2-9 July 2022 in the Grenadines
4-11 June 2022 - St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Unforgettable!
Dear Astrid & Laurent,
This past week has been unforgettable. Starting in Maricot Bay with the breathtaking dockage and tour of Soufriere and then the voyage to Bequia. Thank you for planning and executing that flawlessly! We then moved on to the Tobago Cays and then Canouwan Island for some wonderful diving. We saw so may beautiful animals, sperm whales, dolphins and manta ray, not to mention the green turtles and all the reef fish. Astrid – The food has been amazing. I’m thrilled we were able to have our fresh caught black fin tun sushi. What a treat. We have had a wonderful time, thank you for welcoming us with open arms!
The “B” Family
10-17 April, 2022 in the Grenadines - Exquisite
Astrid & Laurent,
I wish I had the words to express all that is in my heart. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. What depth and breath of emotion I felt all week. Every sense is heightened, the sense of the beautiful islands and emerald, green water. The sound of the waves. The taste of every exquisite meal prepared with thoughtful hands, the feel of the salty wind on my skin, the smell of fresh coffee every morning, the personal touch you both bring to the entire experience! My expectation has been far exceeded. How lovely to see your sun kissed smiles everyday for the past week. Thank you again for all the special touches. I now have a special place in my heart for hipo.
Valerie & Jeff

Astrid & Laurent,
What an exquisitely beautiful week we had aboard Isolablue! I had no idea what to expect, but everything from the wonderful sailing and diving to the amazing quinine and cocktails (and coffee) was nothing short of exceptional.
Astrid, every meal seemed to outdo the last and was so full of color. Your creativity and skill in the kitchen is unmatched, you’ve inspired me to begin cooking again!
Laurent, your guidance on top of the water as well as under was such a treat to experience. I had no idea I would enjoy the sailing part as well!!
And thank you both for parking us each night where we could experience sunsets and sunrises unlike any I have every seen. The entire week felt like it was out of a painting.
Thank you most of all for sharing your home and hospitality with us. This has been a life experience I will not forget. Wishing you both the best in your future travels on Isolablue!

Dear Astrid & Laurent,
What an exquisite week. I love the Caribbean so much and this has been an amazing trip. You have made it wonderful with great food, great service, and a beautiful comfortable boat. Each location where we docked was beautiful with great sunsets. Snorkeling in Sandy Island & Tobago Cay was fun and enjoyable, floating on the tubes with a beer! What a wonderful life. Thoroughly enjoyed the diving in Tobago Cays & Bequia.
Thank you for an amazing week and such fabulous food, and your great hospitality.
1-8 April 2022, in the Grenadines - Extraordinary!!
Astrid & Laurent,
Such a wonderful week in your beautiful home on the water. Your hospitality is second to none and we all had a great trip. Every meal was a true delight and you spoiled us with some of the best meals we have ever had. You are a wonderful “team” and your attention to every detail made this trip beyond our expectations. Thanks so much - we are forever grateful for a trip of a lifetime.
Laurie & Anne

From Annie a heartfelt “thank you” for restoring a peace I feared was lost forever. A week in the cradle of your Sea is just what I needed. Much love and light for your health and safety as you continue your journey.

Astrid & Laurent,
Your energy set the stage for a peaceful journey. Kindness, respect for each other and your guests create a peaceful and safe home afloat. It was wonderful to watch your dance managing the lies and sails. The meals….artistry, unique combinations. Variety, texture, etc. etc. so carefully prepared and beautifully presented every day. Thank you for this experience! I will think of both of you often and dream of the gentle rocking at night and the love you served us at every meal.

Wow, what an adventure; beyond all my expectations! Everything about this trip was spectacular. You 2 were calming, kind, thoughtful and lots of fun. The laid-back culture is just what I needed. You are amazing. The food was extraordinary. Thanks so much for helping me overcome some obstacles due to my difficulties. Till the next time, wishing you much happiness and good health.

Grenadines Charter 20-24 March 2022 - Wonderful memories
Dear Astrid and Laurent,
Thank you so much for welcoming us and sharing with us your beautiful home. Our short trip with you has been fantastic and we wish it could go on for longer. You have made us feel so welcome, and relaxed and we have very much enjoyed your company. And as for the meals, well what can we say – Not only do they look fantastic, but they have also tasted wonderful.
Thank you so very much for some wonderful memories.
Very best wishes to you both.
Susan & Martin
8-17 March 2022
Astrid and Laurent,
Thank you so much for such an absolutely wonderful 11 days on board the Isolablue with you. You showed us amazing places underwater and above. The dive sites had beautiful corals and fish, and the snorkeling was wonderful too. Each island was so much fun to see, each one different and lovely. Your hospitality is wonderful. You both are such lovely, warm people, and we enjoyed getting to know you. Astrid - your cooking skills are amazing. Every meal was so wonderful and delicious. Laurent - your help with diving and snorkeling was great. This was our first time on a sailboat, and first time in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and it was an absolutely wonderful vacation, thanks to both of you. We loved every minute of our vacation with you. It was truly a wonderful one-in-a-lifetime experience. If you ever get to the Pacific Northwest, please come visit us on our island, Bainbridge Island.
Jane and Steve

Astrid and Laurent,
We had such a lovely vacation. We planned this vacation a year ago. A whole year to look forward to our lovely and lively water adventure with you both. Many changes, travel partners, flights, dates and more. Always gracious, always thankful. Even the pandemic could not deter your gracious attention before we landed. Then the minute we landed our trip became even more heavenly than we could ever have hoped for. The dives were spectacular and he two of you are absolutely spectacular as well. Your enthusiasm for the area, the waters, the guests, the beautiful food Astrid prepares are all beyond any expectation, we could have imagined. We had so much fun doing exactly what we wanted to in your water world. The Grenadines are amazing - thank you so much for sharing your boat and your time with us. This trip with you felt better than a trip with blood family
and you feel like family now. Please know that if you are ever in our corner of the world you have a place to stay and visit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your world with us.
Love, love

Astrid’s food defies description. Magnificent works of Art. Truly an AMAZING Adventure. Such great things from such a small galley. Thank you for inviting us to your amazing world.
5-6 March 2022
Astrid & Laurent,
We came for dining but quickly changed our expectations after the first (shift?) of Astrid’s cooking. As one course followed another, we were thinking she must have a mermaid aboard to help her with the plate. We never saw the mermaid, but never stopped believing that magic was being performed on board, whatever the source. At it’s core, the source was one of enormous creativity, boundless imagination and warm hospitality. In a dream like state we believed we had arrived in Paradise on Board of Isolablue.
Peter, Grady, Winona and Gerry
1-3 March 2022 in the Grenadines
Astrid & Laurent,
We had a wonderful time, you are both such gracious and welcoming hosts. The trip exceeded all of our expectations, and we will always remember the beautiful scenery, the amazing (!) food and the great conversations.
Thank you for welcoming us into your home, you made out rip absolutely perfect!
Andrew & Cathleen
Fort Collins, CO
12-19 February 2022 - Exceptional
Thank you for welcoming us into your home for a wonderful week. It was a great experience sailing with you all, you did a fantastic job of sharing the St. Vincent islands with us. Needless to say, the meals will be a forever memory on this adventure. Just absolutely wonderful meals. You two are the BEST!
Thank you,

Laurent, Astrid
Words cannot express how much I enjoyed spending the week on Isolablue. Not only was the food exceptional, all the sailings to all the islands was breathtakingly beautiful. I consider you both friends and I would love to stay in touch. So many times in life you meet new people who make a lasting impression - you two are those people. I will always remember the great meals and fun times. Please keep in touch

Astrid et Laurent,
One week on the ocean sailed by soooo quickly and the winds even kept us from setting full sails. So much fun. So many beautiful locations. Incredible food. Enjoyable activities. Making great friends. A vacation of a lifetime. Merci. Thank you so much for all your hospitality and use of your beautiful home, Isolablue.
Your new South Carolina Friends
Eric and Linda

Astrid and Laurent
We cannot begin to thank you enough for welcoming us with open arms on to Isolablue. This has been a week we will never forget. From sailing to the amazing food and conversation there isn’t one thing I would change. You both have become great friend to us and we cannot wait to have you visit South Carolina. Just remember to bring Hippie along for the trip. Also, if you ever need another crew member you know who to call.
Please keep in touch.
Kelly and Austin
12-19 January 2022 in Grenadines
Dear Lauren and Astrid,
You are the very best! We thank you from our “petit” hearts. You made us so welcomed on your lovely Home at Sea! You are “thee” Captain and “first Mate magnifique”. Maybe our paths will cross again on another trip, or you can always visit us in Florida or “Minnesnowta”! Thank you for keeping an eye on Ron when snorkeling…Drinks are on us next time! Everything was a highlight, no lowlight!
We wish you the very best in 2022!
Love & Peace,
Ron & Beth

Astrid & Laurent,
Thanks so much for being such wonderful hosts aboard your “floating home”. You managed to get six senior citizens from St. Vincent to Grenada without any complications. The planning and preparation for each voyage must be extensive, but you both carried it off flawlessly. A catamaran is the perfect way to see the Grenadine. The food and drinks were wonderful/exceptional, and I have been reminding Ray daily that he should not expect this to continue once we leave the boat!
Hope your “bucket list” adventure continues for many more years.
Best always,
Colleen & Roy

Dear Laurent & Astrid,
Thank you for letting us stay in your home! We absolutely enjoyed our experience from sailing with such fine sailors to eating the best meals in the Caribbean, prepared with love and the perfect seasoning. We felt secure in your hands and thank you for taking us to the snorkel “hot” spots!
Keep on enjoying your “work” as long as you live. We are aware of how hard you work, but watching you we know how much you love it!
Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts. Many great memories will be enjoyed again and again.
All our best,
Dan & Nancy

January 2022
Dear Astrid and Laurent,
We could not have dreamed of a more perfect week. Isolablue became our home away from home, because of the two of you. Thank you for the beautiful dives, your skillful captaining, the INCREDIBLE vegan food, the Martini "Salade", your good humor, a memorable night at the Lobster BBQ and hiding from the rain, your warmth, and for making us feel so comfortable, relaxed and happy. We’ll never forget this week. Ever. Merci bien !!!
Laurie, Jeff and Jack

Dear Astrid and Laurent,
Our day trip today has completely met and exceeded everything I could have hoped for my husband’s birthday: - a beautiful boat where we felt so safe and well cared for, - beautiful food, definitely fine dining and perfect wine to match, - very knowledgeable crew (Astrid and Laurent) to answer all our questions and gives us such a good taste of how it is to live on the water.
We will most definitely see you again and want to learn to explore more in your safe hands.
Thank you both so much
Jude and Alg
December 2021
Dear Astrid and Laurent,
Thank you again for everything you did for us. We had wonderful vacations with you together. Thank you Lolo for your guitar teaching lessons, thank you Astrid for all the great cooking preparations like the Millefeuille, Spritz and Cookies. With your guidance, we could discover again the Grenadine Islands and I could meet other children living on a boat.

Dear friends,
Again a magnificent stay in your company on Isolablue. We are happy to share all these moments with you. A little bit of your day to day experiences which we hope will be once our future. Louis improved his guitar skills - thank you Lolo. Astrid you created again wonders in the kitchen. Our departure time is approaching and we will leave with a heavy heart, hoping to see you again soon.
Big hugs and a Merry Christmas
Audrey and Clement
November 2021 in the Grenadines
From Mark & Gemma
November 2021 in the Grenadines
November 2021 in the Grenadines
Grenadines Charter - 25 Nov - 5 Dec 2021
I want to let you know we had a really great time on Isolablue. The yacht was very well maintained and it was obvious Laurent and Astrid took great care and pride in the boat.

Talking of Laurent and Astrid, well what two great people. We enjoyed their company and their professionalism. Laurent was very happy to have me skipper the boat everyday which was exactly what I wanted as well as finding those great locations to snorkel and relax.

Astrid was an absolutely fabulous chef. As you know, we have been on bigger boats where the chef was flown in from New York or Miami, etc. I have to say that Astrid’s cooking and presentation was far above the others. She is passionate about it, creative, and the food was delicious. Every plate looked amazing.

The whole experience surpassed our expectations and both of us will stay in touch with Astrid and Laurent.

October 2021 in the Grenadines
Astrid & Laurent,
Exceptional experiences are often dulled by the absence of family and friends. Our exceptional experiences on this trip have been multiplied by both. Our list of favorites: swimming with the manta rays, diving with Laurent, snorkeling Horseshoe Reef, turtle watching, the lobster BBQ, and exploring the various islands – were even better because of your excitement as well. Our week can be summarized in one word. “Joyous!”. The joy of experiencing God’s creation up close, the joy of sharing music with friends, and the joy of a table filled with exquisitely crafted meals.
Astrid & Laurent, you have brought joy to our family and that is a gift beyond measure.
The “T” Family
November 2020
It’s quite a challenge to begin describing the most perfect vacation, but for us, this picture sums it up… Astrid and Laurent. They warmly and graciously invited us into their lives and their beautiful home Isolablue for ten glorious days. Then proceeded to treat us like royalty for the entire time. Just a few of the delicious lunches that Astrid created for us. Beautifully presented and every
mouthful a delight. Healthy too!

Laurent washes up after yet another fantastic lunch and he’s still smiling. Despite the torrential rain, Astrid is also still smiling and looking glamorous in her wet weather gear. Dinner at L’Ansecoy on Mustique with Laurent and Astrid, great fun, great food & wine and lots of

Laurent and Mark loved sailing together and Mark appreciated learning from an expert who has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean.
Astrid shows off another of her skills - onboard yoga. Not only an experienced sailor, but she is an amazing chef who speaks at least four languages. She is also sweet, funny and thoughtful. Our final day with our new friends ended fittingly with a cocktail (or two) at Basil’s Bar. A glorious sunset was the backdrop to our goodbye’s.

We cannot wait to come back and sail with you again in 2021 and are counting the days until November. We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you on the 25th. We’ll bring the turkey.
Early September 2020 in the Grenadines
What a wonderful long weekend. We particularly appreciated our discussions and the delicious meals you prepared for us.
A stay full of personal discovery and amazing places. You are really lovely, pleasant and we are so glad to have met new friends. Thank you for all the advices, the discussions and the lots of laughs it was an unforgettable vacation.
We thank you very much for the always so warm hospitality.
We had a great time with you and we look forward to welcoming you on our boat.
This short stay with you was enriching at all levels.
See you soon
Diving on board Isolablue
Laurent is PADI Instructor and can certify divers up to the Dive Master level.

We promote dive charters and have the dive compressor onboard. No need to go onshore to fill dive bottles!
Some beautiful photos provided by Laurent on one of his many dives
Beautiful undersea life!
Sydney the local boat boy at Tobago Cays
Hello from the sea turtle and the deck of Isolablue
Some of Astrid's fantastic dishes!
Is your mouth watering yet??
23 Feb - 2nd March, 2020 in the Virgins – Memorable Experiences!
Dear Astrid & Laurent,
We would like to thank you for playing a central component in our first annual “friends group” bucket list. Your kindness, hospitality, fantastic meal preparation and graciousness can’t be matched. You have a lovely yacht that will surely serve as a measure for comparison for any future boating adventures we may consider. We would also like to thank you for allowing our non-scuba” companion to have a go at exploring the below the water world. You truly provided us with a lifetime of memorable experiences.
Best of luck and thank you again!
The “G” Party
Etraordinarily Wonderful!!
The charter was absolutely amazing, beyond our wildest expectations!

The crew was professional, accessible and accommodating! Our interactions with Astrid and Laurent were delightful. They accommodated our wishes without hesitation.

The yacht was well maintained. Everything was in great condition, very clean and well-maintained. (I have had a great deal of sailing experience on a variety of boats for over 50 years.)

The quality and presentation of the meals was Exquisite! The meals and presentations exceeded those we have had in fine restaurants and every bite was delicious!

We were satisfied with the cruising itinerary. They offered recommendations and feedback on destinations and were totally open to our requests.

Not to be repetitive, our experience went well beyond our every expectation! Beautiful yacht, wonderful hosts and an unforgettable experience! Our experience with Astrid and Laurent Geslin on Isolablue was extraordinarily wonderful!

The “M” Family
1-8 February, 2020 in BVI's
Astrid & Laurent,
We arrived unsure of what to expect. We found paradise! Every meal an exquisite work or art. Every anchorage or mooring private and peaceful. Every vista breathtaking. Glorious sunrises and sunsets, star filled moonlit skies to soothe one to sleep and blue, blue water filled with life to open one’s eyes to what is all around us!
Thank you both for sharing a small piece if your world with us! Your skills, expertise and advise all deeply appreciated.
We will never forget the wonderful memories that you have helped to create, this has been and absolutely wonderful experience, shared with beloved family and new friends.
P.S. This morning I joined a gang of tarpon on the hunt.
P.S.S. May you always have a good laugh remembering the bathing suite incident when you drop people off at the Baths!
The “K” Family

See other comments in the images included
A Winning Charter!!
"On behalf of my family, I want to extend our deepest thanks to you for facilitating our pairing with the Geslins on Isolablue for our charter! We all feel like we won the lottery! Of course, Isolablue is a beautiful vessel, but Laurent & Astrid are two of the loveliest people we have ever met.Their kindness, graciousness, and charm made this past week one of the most wonderful and memorable of our lives. We will always treasure our time with them.They were accommodating beyond any expectations, and "spoiled" us as we have never been "spoiled"! We feel that we have made life-long friends.
All of us now dream of a day when we can enjoy their company again..."
Sincerely, John, Jennifer, Bill, Martha, Jim & Claudia
November 23 to December 07, 2019 - 5 Stars in the Windward Islands
The crew was friendly and accommodating, they went out of their way to fulfill any of our wishes long before we knew them.
The yacht is comfortable, clean and spacious. Very well shaded with many comfortable places to spend the day.
The yacht is well ventilated and also equipped with ventilators and a/c.
The food was superb and well presented. You would not think you were on a yacht. Incredible, what Astrid performed in her kitchen!
We loved the areas we sailed. The islands are colorful, the anchorages comfortable with great views on nature, the snorkeling great with many, many fish and a great diversity of corals.
The "G" Family

Astrid and Laurent were outstanding. First of all, very professional, very precise with security (on boat, while snorkeling, while diving), but then also experienced sailors, naturalists with a great knowledge, award winning cook (Astrid) and barkeeper (Laurent). They made all our dreams come true. They are very precious people and we are more than happy to get to know them.
23 November - 7th December, 2019 - Martinique to Grenada
You have made it very easy for us to enjoy two happy weeks on your Isolablue. We are very grateful for your hospitality, your unavoidable commitment and your warmth. With that you have touched us deeply and opened our hearts. We wish you always a handful of water under the keels and look forward to seeing you again.
The "G" Family
November 23 - December 7, 2019 - Windward Islands 5 Stars!!
The crew was friendly and accommodating, they went out of their way to fulfill any of our wishes long before we knew them. The yacht was absolutely clean and spacious. Very well shaded with many comfortable places to spend the day. It was well ventilated, and equipped with ventilators and a/c. The food was Superb, you would not think you were on a yacht. Incredible, what Astrid performed in her kitchen!

We loved the area that we sailed, the islands are colorful, the anchorages comfortable with great views on nature, the snorkeling great with many many fishes and a great diversity of corals.

Astrid and Laurent were outstanding! First of all very professional, very precise with security (on boat, while snorkeling, while diving), but then also experienced sailors, naturalists with a great knowledge, award winning cook (Astrid) and barkeeper (Laurent). They made all our dreams come true. They are very precious people and we are more than happy to get to know them.

From a Happy Guest
November 2019 - A Beautiful Success!
We have just returned from a Caribbean cruise. If you are looking for outstanding charter yachts, I would like to briefly describe what we have encountered:

We were concerned to come to this area, on a foreign ship. We were very worried in regards to the quality, the sailing and cleanliness of the ship, the competence and hospitality of the owner couple and general concerns about whether the Caribbean has still anything to offer us. So we are all the more pleased that the holidays were a complete success.

The ship is very well equipped, both nautical and comfortable. The couple has been chartering for a while, which is reflected primarily in the ship's command, but also in many good facilities for comfort and sun protection. There are also full snorkel and diving equipment, as one wants it to be. The ship is sparkling clean. Safety is not just written in big words but also lived all the time. In addition to the impeccable navigation, we very much appreciated the accompaniment with the dinghy during our snorkeling trips, be it because of the possible current or because of speedboats.

Our wishes regarding our sailing program were taken seriously and fulfilled wherever possible. For this, the two even took on the burden of a night trip. In addition, they surprised us with many beautiful places that we did not know from our time. They adapted to our thirst for discovery and spared no effort to move diligently the ship from place to place or even to include a snorkel passage in the morning before the departure. They even organized our shore excursions, which was very helpful.

Astrid and Laurent can be distinguished from the great mass of charter providers, this specially in the area hospitality / kitchen and diving. Astrid offers a very unusual luxury in the dining area: multi-course meals, very lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients and nicely presented (I was amazed, what she all prepared on fresh vegetables, we did not even dream about). We thought before the cruise that we would not choose a catamaran because of the food. I still think so, but the cuisine just tasted incredibly good, was a lot of fun and did us all so good. Laurent is a PADI dive instructor. He knows perfectly the beautiful snorkeling sites, looked for and found sharks for us and made it possible for me to dive with his calm and safe nature (I have not dived for 15 years!).

Astrid and Laurent love their lives and radiate that too. They are very open to their guests, totally uncomplicated and very professional. We have had so many inspiring conversations, laughters or simply spun « sailor’s yarn », that they really grew so close to my heart. I can highly recommend them to you.

I have dreamed of this trip, and you can certainly take it from me, that it was such a beautiful success.

Very Happy Clients
4-19 December 2018 - A Very Happy Guest!
From Chef Astrid: We had in the beginning of this year a child who was a little bit picky with his food. He only loved tomatoes, cucumber and carrots as vegetables. Once I started to present the dishes in a funny way he was eating much more and his parents just loved seeing him so quiet and pleased at table. In fact, he was such a nice boy and got so excited each time to discover his dish which I tried to hide before serving.
#1: Angry owls in their nest (there is some ham and grilled bread added to the veggies)
#2: Happy crab (some ham over cheese sandwich and again the 3 veggies Louis likes)
#3: Friends walking in the plate (only veggies)
4-19 December 2018 - A Very Happy Guest Part 2
# 4: Thoughtful bear (veggies over crab and sweet potatoes croquette)
# 5: Little bird in his nest (veggies over eggplant pancakes)
# 6: Pirate ship (with a lot of watermelon)
4-19 December 2018 - Thank you for these moments!
First of all, thank you for everything.
We had imagined our vacation before our arrival ... But it was not counting on your generosity and your kindness. Isolablue is a very comfortable catamaran to live on and we felt completely at ease. The day-to-day life will be difficult after having traveled so many miles. Astrid you have feasted us with your excellent dishes from morning to evening and the pretty culinary decorations for our "Loulou" were amazing. You radiate happiness and that's great to see. Thank you for these moments, these breathtaking landscapes, these helpful tips ... We leave enriched from this vacation and convinced that we like the boat life, especially since no one has been sick and we found now our sea-legs.
Let’s go .. All we have to do is just sail away! We will get organized and develop our plan to have a life as fulfilling as yours. One thing is certain, we will be happy to see you again and share a thousand new things hoping to offer you a little rosé on our future catamaran, ah yes a beer for Astrid.
Good luck friends and see you soon
24-30th March, 2019 ~ Awesome birthday!
Dear Astrid and Laurent,
What a fabulous week! I will never forget my wonderful
birthday celebration and lobster lunch on Tobago Cays, it was a very special experience. I cannot find the words to express it.
We feel very fortunate to have met you both. Astrid, you have set the bar so high I fear I will have to go to cooking school to be able to compete with your restaurant quality meals. We cannot wait for our next trio aboard Isolablue! (for cooking lessons!)
The “P” Family
16-23rd March, 2019 ~ Vacation of “Firsts”
Dear Laurent & Astrid,
Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing, exquisite vacation for all. Although we did not see the “great white”, you have had the luxury of being on board with at least two great whites (and growing).
Isolablue and your warm, generous hospitality & entertainment joins the “one thousand places to visit” before you die. We are pleased we added to your musical repertoire - Tobago Cays lobsters, Mustique, Bequia, Canouan diving are memories we shall blissfully remember in our dreams and family reunions.

Thank you both so much for making our vacation of “firsts” a memorable and spectacular trip!! The mahi mahi catch was definitely a hit, along with the school of dolphins, Jim’s much anticipated tial dive and the island pain-killers & rum punch were all incredible, but it was the two of you that brought it all together to culminate into out top 3 trips ever!! Your dedication to your guests, the meals, my spa visit and St. Vincent tour are just a few of the details that speak to the level & your expertise and professionalism. Can’t wait for the book!
All the best,
The “V” Family

Note from Broker:
I am pleased to say both sets of guests said they had a wonderful time and really enjoyed everything. I have also made my colleagues aware and to not hesitate to offer Isolablue for their clients, feel free to also use me as a reference for other brokers.
Family Charter January 2019 - Truly Memorable!
As you know, we enjoyed every minute in Laurent’s company. He was friendly, kind and generous - and also an amazing Captain and Dive Instructor. Astrid is a spectacular cook and a joy to be around. Her infectious smile can’t help but set the tone for a great days adventure. We all had tears when we departed as we will truly miss their company!
The yacht was very comfortable for a family of 5 and extremely well organized, clean and welcoming. We loved the itinerary route and the time spent at each spot. The sports and leisure activities/equipment on board were all great!
The food far exceeds expectations, and this is from a family who have traveled the world dining at the finest places. Astrid really works hard in the kitchen and all meals were truly memorable and tasty!
Our broker was always on hand to assist and very friendly. We highly recommend it and plan to join Isolablue again one day. 5 Stars all the way around!!
The 'B' Family
6-13 January, 2019 - Remarkable!!
Astrid & Laurent,
Too many thank you to list. Your unending hospitality was so appreciated. To go on a vacation and truly relax and be taken care of is a dream. To have that happen in the hands of such accomplished people - a pure treat. Getting to know you as friends and having the opportunity to experience a bit of your current life - pure joy. You both welcomed us into your home as strangers, but ended as friends.
We will figure out a way to take another trip under your care again. The experience was delightful, the good superior, the governing of the boat so competently organized, all the pieces created a very memorable vacation - one we will talk about for years. Thank you both. I truly hope our paths cross again.
Happy sailing

Astrid & Laurent,
This past week has been one of the best and most memorable weeks of my life. I would not change a single thing about our trip, besides extending it :) I feel like every moment was perfection, largely due to your amazing hospitality. From almost the first moment I walked on Isolablue, I felt completely comfortable to be totally myself. From playing games to telling weird cat stories, I felt like we had already known you for years.
Thank you, Laurent, for certifying me as a PADI Advanced diver. You were an amazing instructor and guide and I truly think the night dive was one of my top 3 favorite moments of my life. Also, your boating skills were amazing and put us all at ease during our voyage.
Astrid, your cooking - wow. Every meal was mind-blowing. You’re absolutely a culinary genius and I’m afraid all my meals will seem boring after your feasts. Also, thank you for being my 2nd mom during the trip :)
Thank you both for such an amazing week. We’re not just customers, crew, or even just friends, I feel now we are family.
We will all miss you dearly.
Happy sailing, Love

Astrid & Laurent,
I can not thank you enough for making our vacation with you so much fun among family and I. It didn't take best a start time with you to know this was going to be a special trip. Your boat was very comfortable, you had all the water toys and a great itinerary. but from my perspective the critical element was you. You started as captain and crew and ended up as friends.
The fact that Astrid is a world class chef was cherry on the cake. We will talk about her masterpieces for a long time.
Thanks again. I sincerely hope that we keep in touch and that our paths cross frequently.

Dear Astrid & Laurent,
I would write this in French but I don’t know if I can express it well enough.
I am still swaying with the waves :) Thank you so much for the fantastic voyage on the sea!! There were so many moments and experiences we had together that were so memorable in such a very short time. For me, this trip was an actual gift from God. I believe He has blessed your lives and that He blesses others through you. Your hard work and generous care did not go unnoticed. There were things done and said that were from your hearts that have touched me and changed me in special ways - a sweet « undercurrent » that is without words. I am not exaggerating nor do I want to « put you up on a pedestal ». None of us are perfect but what gifts you have, you have shared that with us: your hospitality, your fun, and most of all for me, your genuine kindness. Thank you. Merci pour tout et que Dieu vous bénisse. Please come visit us in California.
Votre amie
6-13 January, 2019 in the Grenadines ~ Spectacular!!
It was a good choice to have the hotel stay the first week! We took a few days to unwind doing nothing but swim and read at the hotel before even feeling like we were on vacation, so we are happy we didn’t do that during our boat time!! By the time we left the hotel we were ready to enjoy the whole time on the boat.

Laurent and Astrid were extremely good and conscientious hosts. They worked hard to make every detail fall in place for us to have a good experience.
The boat is in impeccable condition, the food over the top in presentation and taste and the concern for our enjoyment ever present.
The boat itself is a very comfortable layout -she did say the sharing of one starboard toilet -a ( a personal choice they made to create the bigger master shower on the starboard side) works better with family vs two couples. There is clearly one stateroom that is roomier overall ( one Todd and I were in) though all three were able to sleep two. -it was very comfortable and though it had nice air conditioning, if we had wanted it, the sea breeze at night was our preference as the hatches were perfectly placed to enjoy the air. The deck in front was very comfortable and even had a couple chairs -we preferred the trampolines which they had replaced with a very nice feeling product-one that does not leave you with big criss cross marks ! :). Bryn’s preference was the bow!
It showed how much they love their boat and their life. They enjoy sharing what they have with others which made it easy to be in their home.
Laurent and Astrid are both captains, dive masters and cooks. They felt that was important in their business in case one had an issue that they could switch jobs and the clients would still be taken care of. Amazing couple. Not only that, but they work well as a team and clearly enjoy each other. It was hard to say goodbye even after only a week. We all felt that friendships were made! We would certainly use them again.
Astrid’s food was over the top. Each meal was outdoing the one before. A piece of art. We felt excited for each meal and were sometimes speechless when consuming it as the tastes were so amazing. It was incredible -the diversity of her meals and the presentation. She loved to plate her food like art. We were in awe that she could do that with her small kitchen. A master of provisioning!
They were extremely careful to pay attention to our wants as he picked locations for us.
He was able to make it so Bryn moved to the Advanced dive level during the trip. That was a plus. They also enjoyed diving together. He was very clear and she a happy student!!

For my sister, who speaks French, it was extra special. We also found out Astrid’s mother tongue is Swiss German. And, they speak a bit of Italian. ( I can’t say enough about how much they bring !)

Our favorite spot was the Tobago Cays -swimming around and with turtles was a special treat. Esp for Bryn. She found one turtle that didn’t mind being touched.

I would highly recommend Isolablue-it was a great trip.

Now, thank you so much for finding this boat for us and for so diligently working with me to make it all come together. You certainly were a big part of pulling this off. So, thank you.
I think we are now all hooked on this type of vacation. And, I hope to work with you again. Thank you for all your time dealing with my details.

27th Dec - 3 Jan, 2019 New Years in Grenadines
Astrid & Laurent;
Wow – Could not imagine a better way to ring in the New Year than with you both, on a beach, enjoying lobster, champagne, music…..Our family has had such an amazing week with you both. Nowhere in the world, have we had such incredible hospitality.

Astrid, your fun company and amazing cooking skills are very inspirational. My new goal is to learn to cook like you! Amazing!!
Laurent, thank you as well for the constant enthusiasm with my divers and the tasty evening cocktails. Everything was so special, perfect and we can’t wait to join you again on another family trip of a lifetime!
Much love,

Le voyage était formidable! Merci beaucoup. Thank you so much Laurent for the incredible sailing, diving, music and dancing. The hospitality, food and wine were wonderful and we can’t wait to come back and sail with you again.

Thank you for all of the funny memories and great music!

Thanks for the great dives and great food and company!

Thank you for all the wonderful food and funny, funny moments!
First Prize in Chef's competition at Grenada Yacht show 22-25 July 2018
More fabulous dishes by Chef Astrid
First Prize in Chef's competition at Grenada Yacht show 22-25 July 2018
I was specially honored to receive the first place at the Culinary Excellence Award during the Grenada Yacht Show. I present the 3 different colors of Grenada: green for the fertile land; yellow for the wisdom, sunshine and warmth of Grenadians and red for the people’s courage and vitality. The people here are what make the Island of Spice so unique. Grenadians are without a doubt some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, and I really mean it!
Magical dream come true
Dear A&L,
Many thanks for making our dream a reality. This trip with you was simply magical, and in addition to discovering new paradise islands, we met two very beautiful people, and enjoyed every anecdote or experience you shared with us, just like the culinary delights of the Chef! We are already longing to come back for new adventures around Antigua. Good luck and see you soon, Pascale & Christine

Diving in the beautiful Grenadines
Astrid and Laurent prepare to dive off Isolablue anchored off a white sandy beach....what more can you ask for?!!
Diving with Laurent and Astrid
These are some of the stunning photos taken by Laurent and Astrid depicting the underwater life in the Grenadines
More great diving pics!
And more beautiful corals, fish and manta rays - a must for divers!
Thank you for these 3 unforgettable days.
Initially, I was just an added patch, as a "leech" journalist who has been hanging on to Jo and Leila for a long time. This is my last trip to the Caribbean. We had planned to leave the 4 (with Sylviane) to Union. 2 days before my arrival, I am told: "We will go by boat with Swiss people, it will be great". I did not know what to expect ... Arriving on Isolablue, it's as if we arrive in the extension of our house. Laurent and Astrid welcome you with such kindness and considerate care that after 5 minutes you feel at home! Finally, even better than at home! Because when Astrid goes in the kitchen, the mets delight the taste buds one after the other. Appetizers, main course, desserts, all the dishes follow each other like in a gastronomy restaurant except that the terrace has a view .... on the turquoise sea .... Through the sharing and confidences, adventures under and on the water, crashes of drones, aborted battles of Pancakes, wet rides on Junior, rum punch, the links are tightened to reach all the same conclusion: L & A, you are MAGNIFICENT full of KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, WILLINGNESS of SHARING and LOVE to the Others. Thank you for these 3 unforgettable days.
Everything was just magic
3 days between Tobago Cays and Union. It was great to be able to discover your passion and your universe. Jo summarized our trip with you already. So I write you a few words to thank you. Good food, your kindness, your good mood and moments of unforgettable sharing. One thing is certain, we will come back. And this time baby will be in our arms. A big thanks. Many kisses and see you soon under the Caribbean sun. Thank you, everything was just magic, your welcome, your kindness, the exchanges, I had the impression to know you for a long time. I hope to see you again for new adventures, in the meantime I embrace you very sincerely. Sylvianne

Leaving Union for the first day in paradise
Hello friends, A huge thanks for these 3 days of madness in your company. Leaving Union for the first day in paradise. 15.06.18 Sailing to the Tobago Cays with the program to dive on the reef. Junior was not too capricious, the end of adolescence is approaching. Following this wonderful restaurant on the beach. 16.06.18 We understand Laurent you need directly 2 coffees. We did not loose time that day. Morning paddle, back to Union, Kite surf, again paddle, happy hour on Happy Island and pizza at Anchorage. 17.06.18 to summarize, we spent 3 days in your company and it was horrible, because it was much too short. This morning a pancake battle between Astrid and myself, but I'm sure you'll win because we ate so well these 3 days. Thank you, thank you and thank you to all of you 4: L&A and J and Isolablue. Big hug and fair wind. We'll see each other soon to make bubbles together and ride on Kites. I did not see everything but I heard you laugh a lot and I ate really well. Thank you. (The unborn baby is writing)
Beautiful trip to the Caribbean
Dear Astrid & dear Laurent, Difficult not to repeat oneself, but we thank you very much for this beautiful trip to the Caribbean. From Martinique to Petit St. Vincent and back to St. Vincent, it was a wonderful trip to the rhythm of the Caribbean. Breakfast, diving, sailing, swimming, paddle, without forgetting the sacred time of the nap and after this the aperitif. We leave the head full of memories for the days of grayness in Switzerland. Cocktail for a successful holiday: Good mood
Tuna and Mahi Mahi, Rum, Nap, Diving, Good little dishes, Hugs E&G

Gradients of blue filled our eyes
Dear A&L, Gradients of blue filled our eyes, salty water deep in the gullet, kilos on the hips and in the buttocks, we come back rich of all these experiences and so happy to have been able to live each of these moments in your nice company. Thanks to Isolablue for having carried us so valiantly on the waves, even if our bouquet of flowers on arrival was shabby :) We are waiting for you whenever you want in the mountains for other shades of blue (sometimes) and some fat cheese experiences ... Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Congratulations for your choice of life and that every moment shall be sweet. L&N
Hip’s trip....
Where Hip fell in love with Blue and decided to stay on Isolablue. Drawings from Artist (Charter client) showing the voyage of Hip where he fell in love with Blue and decided to stay on Isolablue E.
Astrid has a love of Hippos - hence the story!
Thanks you A&L
Thank you Astrid and Laurent for this wonderful holiday!
This trip allowed us to see life on a catamaran and we loved it.
We boarded Isolablue without really knowing what to expect; we had a little idea but nothing more.This trip allowed us to see life on a catamaran and we loved it. It must be said that we had exceptional hosts, very accessible and full of attention. We also had a lot of laughs. They allowed us to live their passion with them for 6 days. What we received gave us the taste of reoffending. Astrid, the woman with 8 hands, has cooked us dishes without equal. We really felt that we were part of the family and that, since we boarded. My husband spent his "Advanced" scuba diving certification, he learned a lot from Laurent. Thank you for sharing with us your sweet and beautiful folly of the sea. We hope to see you in our island soon. S&L

A huge thank you for your welcome
Dear A&L, The words will not suffice to describe the moments we lived in your company on Isolablue! A huge thank you for your welcome, and for sharing with us your passion for the sea, good food and life. We couldn’t start the year better than on your side. See you soon, maybe in the Grenadines or in Asia. In the meantime, take care and have lots of nice encounters. Dear A and Laurent, I loved doing this trip with you. Great food and great diving. I would like to stay in touch to make a trip to Martinique .... Big kisses and see you soon N,E,J & M
A huge thanks for our first catamaran vacation
A huge thanks for our first catamaran vacation. We faced the elements with Laurent and A! Winds at over 40 knots! And this in all confidence with our daughter Maxine of 2 1/2 years. The meals were all exceptional! Especially when you know the conditions of navigation! Thank you for this refresh dive that has greatly pleased A. You were adorable with Maxine. See you soon L&A
A wonderful holiday
A&L, A and I had a wonderful holiday. It was such a good time spent with the team :) Diving - cart games of UNO - tanning - eating (mmh too good) - lots of laughs. It is with great pleasure that we will return aboard Isolablue to see other beautiful landscapes. It was a magical experience. A huge thanks to both of you.
Very good holidays
Day of our departure, what a pity it was too short! Very good holidays with you on this beautiful boat Isolablue. Moments of intense discoveries and sharing. Various activities proposed and pleasant to do together. We were also spoiled by the good dishes of Astrid and the punches of Lolo: "only happiness" Another big thank you for everything, your hospitality is real, filled with life and emotion. Thank you for all these good moments of exchange.
You have found your way of life, enjoy it! We wish you "good luck" for the rest of your trip. May this adventure be rich in emotion, discovery and encounters. A&P
Once upon a time, On the big blue Caribbean...
Olives, punch and peanuts, Life is pretty cool, Go to the 4 winds, Brave the elements, Lift the sails, An unusual lifestyle choice, Even closer to the stars. A big thank you for these 4 unforgettable days, for all that it allowed me to live internally. Thank you for your welcome, your good mood, for the living example that you represent as what we can live our dreams.And thanks to Isolablue, the great, the beautiful, who cradles us and shelters us. I love you, every 2, every 3, and even all 4 of you, do not forget J.! N.
Isn’t life beautiful, Only happiness
Our holidays can get summarized to « Isn’t life beautiful ?! Only happiness ... " Yes, we loved these dream holidays, the little dishes of Astrid "only happiness .." The wonderful dive with Lolo "only happiness", this complicity between you 2 "only happiness ..", your good mood "only happiness .."We wish you many beautiful adventures at sea with many beautiful encounters. Do not change, we love you as you are, and see you soon in another country. C&E
Crossing wonderful Landscapes
We joined A&L at 14.03 in the evening for a stay in the Grenadines. We crossed wonderful landscapes, the islands St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, Tobago Cays .. my favorite with its transparent waters, turtles, our lobster dinner on the beach and our meeting with other French sailors. A big thank you to A&L for making us discover all this, their kindness, without forgetting the delicious dishes and breads of A. We will come back! Big kisses to both of you
It is with the Head filled with breathtaking landscapes
I’ll be back… and then guard yourself (he lost a Marlin fish on the line). It is with the head filled with breathtaking landscapes, wonderful moments, exchanges and sincere friendship that we leave today. Happy to have been able to share these unique moments with two unique people who we will sorely miss. Good luck to you and to Isolablue, do not change anything. Warm wishes
Dear A&L, A huge thank you
Dear A&L, A huge thank you for sharing with us a part of your trip. Diving, sailing, local markets, giant calamari, locusts, tiger sharks, giraffe and A's excellent cuisine have made this holiday magical. Isolablue is a beautiful and feels welcoming like home, we felt right away like at home which allowed us to quickly disconnect and be carried by the wind (which was not always in agreement with us). We wish you many further wonderful adventures on your honeymoon and look forward to seeing you again on the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks again and lots of kisses

See you soon, any place, anytime.
Thank you for these good time with family and friends. Special "thanks" to L. for his extreme patience with A&V. and to A for the excellent meals. Fair wind
Beautiful stay aboard Isolablue
Yes, we are the second people who write into the book! Unforgettable holidays, a very good mix between good food and sailing, not to forget the cart games UNO :) Thank you for this dream vacation, we are already looking forward to coming back next year! A thousand kisses
Unforgettable holiday on board Isolablue
It's crazy ! Unforgettable holiday on board Isolablue. All the ingredients were provided: friendly crew, irreplaceable Marina Mama, royal boat, delicious meals, pleasant sea baths, warm sunshine, extended aperitifs ... and much more. The observation is that you have made the right choice and that your project is on track (if we can say so). Isolablue has sails that itches and ask only to discover the world. Hauling the mainsail and fair wind, dear friends ... and see you soon. Somewhere around the world.
We have been amazed........
The boat left us speechless! Our stay was too short and we had only one big regret ... to stay at the dock (by my fault ... I specify before you protest). We did not say our last word and we will catch up in 2017 in the Caribbean ... well we hope with all our heart! In any case you realize your dream and it is a great happiness for you 2 but also for us. Seeing you as fulfilled and happy both makes us forget your distance and enjoying your trip by looking at your photos and consulting your site. Fair wind to you 2 and see you soon. Best wishes to you 2.
Many thanks for this beautiful trip to the Caribbean
Only love, happiness, and smiles during this wonderful vacation. We will never forget this night full of stars ... Thank you for your goodness A&L, we are looking forward to seeing you again. Many thanks for this beautiful trip to the Caribbean ... And if you need a sailor, I'm taking :) Z.
Two incredible weeks in pleasant company
We spent two incredible weeks in the pleasant company of A&L and we are sad to have to leave you and return to the Swiss winter. How lucky to discover the Caribbean, life on Isolablue, navigation (and diving for some of us) by their side. How lucky to have woven all these memories together. Beginning with the 14 hours of sleep of some people, the culinary wonders of Astrid and the delicious lobster of Laurent, the famous rains during dive, the rasta and their rasta-cigarette proposal anywhere, anytime, not to mention the number of animals we could cross (turtles, sharks, rays, dolphins, etc ...) our little expressions like: "Chatambay into the water » (French expression) and finally, our famous 30 hours of relentless navigation. We go back to Switzerland, our head filled with memories, well rested with our sun quotas and good mood at a maximum. T&A
Whow! What a holiday!
What to say except that everything was perfect. An idyllic setting, ultra good food (thank you A for your cooking advice) and incredible dives (thank you L for the equipment & the pleasure of learning). I loved spending these two weeks with you and I look forward to the next vacation on Isolablue. A huge thank you for everything.
Thank you for everything
See you soon again on the best boat in the world: Isolablue.
The Enchanted Cruise
A poem in A. Majestic like the queen of the seas, Isolablue was waiting for us at the port of Mogan,
The sweetness of the blue and white of our cruise, Softened strawberry red, banana yellow. A&L sweet harmonious blend. We boarded their beautiful home, Charmed by Isolablue, we were waiting for the time to leave, the harbor and to be amazed. Delicious foods prepared by magic.
The choice of beautiful places for our anchorages, Everything was dreams and invitation to travel,
Delicious meals and evenings with candles. Cradled by the waves and their light ripples. We slept in our cabins, like angels. Lucky to have, with you, nice exchanges. For those sweet moments of happiness, a thousand thanks.
A beautiful Charter, Kisses and fair wind
C. was so inspired to tell you how much he loved our stay on Isolable that I hardly dare to add anything, it was really great. There is only one fault: we eat too well; A's cooking is so good that it's very hard to go home and get back to cooking. We are looking forward to coming back. Kisses and fair wind
We love you and hope to share many more great moments with you.
Diving, Laurent, Rum, Sails, Extraordinary, Wind, World, Sea, Astrid, Emotions, Fishes Friends, Overseas, Isolablue, Islands, Lagoon, Sisters Boat, Corsica, Dolphins, West Indies, Sun, Prodigious
Aventure, Country, Sharks. A sample of words describing your adventure. We love you and hope to share many more great moments with you.

Two unforgettable weeks on Isolablue
I experienced with A&L two unforgettable weeks on Isolablue. We sailed in the most beautiful bays of Porcerolle and Port Cros in Southern France. I loved it when we glided away with wind and full sails. I enjoyed the warm salt water, which was so good for my health, the beautiful sunsets, the moon shining across the sea, the splashing of the water and the gently rocking of the catamaran in the lapping waves during the night. How would I, old woman, have dreamed to be able to experience such an unforgettable holiday? I thank A& L from the bottom of my heart for the caring, considerate care and wish you a good trip into the future. Ship ahoy