- Full American/English breakfast

- Fresh fruit salad with homemade yoghurt and granola

- Pancakes: cinnamon and banana pancakes, whole wheat and oat pancakes, coconut and chocolate chips pancakes, apple and raisins pancakes

- French toast any style

- Egg of any choice: benedict, scrambled, omlette, fried, poached

- Homemade breads, tarts, cakes, pie and muffins



All lunches are served with freshly baked bread

- Mahi mahi scaloppini in orange sauce with basmati rice and tomato balsamic salad

- Lobster salad

- Grapefruit tuna carpaccio and pink pepper with lettuce salad

- Greek style fish cake with cucumber and corn salad served with sweet chili sauce

- Mango tuna tartare with avocado salad

- Warmed grilled chicken souvlaki with tzatziki

- Warm squid salad in lemon sauce with croutons

- Open shrimp po boy sandwiches

- Tropical Shrimp Salad

- Octopus salad and potatoes

- Marlin "chevice" a la Miki with tomatoes salad and potatoes

- Caprese salad

- Fish Paella

- Jerk Chicken with carrot rice

- Zucchini quiche with quinoa salad

- Tuna sashimi with cucumber salad and wasabi avocado salad

- Fresh tomatoes and basil fusilli with parmesan cheese


Hors D'Oeuvres

- Pear, brie & mango chutney bruschetta 

- Caribbean conch cheviche and chips

- Homemade hummus served with pita bread, carrot and celery stick and black olives

- Shrimp dip and crackers

- Sushi

- Sweet habanero & creamy goat cheese

- Cantalupe gazpacho with tempura shrimp



- Grilled Lobster served with coconut rice, pineapple salsa and plantain 

- Grilled marlin with sweet ginger mashed potatoes and tomatoes salad

- Sole "a la Mugnaia" (lemon sauce) with carmelized soya carrots and baked potatoes

- Coconut chicken curry with cilantro rice

- Oven-baked snapper on a bed of potatoes, tomatoes and capers

- Pasta a la Norma (eggplant and anchovies sauce)

- Vinegar grouper fingers with Thai sweet chili sauce served with salad and potatoes wedges

- Homemade gnocchi in white trufles sauce

- Pork tenderloin scaloppini in porcini mushroom sauce served with polenta and roasted zucchini

- Chicken breast in white wine sauce served with mashed potatoes and salad

- Green bean and grouper ragout pasta

- Rump steak tagliata with arugula and parmesan cheese served with roasted potatoes and veggie

- Risotto ai frutti di mare (sea food risotto)

- Lobster with linguine lobster sauce

- Garlic lobster with boiled potatoes and sun-dries tomatoes

- Filet mignon with blue cheese risotto

- Pot roasted chicken with Mediterranean herbs and roasted potatoes

- Creole fish with cassava fries and creamy ginger slow

- Sweet and sour shrimps with rice

- Teriyaki pork, pepper and pineapple kebabs served with jerk roasted potatoes and chickpeas tomato cilantro salad

- Adobo squid with rice


Fun Classics

- Homemade Pizza and Focaccia

- Guacamole bacon cheeseburger with homemade fries

- Caesar salad

- Club sandwich

- Tuna melt sandwich

- Chicken fajitas

- Chicken drumsticks

- Chicken nuggets

- Grilled cheese sandwich with a twist

- Spaghetti a la Bolognese

- Lasagna



- Authentic or "Creative" Tiramisu

- Passion fruit meringue served with lemon ice-cream

- Eclair with lime cream

- Typical Filipino mango float

- New York cheese cake

- Affogato al caffe (chocolate or cream ice-cream drowned in espresso coffee)

- Tropical fruit tart

- Key lime dessert

- Strawberry meringue slice

- Apple strudel

- Pears & chocolate tart



- Mojito

- Rhum Punch

- Daiquiris

- Margarita

- Pina Coladas

- Tom Collins

- Bellini

and many more...