Charter Guest June 2021
"What an amazing trip! We had a blast with you, [client names]. We came away with so many lasting memories that tis impossible to list them all (but of note” [client name]’s Jetski jail break and seeing the green flash!) They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so... [picture collage of guests].”
Charter Guest July 2021
Thank you so much for everything. From the ice cold towels, to the amazing rum filled pina colodas, to coming back to the boat to a spotless room - you truly are the best! I will miss having you help me find anything I can’t find and I will definitely miss my freshly steamed pillow case! If you ever want to come to Houston and live with me, you always have a place to stay!

I will miss waking up to an incredible breakfast every morning. There’s truly nothing better than your cheesy eggs!!! You are truly Gordon Ramsay level skilled. The best food I have ever had! And lets not forget the miso glazed fish! I wish I could eat that everyday! I will miss you so much! Thank you for everything and keeping our bellies & heart happy.”
Charter Guest July 2021
“Josh John Carol Katie
Thank you for a top of class experience. The Andiamo has to be my favorite live aboard ever. I can’t wait to see y’all again.
God Bless & Be Safe”
Charter Guest July 2021
“Josh, John, Carol and Katie-
Thank you for an amazing week! Everything was absolutely perfect. You all took incredible care of us. Your attention to detail is the best we have ever seen. Thank you for being so flexible with our every changing schedule. We have no doubt that we will see you all again on the Andiamo. No other boat or crew could ever meet the bar that you have set.
God bless you all and until next time - WHOA NELLY!”
Charter Guest July 2021
“Josh, John, Carol & Katie
Thank you for an amazing trip! Great Food, Great accommodations, amazing experience! You guys were wonderful!”
Charter Guest July 2021
“Josh, John and Carol,
Thank you all so much for all that you did to make this week so special for us. We Will always have such great memories and I have no doubt that this will not be our last charter with you !!!
Until next time...xoxo”
Charter Guest August 2022
"Dear Josh, John and Becky; Could not have asked for a better 5 days than the days on Andiamo. Snorkeling, fishing and toying on jet-skis never gets old. Great crew, great food, fun memories. Hope to do it again... Exumas next time."
Charter Guest New Year's Tanden 2022
Andiamo! Let’s Go!

We had an amazing week and felt right at home. Josh, Chris, and Chef Nell made it very memorable and easy. The food and service was top notch.
Andiamo is a great boat! The crew makes her shine!
Atlantis, Elenthra, Stanley Key, Governors Bay, lost of diving & kiting, Highbourne and back home. We hope to visit again!

Personally, I loved the trip! Seeing sharks was amazing and a little scary. But making a new friend Amelie (Ahm-ah-lee). Her birthday is close to mine too! My favorite day was New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day because: First boat sleepover day, swirlie temples, and when West and Amelie got their scuba certifications!

Amazing time on Andiamo!