November 2023 BVI Charter
Words can't express how much I've enjoyed our time on the boat. Memories for a lifetime - thank you for taking such good care of us. You two were the best! part of the trip. Thank you for all you do and did to make our BVI adventure absolutely amazing!
July 2023 BVI Charter
Jake and Mack -
Thank you for an unforgettable week filled with incredible food, gorgeous sights, and even more laughter. Your abundant hospitality was so appreciated as we celebrated a milestone. Life long memories were made and we can't thank you enough for your energy.
Much love,
the Kenkel Family
July 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you so much for such an incredible week on Karma. We had so much fun! It's hard to pick one (or even a few) favorite when we enjoyed so much. The diving was amazing, as were the on land excursions at The Baths, Anegada, and Soggy Dollar. We loved those adventures but also had such a blast on the boat - a magical home away from home for this week. The family breakfast / lunch / dinner table with all of us together is a gift that is somewhat elusive during this chapter of life, and this time together will be cherished forever. And the food. Truly magnificent every time. Works of art!!!
Since I'm delivering these thanks I'll add a special shout-out for the TSwift dance parties - and I'm sure the whole family would concur - the games, music, conversations, and boat vibe provided much needed connection and relaxation!
Thank you!!"
June 2023 BVI Charter
Many thanks for an awesome week! Your hospitality and attention to detail could not have been better. The dives, activities and cuisine were fabulous.
Thanks again for such a memorable family vacation!
June 2023 BVI Charter
Jake & Mackenzie,
We can't thank you enough for making this such a wonderful birthday celebration! From the sailing, diving, amazing food, cool land excursions, and relaxing time on the boat, everything truly exceeded our expectations. Thank you for both welcoming us and making us feel so comfortable throughout the week. We have so many wonderful memories to carry back to Texas with us!

Jake & Mackenzie,
Thank you so much for an unbelievable week! We appreciate so much you sharing your home with us. We enjoyed immensely your energy and spirit, you made the trip so much fun. Awesome dives, wonderful food, and great conversation. All in all, the most relaxing week we've spent.
May 2023 BVI Charter
Jake and Mackenzie,
Thank you for making this vacation a memorable one! Y'all are an amazing team, thank you for the wonderful food and sailing! We will miss you!
Much love and Warrrrrr Eagle!

Mac and Jake,
Thank you for such an amazing trip! We had a wonderful time! The entire trip was perfect. The boat, the food, the service was spot on.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
April 2023 BVI Charter
"Wow! Best week ever! Everything was wonderful from the start to the end. You went above and beyond with all the details. The 80's celebration birthday was so fun at Saba Rock... definitely one for the books! Food was amazing and thanks for everything."

"We had such an amazing trip!!! So many highlights and memories of a lifetime. Thank you both for hosting and being a part of this awesome trip."
April 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you so much for making our family holiday so wonderful! The grandchildren, Sarah and Greg, and us all had a really fantastic time. The kids had a wonderful introduction to sailing and the ocean. The meals were delicious and I will miss being so spoiled! Thank you again, this has been such a special holiday!
April 2023 BVI Charter
It's hard to tell you how much this trip meant to us. The girls were in awe of the islands, the boat, the wildlife, and your incredible hospitality. This was the trip of a lifetime and you two absolutely made it. You are both tireless and went above and beyond in every way.
So much love, can't wait to see you again!

This trip has been nothing short of awesome! It literally was the best family vacation we have ever done and we can't thank you both enough! From snorkeling to breakfast cake and goat spotting, we had a blast! We hope to be back but wish you both the best.
You are always welcome in Philly and Avalon!
March 2023 BVI Charter
The best of everything! Karma brought us back for round two but Jake and Mackenzie will bring us back for round three! Thank you for all you did to make our week perfect.

What a trip! Our time with you was fantastic! You are amazing hosts and made sure we were well taken care of at all times. Hope to sail with the two of you again!

-The Ransdell Family
March 2023 BVI Charter
Jake and Mac,
Dream come true! We always wanted to do this and two of you made it even better than we hoped for! We had a beautiful week with nice weather, fun outings, and incredible food. Your gracious hospitality is so very appreciated! Wish you both the very best and don't hesitate to call if you ever get to the DFW area.
February 2023 BVI Charter
"Best. Week. Ever! We owe it all to ya'll Jake and Mackenzie! You've set the bar high for any and all future vacations. Thanks for the adventures, '10 minute' walks, shark shots, morning meetings, skis of shots (shot skis?), games, and everything in between. But mostly thank you for having us in your home and sharing your love for these islands. It's not goodbye, it's 'see you later!'"

There are truly no words to express my gratitude towards the two of you. Thank you thank you thank you for making this an experience of a lifetime!

You two have made this trip truly priceless! Thank you for everything - the friendship, food, little details, captain's skills and knowledge, and of course the 'shark shots!' have been unmatched! I could go on and on, but we will miss you and we will carry these memories forever.
February 2023 BVI Charter
Thank thank thank you for your outstanding and warm welcome. From the beginning to end we couldn't have asked for a more amazing time! Although the activities, scenery, and food were first rate, it is your ability to please and accommodate this motley crew that impressed us most. You guys are the best at what you do. We thank you so much for making a most memorable time in the BVI and USVIs.
January 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you for making this sailing trip incredible! The meals were gourmet and delicious! We enjoyed getting to know both of you and hope our paths cross again!

Mac and Jake -
Wow and wow! What a fabulous week! Can't even express how much fun we had. Keep being you and your future will be amazing!
January 2023 BVI Charter
Dear Mac and Jake, Thank you both for the beautiful week on the Karma! We had the best time. You both are so awesome. The adventure took us to some beautiful places we hope to return to!

Take care and if you are ever in the Smoky Mtns., call us!

Mac and Jake,
[We] don't have the words for how wonderful the week has been! The boat, the weather, the sunsets, the food, and the fun were awesome! However, you guys are what put it over the top!! Thank you!
NYE 2022 Charter
"Mac and Jake, I can't even begin to express my gratitude for all you did to make this trip so special! Your itinerary was exactly what we wanted. Thank you for being so accommodating with Kelea and putting up with all of these requests. This trip was magical and I'll never forget it! I hope to come back. All the best!"

"Mac and Jake, Thank you so much for an incredible week on Karma! The meals were delicious, the sites were amazing, the boat was awesome BUT, you two made the trip special! You two are the best! Come see us in Texas!"

"Mack and Jake, Wow!! Such an amazing experience. Karma is perfect, the meals are absolutely scrumptious and your delightfully happy and positive attitudes made every day perfect. Thanks for all the hard work and incredible hospitality. We would love to host you both in Dallas and take you to the Ranch!"
Christmas 2022 BVI Charter
Dear Mac and Jake
thank you both for the most awesome week of sailing around the USVI and BVI! We will always look back on the beaches, cocktails, dolphins, meals, paddleboards and liar's dice games with great memories. Happy Holidays and cheers to a new year of adventure and good times!
- Best, the Brooks Fam
Dec 2022 BVI Charter
"Dear Mackenzie and Jake,
What a wonderful week we had. The cruising, sailing, snorkeling, and the meals were beyond our wildest expectations! But best of all were you two, who couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating. We are headed home with warm memories and a repertoire of new games to play. All the best!"

"Dear Jake & Mac,
Thank you for a really wonderful time cruising the Caribbean. I especially appreciate your care, humor, and good nature. We will remember you and our time here very fondly. All the best to you in all your future endeavors. We will be wondering where your journeys take you!"

"Dear Mackenzie & Jake,
It was a wonderful week. Thanks for all your easy going, positive vibes. We will remember the trip as full of good Karma, good food, and fun! Wishing you the very best always!"
Nov 2022 USVI Charter
While the boat is beautiful, the magic of this trip was Mac and Jake! The memories made will feed our souls for years, the laughs will be the music in our dreams, and the music of the sea will be a soundtrack we will play on repeat.

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing this week has been.
Thank you Jake and Mackenzie - AMAZING!

Thanks for the memories and birthday wishes!
Love our time with you guys.
Jake and Mackenzie Past Reviews

Cieciuch Family, US Virgin Islands
“Jake and Mackenzie, there are not enough adjectives to explain how AMAZING you both were! Kind, warm, fun, energetic and knowledgeable. The food was incredible (and we are not easy to cook for with allergies and vegetarians amongst us). Mackenzie was so creative. Her presentations were gorgeous. We ate like royalty. Our older daughter - who has the allergies - was thrilled, as were we all. And Jake was a blast and has good karma as we always found the best mooring spots! He was always happy to teach us about the boat and about sailing, and energetically facilitated all the activities of our active family. Both of them tirelessly played games and swam with us and the girls in their down time. Our younger daughter cried all the way to town after they dropped us off because she was missing them so much. We would absolutely book another trip with this duo!”

Johnson Family, US Virgin Islands
“I cannot thank you two enough for such a fantastic trip. Y'all are the best! We really needed the down time and we are so appreciative of you both for taking such great care of our family. Y'all make a great team and you provided our family with an outstanding vacation.”

Herold Family, US Virgin Islands
“Thank you for an amazing experience! You make a dynamic duo. This trip was definitely memorable and that is a big part to do with your amazing hospitality!! The island hopping, the games, and the snorkeling were so fun, and we appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to make this the best trip ever."

Oren Crew, US Virgin Islands
“Wow! What an amazing time we’ve had exploring St. Thomas and St. John with you! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect match than you both. You made us feel comfortable, relaxed, and you embraced our quirkiness and adventures! You chose perfect spots to explore and did a perfect job listening to our interests and needs and creating a great itinerary accordingly. Mackenzie – the food was top notch! We got so spoiled with your delicious cuisine. We created lasting memories and have enjoyed every moment. The anniversary celebration, “bachelorette party,” and 40th birthday bash were all so fun! We all hope to make a return visit and wouldn’t think to sail with anyone other than you two. Whether it’s here or Croatia, this won’t be the last you see of us!”
February 2022 USVI Charter
Best care anywhere! Charming and incessantly attentive. Hannah and Tom made for a care free week on Karma. The natural beauty of paradise was heightened by our amazing crew and boat. Thanks for the memories!

What an incredible week of great food, beautiful views, fun times, and lifelong memories. Thanks to Hannah and Tom for all the great attention, food, and time!

Both the boat and crew rocked! Thanks Tom and Hannah. Can't wait to sail with you both again!
-Pete and Dani

Such a great time better than we hoped for with outstanding food and service. Hope we can cruise with you two again soon!
-Love Kate and Kevin

Thank you so much for the most memorable vacay! Hannah and Tom exceeded all expectations. We really enjoyed our stay and will be back in the future for sure!
-George and Mitzy
January 2021 USVI Charter
The crew is what made Karma so perfect. Captain Tom and Chef Hannah..I don’t have adequate words to describe them. They work so well together, are so welcoming and accommodating, anticipated any need we might have before we even knew we wanted it, generous with their time and talent, friendly—we felt at home the moment we came onboard. Honestly, I could keep going. We are all ruined now because they set the bar so high.
January 2022 USVI Charter
Chef Hannah and Captain Tom
Wow- I honestly have no adequate words to thank you enough for sharing your "Karma" with us all. I knew this would be an amazing trip, but I had no idea how beyond amazing it would be. The setting, the adventure, all of our experiences were magnified by your grace and hospitality. From the depths of my heart I say "Thank You"
Many blessings on your adventures to come.
Joan and Jeff

Hannah and Tom,
Thank you for a great adventure, sailing, eating, atmosphere. Everything was perfecto. We are thankful for this amazing week.
Best of luck in your future adventures

Tom and Hannah,
Your hospitality is superb!! Karma is such a great boat to entertain. Hannah's cooking has been so delicious. Tom's expertise in everything has been amazing. We have had the most wonderful time this week. You have made it one of our most memorable vacations!!
Best wishes for your future together.
Trey and Cindy
NYE 2021 USVI Charter
Hannah and Tom,
You are amazing! Always a smile and a helping hand when needed. Amazing food putting us in all the right places to really enjoy a spectacular week. You are an amazing team and we wouldn't have had the special experience we all had without all you did for us. Thank you! While you "say" no one saw more octopus that us, it was your guidance that got us there! Octopus, squid, rays, eels, and so many turtles. You always put us in the right spots!
We certainly are leaving with a few more pounds than we came with! Hannah -your menus were great!
We leave with many fond memories and will think back on our grand adventure with delight. We will miss you both and hope you have a wonderful life and many great adventures ahead.
-Amy, Steve, Drew, and Cole

Hannah and Tom,
Hopefully the pounds will leave while the memories linger-we had a marvelous week and took joy in your seamanship and teamwork. You truly are a dream!
Love to both of you and our very best wishes on continuing adventures.
-Dick and Maxine
Christmas 2021 USVI Charter
Hannah and Tom,
It is so hard to find the words to say for what this trip means to us. Family, friends, Xmas, and these good islands all together is incredible but then to have the 2 of you guiding us, cooking for us, sharing tips and smiles makes out hearts so full. Amazingly you showed us new things, new places, new drinks and recipes, and bioluminescent fish on our last night. We all feel reenergized and are already looking forward to next year (we will need time to diet before returning). Lionfish, lobsters, mahi-mahi, turtles-we felt like we were in heaven. Bravo! Standing Ovation! And all our love.
-Connie and Miles, Ron and Andy
November USVI 2021
Hannah and Tom are really special people…friendly, thoughtful, service oriented, always available to help, professional, lovely. They are truly amazing crew. We highly recommend them. No words would adequately describe the miraculous dishes that came out of that galley! I was wondering how Hannah would pull off another week of fabulous cuisine without repeating dishes we experienced last year, but she did!! We didn’t request new dishes but her creativity and presentation impressed everyone. Our experience on Karma was top class, and we will most certainly do it again!
July 2021 USVI Charter
Toma nd Hannah
How can we begin to thank you for giving us this amazing, beautifull, memorable, perfect vacation? We will always remember the two of you and the week on Karma. We loved the FOOD, the two of you, the perfect spots you chose, tubing, hiking, shopping, and the snorkeling. Your hospitality was over the top. We are definitely going to come back for another trip. Safe travels to Grenada! Anytime you are in Maryland look us up, so we can return the hospitality.
Thank you
June 2021 USVI Charter
Hi guys!
If you are reading this know we miss you tons! You guys were the absolute best! The food and drinks and activities were fun-but what we enjoyed most was your company! You are both such kind, interesting, and fun people and I'm so lucky that we booked with you! We must go diving in Truks or skiing in Jackson Hole together! I will always remember your family and I hope this not the last time we meet.
Love Always
April 2021 USVI Charter
Wow-how do we even put into words what this trip has been for us. Our expectations were incredibly high an they were constantly exceeded. Thank you for an amazing week. Not sure what was the best part-the food, the drinks, the laughs, the great vistas? Thankfully the only casualty was one apple watch. Not sure how we can ever top this trip. Thank you Tom and Hannah for making this all that it has been!
Love Kyle and Brooke

We are at a loss for words to adequately capture how amazing this trip has been! Hannah and Tom went above and beyond to make this our best vacation ever! Gourmet food, beautiful bays, unimaginable rainbows, peanut butter bushwhackers and the best gin fizz ever. snorkeling with seat turtles, sunrises and sunsets, best Kentucky Derby party with caribbean hats to boot. All of it was so fun and special. Even a torrential down pour at Lime Out was fun! Thank you for an amazing vacation. Out hearts (and tummies!) are full. We leave rested and relaxed and hoping to do it again.
-Rachel and Robert
April 23rd 2021 USVI Charter
Tom and Hannah,
What an amazing adventure! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, sailing expertise, and hospitality with us. We enjoyed the USVI. there are now words to describe the week we had with you both! To the best captain and chef ever! We will never forget any of it. Keep in touch!
Thank you
March 2021 USVI Charter
Thank you for a fantastic week in paradise! Mat loved the snorkeling in Warerlemon, I loved the Maho Bay hike, the kids loved Cinnamon Beach snorkeling and all the gaming. Camden will remember all the Monopoly and Dominoes. The food was fantastic and the rum punch and bushwhackers were superb! We will be back unless we buy our own boat. Thank you for the best family vacation.
-Ursula and Mat