CaptainMichael Plotner US 1990 USCG 100 ton, Padi Dive Instructor
Chef and MateSara Hogan US 1999 USCG 100 ton
Number of Crew: 2Languages:

Crew Profiles:
Michael was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania by Lake Erie. Being around lakes and fresh water rivers fishing and boating was a big part of growing up. After attending university at Edinboro PA and getting an accounting degree his career plans took a turn when he took an interest in Maritime in San Francisco in 2015. The rest is history and his love of the ocean, care and safety of vessels, and providing the best experience to guests and friends around him to the top standards has become his main goal. Michael worked as an engineer on larger yachts before adventuring into a captain role aboard catamarans. He has ran Floatation Therapy a 450 lagoon for 3 seasons prior, always providing the best guests experience and maintaining the vessel to the highest standards.

Sara was born in Texas and lived her younger years in San Antonio. At 13 years old her parents decided to move onto their 41’morgan out island sailboat. She lived onboard Invincible until she was 18. During those 5 years onboard, she traveled through the eastern and western Caribbean learning Spanish, surfing, sailing, and living a life on the ocean. Growing up on the ocean inspired her to pursue a career in maritime. She loves entertaining and sharing her knowledge of the water to ensure the most spectacular time for her guests and friends alike. Being the chef onboard it will be her pleasure for her to provide you the absolute best entrees and hors d’oeuvres. Sara with her sense of adventure, love for the water, and culinary skills she will ensure you to have the best experience on any vessel. Sara has taken her cooking to the next level in the past 3 years, attending culinary courses, and always coming up with the next best dish in her menu.

Michael and Sara first met on a 160’ sailing yacht in New York City working as crew.Michael was the engineer and Sara was the deckhand/crew chef. They hit it off instantly developing a relationship both professionally and romantically. The couple worked for 2 years together sailing and exploring New York, Newport in the summer, the Caribbean, and Bermuda in the winter. Michael and Sara took their skills to the sailing catamaran Floatation Therapy where they spent 3 seasons, providing the best experience for all their charter guests. They are thrilled to bring their experience and hospitality to Liquid Zen.

Captain Michael Plotner


USCG 100ton Masters
Padi Dive Instructor

Chef Sara Hogan


USCG 100ton Masters
Ashburton Culinary School
RYA Day Skipper License
PADI Open water

Crew fully vaccinated

Michael Plotner

Sara Hogan