables, lemon, rosemary
Braised Veal with eggplants
Eggplants, baby carrots, tomato sauce, spices
Greek Moussaka
Eggplants, potatoes, minced beef, béchamel sauce
Stuffed vegetables in the oven
Peppers, tomatoes, rice, feta cheese
Lasagna Bolognese, beef, spices, béchamel
Chickpea stew with “syglino” from Mani
Chickpea cooked with salt-cured pork, onions, wine
Greek Ratatouille
Baked seasonal vegetables, virgin olive oil, herbs
Turkish Hunkar Begendi
Veal Stew, tomato sauce, cinnamon, smoked eggplant puree

Lavender Crème brûlée
Chocolate moelleux with espresso and vanilla ice cream
Sparkling wine jelly with raspberries and blueberries
Panna cotta with mastiha essence and salted caramel syrup
Grilled Peaches with cream cheese mousse and hazelnuts
Poached Pears in wine and spices, dark chocolate sorbet