January 2024 BVI Charter
Our group of four couples just finished six nights aboard the pristine Liquid Zen. The boat is new with great amenities: air conditioning, carpet in the bedrooms, comfy beds with plenty of pillows, heavy and light covers, a separate shower and toilet, fast dinghy, dishwasher--wow! I grew up bareboating and this boat is a palace!

Captain Mike is super easy going. He is excellent with safety, navigation, and cleanliness and stays even keel and calm at all times. He was great at taking us snorkeling, diving, and to and from shore as well. Truly the Zen of Liquid Zen. With Chef Sara also having her captain's license, you are always in the best of hands. Sara's cooking and hospitality is top-notch. Though she is younger than most all of our children, we called Sara "Mom" because she was so good at keeping track of us and attending to our every whim.

A good boat is important but likely most important is the crew. They can make or break a trip and these two made our trip outstanding. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

-Ann and Ed
Christmas 2023 BVI Charter
In short, it was overall an amazing trip. Mike and Sara could not have been a better crew for us. They were very professional, responsible and just a pleasure to be with on our trip. The boat was great and just as advertised and the food was off the charts delicious. Everything we had asked for was onboard and plentiful and Mike even got me to a pharmacy for antibiotics after I got a tooth infection. Everyone in our group had a fantastic time and will remember this trip for life.

We would highly recommend the boat and of course Mike and Sara to anyone wanting to take this trip and we will definitely keep your and their info in case we decide to replicate this one again.

Kind regards,
July 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you both for being such kind and thoughtful vacation planners, our trip was wonderful. We made a lot of memories together and are grateful for everything you did to make it happen! Here are a few of our favorite memories: Gumption and all he entails: entrepreneur, DJ, Tour Guide, Lemur expert, photographer, and promoter! Michael's pants being assaulted by the chair in Anegada; may they find the courage to be worn again in public. Billy Ocean and Casey's bellowing laughs on Murder Mystery Night. Mom and her lost and found jewelry and hat nearly being blown to Puerto Rico. Of course we will always miss and remember Casey's delicious food. Thanks for being so flexible with us; it's going to be a sad farewell at the end of this vacation. We wish you both well in your next adventure and hope to see you on the islands next season!
- The Wusterhausens
June 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you for taking us on a bucket list vacation! You both made the trip a dream - between the food, trips ashore, water sports, and your overall attention/care to all the little details - we are truly grateful. Most importantly, you gave each of us priceless memories that we will never forget! We hope to see you again soon!
- BIll (Abalone), Susan (Starfish), Kevin (Carp), Maeghan (Sanddollar), Nancy (Flamingo), Brian (Manta), & Will (Minnow).
June 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you so much for an amazing week of fun adventures and relaxation. The food was so good (and the cocktails!), and we appreciate y'all taking such good care of us. And a special thanks for your help with Abigail's cast cover :) We will look back on this trip fondly; we had such a great time. The snorkeling and water sports (the tube!) were a few favorites.
- The Money Family
May 2023 BVI Charter
Thank you for a wonderful week! Everything was perfect, from Michael greeting us warmly at the dock, Casey welcoming us with drinks and lunch, to the final gorgeous sunset at Caneel Bay. All of our group agreed that Conch Island was the Highlight of the trip, with the Baths being a close second. We missed being able to have a campfire, but playing Liquid Zen Trivia instead was so much fun (especially since mine and Bob's team won!). Your gracious hospitality made everything so special for us ~ Casey's cooking was fabulous, and Michael's patience with us less experienced seamen was much appreciated! I will wear my title of "Mrs. Phelps" proudly
-Rickert Family
May 2023 BVI Charter
After our last charter, I think we all wondered if it was possible to match that guys exceeded it!! This was an amazing week with you both and it was so needed after a crazy, challenging few years. Casey, the food and service was perfect - we'll all be thinking of you when we're back in the gym. Thank you for making it amazing!! Michael, the quiet competence with a side of Texas sass. You did such a great job being our Captain, host, and guide. Thank you - we'd follow you both to any boat or place. This place is special to all of us and you made it more so. Thank you for taking such good care of us.
- Matt & Leni

Thank you both for such an amazing and fun trip.
- #10 & #12 chair champs Derick & Shannon

Michael you were a good first mate, Casey you were an amazing Chef. Thank you both for an amazing charter. You made the experience!
- Chase & Taylor
April 2023 BVI Charter
Where to begin? First of all, congratulations on surviving not one, but two charters with Dougie Fresh. This was a once in a lifetime trip for our family and you both made it so special! I'm sure we will go down in history as the first guests to discover a sea water snorkel allergy, so thank you for being there for that difficult discovery. Casey, your food is unbelievable, and Michael your Captianing is unmatched (try opening a map)! If you ever need a third crew member, I'll be waiting for the call in New York! I'll pack the maracas :)
Thank You
the McIntosh Family"
April 2023 BVI Charter
"Thank you so much for the amazing week, the very fun activities and the awesome delicious foods!! We think this was one of the best weeks we ever had! - The Davidkins

Snorkeling, jumping off the boat, and all the food - Ruth
Swimming, jumping off the boat and the beach - Joel
Jumping off the boat 175 times and dessert - Ben
Snack basket and the beach - Eli
Casey's wonderful food, sun bathing, and swimming - Riikka
Drinks at sunset and the amazing food - Irja
The soft bed, swimming, and eating - Kaj"
April 2023 BVI Charter
What a week! It has been nothing short of Heaven spending these seven magical days on your dream boat. The food was out of this world even for our pickiest eaters. The food presentations were all like art. We enjoyed the watersports and all the wonderful activities you planned for us. Thank you for all the hard work, good conversation, and all the love and care you put into every little detail. You have made our week a true dream that came through. We look forward to hosting you at our farm one day.
From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You.
The Rubin Family
March 2023 BVI Charter
We had a wonderful time with you both on our family vacation - the snorkeling was an incredible sight to behold! All in all, we made amazing memories that will stay with us for years. Wishing you continued success throughout the season. Casey, your cooking talent amazed our family - each dish was a culinary masterpiece! Michael, your pirate humor may be the start to becoming comedy's biggest star. Lastly, we sincerely hope Mr. Dependable is a friendship that will stay strong for years to come!
-The Wusterhausens
ps: What do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs...A Rookie!
March 2023 BVI Charter
What a week! Hard to put it into words. The food, the fun, the sea! The bonfire, the music, trivia, and movie night! A trip we will never forget and if we do it again, it won't be the same without you two. Favorites: Sailing & Sunsets - Sara; Trivia and the Bunks - Kate; Paddleboarding and Food - Hank; The Baths and Chess while Sailing - Mac; Making Memories for the record Book - Jonathan; Staying dry on the dinghy - Jett"
February 2023 BVI Charter
Michael & Casey

To say this has been a trip of a lifetime would be an understatement. Your attention to detail and hospitality made for an incredible vacation. From towel animals to sailing, hiking, and absolutely delicious & beautiful meals you have made this vacation journey one we will never forget. You can learn a lot about a boat before a trip, but you need to be onboard to learn about the crew. I have no doubt that you two made our trip so much better! Thank you for the incredible memories -Tina & Tom

Thank you so much for giving us such an amazing vacation from all the delicious food to all the fun activities. We couldn't have asked for a better boat or crew! I loved all my towel animals! I had so much fun subwinging and doing everything else. You were the best crew. Thank you!
- Lily, Charlie, & Mollie
February 2023 BVI Charter
The Best Vacation Ever!! Your attention to detail and planning made this the most relaxing trip. We didn't have to worry about a thing! The food was absolutely AMAZING! You are both VERY good at making people feel like no one else matters. Thank You! - Chris & Scott

Liquid Zen was a great vacation for us, but you two made our trip fantastic! Many thanks for making this an unforgettable experience. We wish you the very best on your next adventure. We will definitely be back to see y'all! - Steve & Jamie

Thank you for the best vacation ever! You guys made this experience stress free and so enjoyable. The food was over the top and the Captain with his many skills, is always on point. Enjoy your life doing what you love and hope to see you both soon! Live well, make memories, and enjoy life! - Jim & Patty
Jan 2023 BVI Charter
We stumbled aboard late, tired, stressed, and excited to start our week. Within the hour we were casually laughing and getting into the groove of the vacation of a lifetime. Words cannot express our thanks for all the delicious food, special cocktails, patience, jokes, and most of all just taking care of everything so we just had to sit back and relax. Everyone agrees: Exceeded our Expectations!
One thing is for sure, this trip would have not been as amazing, fun, and memorable without our Crew - Michael & Casey. You are the VERY BEST. We feel so lucky to have selected Liquid Zen and spent our week with you. Can't thank you enough.
The Booze Cruise - Jenna & Keith, Meredith & Matt, Meredith & Derrick
January 2023 BVI Charter
What a ride (literally)! Our Iowa YPO group will forever remember your phenomenal hospitality. The week couldn't have been more perfect from the beautiful spreads of delicious food, the humor sprinkled in with fun music, flexible timing for our excursions, and tolerance for our "wild ones." You have found your calling and we are fortunate to have been your guests. We greatly appreciate your smiles, your never ending friendliness, and the quick-witted comments. We wish you the best because you are the BEST. Hope we get to do it again sometime! You've opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thanks for everything!
-Mike & Ann, Josh & Brooke, PJ & Jeanne-Marie, Chris & Nicole
Jan 2022 BVI Charter
It is difficult to re-create unique and magical moments. Congratulations, you did it! This has been an amazing week. The two of you go above and beyond to create the best experiences. We will leave with hearts full. The beautiful stops, yummy meals, exploring, and lots of laughter. As a group we had several discussions on how we really enjoyed getting to know you both more. You both are precious! Thank you for Everything! Don't you dare come to Florida without stopping to see us in Ocala!
Love Angie, Clint, RJ, Todd, Nicole, and Nay
NYE 2022 BVI Charter
Words cannot truly express what an amazing time you have both provided on Liquid Zen. This was an experience that we had never had, but will certainly do again. You provided the most wonderful food that anyone could imagine plus all the sailing and fun stops to snorkel and beach activities. I must mention the cleanliness and safety instructions -- plus the two of you work so well together. What a team!! We'll never forget this trip or you. Those are memories that we will have forever. Love and blessings and much gratitude. We'll see you again.

- The Fulchers
Christmas 2022 BVI Charter
Thank you so much for an amazing Christmas on these beautiful Islands! You two are a great team. We loved Casey's amazing meals, snorkeling, hiking, scuba, and many games of Catan. This paradise is very special and will be in our memories forever! Thank you so much!
-The Houlton Family
December 2022 BVI Charter
To the both of you from the O'Sullivan Clan, having this dream for many, many years, the both of you made it very special. And for a lifetime memory for our family to never be forgotten is special. Thank you very much.
- The O'Sullivans
November BVI 2022 Charter
Everything exceeded our expectations! The boat is beautiful and you both take great care in keeping it that way. It is also obvious you both enjoy what you do very much. All of the work "behind the scenes" made this vacation truly restful for our family. The sailing, the delicious meals, scuba diving, snorkeling, and all the water activities were a blast. We look forward to another charter with you both someday. You are a great team.
-The Valentines
November USVI Charter
This trip was absolutely incredible and that is because of y'all! It was like being at summer camp with the two most fun counselors. You guys kept us in line with good suggestions and lots of delicious food. It was so awesome getting to know y'all, learning cool stuff about the islands, exploring new spots, and so much laughing. Casey - you're an amazing chef and the kindest person. Michael - you're an effortless captain and hilarious person. Thank y'all so much for making the week so awesome. We hope to boat with the two of y'all again soon - maybe we can find a few more merch stops!
- Amy & Jon, Chris & Brit, Eric & Monica, & Barry the Barracuda
Charter Up Island 2022
'Thank you so much for letting us come on your adventure/tack North. Your kindness and patience, especially with my scuba nerves, was so appreciated. We felt special and part of the "Team Liquid Zen" We will be preparing our trivia chops and scuba breathing before we see you next. Here's to a magical season for you two. We will be thinking of you!!'
-Terry & Joe

'These past nine days adventuring across the high seas have birthed memories I won't soon forget. Learning how to swim and snorkel will no doubt save my life one day. Perhaps the most fun part of our journey was cooking the lamb with you on the last night, it was a delicious dinner. I wish you both the best luck in your future journeys, and hope you might one day sail to the enchanted forests of Pennsylvania to visit us. Please be safe and stay in touch.'
-S. Pirate
July 2022 USVI Charter
We arrived in Red Hook, St. Thomas on July, 25 2022 and were welcomed by our Captain, Michael Wilson and Chef Casey Strickland. From the moment we stepped on the deck of the Liquid Zen we felt at home. The yacht was clean and beautiful and our staterooms which were immaculate. Michael and Casey walked us through the safety procedures and what to expect on our journey. They were very thorough and made us feel very comfortable.

It’s hard to let down from day to day stress at the beginning of a vacation, but aboard the Liquid Zen we felt we were unwinding right away. Michael is an extremely competent captain. We knew at all times that he could handle waves, weather and maneuvering around other boats. Casey is an extraordinary chef. Every meal was healthy and delicious as well as unique. The presentation was gorgeous and creative. The table was always imaginatively set with the theme of the meal. We had 2 children with us who can be hard to please but Casey nailed it with the food every time.

Michael and Casey helped us learn more about snorkeling and where to swim to see the best of the area we were in. Each cay or cove we went to offered something different from the last. It was great to be able to paddle board at some spots, snorkel at some, hike and take the dingy to the beach at others. This was truly a vacation to remember. Members of our family commented more than once about this being their best vacation ever! We are so glad we chose the Liquid Zen for our trip. One of the reasons we did is because of the web site that featured the yacht and Michael and Casey. The pictures they posted and descriptions made all the difference.

We would recommend to everyone that if they are planning a yacht trip in the Virgin Islands to book with Michael and Casey. They are simply the best hosts you could have.
- Jo

We will be forever grateful for the amazing memories you helped us make over the last week. This experience was hands down the best family vacation one could ask for. There was no detail left out. The views and food were perfect! Thank you so much for being a part of our family the past week. Can't wait to do it all over again, hopefully sooner than later! Until then I wish you the best in all your next adventures.
-Marlo, Ian, Stella & Lola

Thank you for making our time aboard the Liquid Zen such a memorable experience. No detail was overlooked. We always felt safe and secure with Michael at the helm. The boat is beautifully appointed and comfortable. Chef Casey's meals were as beautiful as they were delicious. The cuisine added much to our experience. Thanks for the memories and good unforgettable experience!
- Rick Weston
July 2022 USVI Charter
Where to start...a million thank you's aren't enough for what has been the very best vacation ever! You've far exceeded our every expectation!! Casey - Wow! So impressed with every single meal...I bow to your greatness as your crab cake is way better than mine! :) you are the master of mise en place!! Michael - your'e a gifted captain and instructor. I so appreciate the scuba lessons and next year will get to the bottom.
Wishing you both a very relaxing offseason, safe travels, and precious time with your families!
- Laurie & Stephen

Thank you for the perfect 25th anniversary trip! Both of you made the whole experience far beyond our dreams! Casey, we don't want 'french trained' cuisine ever, we just want your amazing 'Chiefdom'!! :) Captain, my Captain - Michael what an amazing leader and host you are! Thank you so much for your patience with my scuba anxiety and your tolerance for our husbands! We cannot thank you enough for all you did this week!
We will miss you both!
-Laura & Joe
July 2022 USVI Charter
We want to thank you for such a great week. Casey, the food was amazing. Michael, your attention to detail was as good as it can get. Both of you made us feel comfortable from the first step on the boat. I even enjoyed drinking glass with Michael at Dinghys! If only Cruz had caught Moby Dick we would have had the perfect vacation.
Thanks again and see you soon!
- Kris

Thank you for the best vacation! Not everyone gets to experience what we did this week! We were able to make some great family memories together. Casey, your skills in the kitchen left a huge impression on my family. Your food will be talked about often, they will look forward to the next trip. I am appreciative of your patience and kindness, teens can at times be a challenge. Michael, you are a wonderful host. You were attentive and accommodating to my family. Your calm presence made us all feel welcome. We are all looking forward to the next trip.
- Cresenta

Thank you for the amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I hope to see y'all next year.
- Master Fisherman

Thank you for accommodating my food.
- Aiden

Thank you for such an amazing trip! I enjoyed every aspect of the trip, especially the food! I look forward to our next trip.
- Ava
June 2022 USVI Charter
Thank you for making our first trip on Liquid Zen so memorable. Your deep and thorough knowledge of the USVI made sure that our unexpected itinerary detour was nevertheless a great week! We appreciate you indulging our "the kids aren't here!" adult humor and presenting us countless opportunities to create lots of inside jokes with our guests. I am not quite sure how to go back to our regular diets after eating Casey's wonderful creations three times a day for the past week, but I'm sure my waistline will thank me. Lori and I look forward to coming back with our Molly for Thanksgiving, until then, Fair Winds!
- Lori & Jason

Thank you for an incredible time! We made friends and memories to last a lifetime. For that we are eternally grateful! Until next time, let the turtles breathe.
- Brian & Cathy

Thank you for an unforgettable experience. We are ruined for any other crew, ever. It's hard to express what it means to us to feel so well taken care of - a true vacation!
- Steve & Sara & Our Bevy of Turtles
May 2022 USVI Charter
"What an amazing week under your care and friendship. You made us all feel like family and locals. Every morning till lights out at night, we had a blissful, magical experience. We lost track of time and space and just rode the experience like protected children. Thank you for making everything seem effortless."
-Terry & Joe

"Thank you so much for such an incredible trip. I already can't wait to come back"

"Thank you so very much for a once in a lifetime vacation. So many firsts for us - and a lot of questions for you! :) We will never forget the week. Everything was perfect - the food, the company, the snorkeling, and the list goes on and on! Thanks to you both for an unforgettable week. Call if you ever make it to Charlotte!"
- Joey & Calan (aka Aquaman)
May 2022 USVI Charter
"Thank you so much for making our time on Liquid Zen a wonderful lasting memory!
Casey - your cooking and presentation were fabulous! You were gracious, kind, and fun host. Michael - you are a seamless, skilled Captain. Your local knowledge and expertise made for a safe and relaxing experience. Cannot wait to see the drone videos! Every experience in life comes down to the people you share it with. You guys were a true complement to our group of friends. Good luck in all your future endeavors. We hope to see you again!"

- Sam & Susan, Nancy & Alan, Christine & Andy, Greg & Kimberly
May 2022 USVI Charter
"Thank you so much for an incredible week that we will never forget! You both blew away our expectations, from the amazing meals that Casey worked so hard on to the Great Captain Mike. We loved every single day and every moment. You both were incredible hosts always making us feel so spoiled! We appreciate every detail and all the beautiful spots you took us to! Can't thank you enough!"

"Amazing week! Amazing Place! Food was delicious. Mike and Casey, you are the best! Thank you for making this trip so memorable. Loved every minute!"

-Jen & Brian
-Raja & Alli
-Chandra & Nate
April 2022 USVI Charter
There really are no words I can say that express how special this week was to me. You guys are simply two of the best humans I have ever met. No detail was overlooked. I will miss our "friendly banter" Guess I'll just have to go back to Colorado and give "school aged children" a hard time. May your lives continue to be a ray of sunshine to all who are on this boat. I need to stop writing now as my eyes are misting.
Be happy and safe." -Camel

"Please accept our sincerest thanks for an amazing week aboard Liquid Zen! Michael, thank you for your command of the week, your superb itinerary, your expert seamanship, and harassing Carmel so we didn't have to. Casey, thank you for your sunny disposition and your culinary expertise. Your food was delicious and healthy at the same time. I hope you aren't disappointed that we didn't eat until we exploded, but we came close :) This week we will never forget. We wish you much success in the future and hope to someday see you again on the water or in Vail. Hugs to you both."
-Scrabbling Seniors & Jake
April 2022 USVI Charter
Thank you so much for making our trip so enjoyable. We recognize and appreciate all of your planning and hard work. The trip would not be the same without your cooking Casey and Michael's special cocktails! In the words of Arnold S. 'I'll be Back' Thanks again and with much love.
Doug & Kasey

Michael & Casey aka Mom & Dad We love you, we love you, we love you. Nuff said
Dave & Vic

Mom & Dad, what a wonderful week - we loved every minute of it! Thanks for taking such good care of us - now off to college and some new adventures.
Sandi & Paul
April 2022 USVI Charter
"To say this was the trip of a lifetime doesn't even come close to the true experience that you two created for our family. Our two families, though separated by distance, have been coming together for years, and this is by far the BEST trip we have ever taken. The attention to detail, your kindness, and patience truly stood out. We all know 100% for sure that we landed the best crew & boat in the entire USVIs. We all can't wait to return to meet again & experience the BVIs with you both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
-The Zaps
if you ever need an extra crew member for night watch, you know who to call ;)

"What a treasure it was to be a part of your Liquid Zen world for a week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this the best week ever!! It is hard to pick a favorite day/memory from the week. The sunset hike, the "icing", the scuba diving, the FOOD, the drinks, pineapple card game, the night time snorkeling, will all be in our hearts forever. Your attention to detail is so impressive. The two of you make the best team and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Grant is already plotting the next boat trip to the BVIS, but we all agree we couldn't do it with anyone but the two of you! Take care and be safe, and we hope our paths cross again!"
-The Coons (aka future Bote Raft Owners :))
March 2022 USVI Charter
Well, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go :( *crying. We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful, peaceful, gastronomically divine, and adventurous holiday at sea. So many wonderful memories have been made, so many new experiences have been tried, and we are eternally grateful for all you've shared with us, including your most beautiful home on the sea. These islands are magical and it has been so great to slow down and enjoy life's simple joys and nature's abundance. We can't say thank you enough for the 10 Star Service! You've knocked it out of the park!!! I hope that our paths cross again on the mega yacht in the future! Please take good care of yourselves and each other and I hope only THE BEST!! Love & Kisses Jano & Crew
March 2022 USVI Charter
Words cannot express what a wonderful trip this was from start to finish! Casey, the food was meritable! Michael, the drinks and skilled driving were amazing! The turquoise waters will forever be on our mind. Thank you for renewing our vows and planning such a wonderful event.
Love Sean and Theresa aka the Caribbean Crew
March 2022 USVI Charter
"Thank you both for such an incredible experience on Liquid Zen! Even though our parents weren't able to make it, we had the BEST time and honestly wouldn't have it any other way (except maybe icing Brad at least *one* more time). This week truly was the best relaxation that I didn't know I needed.

To Casey: no words other than wow - this trip was filled with the most amazing food and really not sure how I can go back to reality at this point (lol) Thank You! To Michael: Thanks for being such a fun Captain despite our plot to lose the dinghy. Also thanks for initiating Brad into the family by icing him upon arrival. We won't forget these things along with all the other great memories!

We had such a great time hanging out with you both, and feel like we are leaving with two new friends. It's been an unforgettable trip & we can't wait to do it again! (maybe we'll even let our parents join next time haha). Cheers! Love Mollie, Hastings, Emily & Brad
February 2022 USVI Charter
"Thank you so much for such an amazing week. You took us to so many amazing places that when we try to pick our favorites, every one is a favorite. Thank you for taking us to places that weren't on our list, but also making the effort to bring us to the places we read about. St. John is such a beautiful place and we will definitely be back - sooner rather than later. Also thanks for all the patience with us scuba diving - actually getting down and exploring the reef was an accomplishment for all of us...and the food was totally amazing - we always looked forward to what we would come back to. Best we've ever eaten! If you are ever in the frozen tundra of Boston please call!
-Brian, Amy, Jackie & Jayden
p.s. LZ was the coolest boat in the mooring field!"
February 2022 USVI Charter
"I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the two of you exceeded any expectations we had as the hospitality extended to us aboard Liquid Zen. While the boat itself is spacious, luxurious, and well equipped, it is the crew that makes or breaks the voyage. And you both made our week aboard so much fun! Your knowledge of the islands, your daily itineraries, your positive attitudes - what fun we've had this week with you!! And Casey - OMG - what a remarkable chef you are!! Every meal was more spectacular than the last. I will think of you every time I try to recreate one of your dishes at home. You welcomed us into your home and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an unforgettable week!! (I almost forgot - Trivia Night - Girls Rule!)"
-All the best to you both,
Lindsay, Renee, Doub, Patty, Steve, Linda & Eric
January 2022 USVI Charter
"Thank you for saving our vacation from near-certain tragedy! Not only did we get a great boat, we got an even better crew. You are a great team and top notch across the board. You enabled us to make new friends (including you) while having the time of our lives. Not a boring moment. It is rare to find people in the world who are so good at making others feel so good, have so much fun, and make them eat so much!! We will miss you." -Shaun (aka boat man) & Betty

"What a fantastic week...and unexpected given the inauspicious start having our originally planned vacation canceled the morning of our flights. As it turned out, we were lucky. This past week was better than expected - good time with great friends, of course, but with a nicer boat and (I'm sure) a better crew. You two were great, organizing a fantastic itinerary with unexpected surprises - After Irma concert, massages, Lime Out, Zozos...and what wonderful food!!! Thank You!" - Heather and Lou

"We have lost ourselves in the moment of "today is today." I am hard pressed to think of another time in the last two years when I have felt so relaxed and carefree and slowed down. This was all possible because the two of you made things so easy, comfortable, and your knowledge of the islands and what you knew we would enjoy. There were too many highlights to pick out just one, but what I will remember the most is the belly laughs with the two of you and all our friends. Thank you for absolutely everything!" - Christine & Rob
January 2022 USVI Charter
"We are in agreement - this has been the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. Thank you for that and everything.
Love Todd & RJ"

"Thank you for everything! We travel a lot and this trip has been one of our favorites. We will be recommending you to all our friends.
Love and best wishes Angie & Clint"

"Thank you so much for everything! This trip has been one of the best i've ever been on. Thanks for all the fun :)
Love Nicole & Nay"
New Years 2021 Charter USVI
"Michael & Casey,
Thank you for giving us a week full of experiences and memories that we will remember for a lifetime! From the food that was out of this world, to teaching Shane and Travis to scuba dive, and even showing us the ropes of sailing, we've had the most unforgettable week island hopping around the Virgin Islands!

Both of you have shown unbelievable kindness, grace, patience, wisdom, joy, laughter, and love to not only our family, but to each other! Each of you are truly an inspiration to us and everyone you encounter! Thank you for being such a highlight on our trip and welcoming us to your home with open arms. We hope you have an amazing 2022!
Love, The Cristiano Family"
Christmas Charter 2021 USVI
"Wow, if you want the best vacation for your family to make everlasting, very special memories, this is it! A one-week cruise with Michael and Casey, our captain and chef, was just what we all needed to reconnect and spend quality time together. Our family of eight including my husband, our two daughters, son-in-law and three teenage grandchildren spent one week on Liquid Zen, a beautiful 52-foot catamaran with all the amenities. Without a doubt, we had our best family holiday ever! Michael and Casey pampered us from the moment they met us at the dock and helped us unload our luggage from the van to helping us with our luggage into the van when we, very reluctantly, started our journey home. They had wonderful suggestions of some extras, which I fortunately said yes to. Both were surprises for my family (it was a Christmas cruise) – the first day a massage therapist came aboard to give each of us a relaxing massage, which was the perfect way to jump right into “vacation mode.” And, the last day, I surprised everyone with a super band of three and as they played and sang from the swim platform on our boat, other boats and floats came to share in the fun and frivolity. Casey is a superb chef, so consequently mealtime was a real highlight of the trip – it was magical how such yummy food (and snacks) appeared many times each day just when we started to get hungry! We ate and ate, and she prepared special food for those of us who are gluten-free and vegetarian. Fortunately, there were many activities to prevent us from having to be rolled off the deck at the end of our cruise! We swam, snorkeled, went scuba diving, paddleboarding, hiking, ate lunch one day on a floating pod (whoops, this is in the wrong category!). There were all sorts of fun water toys that kept appearing – floats, floating chairs, kayaks, paddleboards where all sorts of silly games and competitions ensued. The sea life was never ending – sting rays, turtles, starfish, tarpon, multicolored designs on a myriad of fish swimming alone and in schools. At night, we watched the same sea life from the platform at the back of the boat all lit up from above. In the evenings we played our guitar, listened and danced to music, played cards and both night and day a lot of chess matches were happening – when we could get Michael to stop working, he won every game! He also designed a very interesting trivia game, which once again brought out our competitiveness! We highly recommend this 5-star experience with Michael and Casey on Liquid Zen!! We can’t wait to go back!!!
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-Michael & Casey

"I wanted to thank you for making this trip the most memorable trip we have ever done. Everything was exceptional. You clearly go above and beyond for your guests. We would definitely book again." - Eric & Melanie

"We loved it all! From the amazing food to the fun jokes and talks we had, you both truly made this a memorable trip! Thank you so much! :)" - Mark & Julie

"Wow...definitely a trip of a lifetime and you both made it incredible. Thank you so very much! Everything was more than expected. You went above and beyond on all aspects of this cruise. Thanks again. Hope we can do this again with you two, of course." - Carol & Mike

"Thank you! Thank You! The trip was amazing. You guys went above and beyond on all levels, food, and laughs. Wonderful." - Maureen & Bob
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-Michael & Casey
Senior Spring Break – March 2021
‘Everything about this trip was absolutely perfect. Michael & Casey clearly love what they do and their passion shows. After a number of boat trips, this is my all time favorite and we will be back!’ – Monica

‘Thanks for the unforgettable week. Best trip we’ve ever had! Next time you’re in Rains look us up.’ – TA

‘Thanks for the perfect trip for us Newbies! The food and adventures – we will never forget. The attention to detail was on point! Can’t wait to sail with you guys again and thanks for making us “seniors” feel young again ’ – Angie

‘Thank you for an amazing week on the sea and in the sun! Top notch crew, my favorite yet, that didn’t miss a thing. I appreciate your attention to detail and how you went above and beyond on the menu and taking us to places we hadn’t been. You will be missed and y’all make us want to come back!’ - Stacey and Big Nate
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-Michael & Casey

"We've traveled all over the world and this has to be our favorite vacation so far! Thank you for taking such good care of us! Michael was a great Captain from working the sails to navigating the dinghy in the dark. Casey - the meals, snacks, and drinks were way beyond our expectations - every meal was the "BEST MEAL" (seriously create a cookbook and make some side $$!!). Our trip has ended much too soon - let us know where you are in a year so we can book another charter with you! If you're ever in Atlanta, you have a place to stay so give us a call (same with Nashville! Come see us & we will take you to Broadway :)). God Bless you in all your adventures!"
-The Grimes, Greg, Melissa, Conner, & Kristen Duluth, GA
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"Michael & Casey

Thank you for an amazing vacation. From snorkeling to fishing to hiking, you helped us create so many fun memories! Not to mention a super fun New Years Eve celebration and extra-special triple birthday party! The food was absolutely spectacular, so delicious and thoughtful. We loved seeing the kids try (and enjoy!) so many new things. We had a blast, thanks again! Until next time --

The Kinneys and Lily & Cole
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-Michael & Casey

"Thank you so much for guiding our Virgin Islands Adventure. Everything was fantastic! We loved all of the locations we visited and all of Casey's cooking was amazing. I think our group especially liked the sea turtles in Maho Bay and the Eagle Rays in Christmas Cove. We all really appreciate the experience you provided. We certainly will not forget it. Thank you!

Thank you for all the things you did to make our family sail an unforgettable adventure. We will never forget it! We appreciate it all.

This was a long anticipated trip, thanks for making our family time so free and easy! We appreciated your care and attention more than words can say. Lots of love from the Brodigan/Walter families!"
-Mike, Judy, Kelly, Mike ii, Joel, Grace, Jason, Misty
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To Our New Friends, Casey & Mike
"Mason will never forget, or live down, night fishing in the National Park ;) Beyond that, the adventures we shared will be talked about (and laughed about) for the rest of our lives. Every time we play Pineapple and catch Ayden peeking at his cards we'll try to replicate the cold, hard stare Mike would cast his way haha. Some amazing first time experiences include swimming with sea turtles, hovering over eagle rays while listening to the band on the bow, and probably everyone's favorite fun activity was sub-winging off Great St. James. It felt wonderful to be exhausted at the end of a fun filled day and wake up to a delicious breakfast and read the Plan of the Day, knowing each day would be better than the next. After a rough year, this was the perfect way to celebrate our life together, and be thankful to have seen such a magical place. Your hospitality was amazing I hope to keep in touch over the years." With Love, The Tokarz
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"Thank you so very much for making this trip truly unforgettable! You took care of our every wish and were so kind to our children, just like family. We enjoyed the games, movies, jetskis, paddleboard, floating mat, dinner on the beach, snorkeling, and conversation. We pray that you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
-Joseph, Sarah, Drew, Faith

"Thank you so much for creating all the wonderful Christmas memories. Everything has been amazing. Every morsel of food was the best. You both went above and beyond to make everything excellent. May you have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. May God show you his love and joy."
-Mark & Teresa Tucker
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-Michael & Casey

"What should we say...EVERYTHING was superb. Thanks for the great vacation! The food was so yummy, hikes, snorkeling, and boat time were on point. This is one of those vacays we would definitely do again. You guys are the best! Don't forget if you're ever in Dallas, you've got a place to stay."

-All our best, Karen, Marc, Jared, Justin, and Rachel Shalek
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-Michael & Casey

"I can simply say BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE! Thank you for making it absolutely wonderful, you both spoiled us and we totally appreciate it." - Shannon, Joe, Trey, Kayla Bass
"Thanks for the wonderful tour around St. Thomas, St. John, and the other islands! Excellent guides, entertainment, and meals made for one of our best family vacations ever. Until we see you again." - The Harkeys
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-Michael & Casey

"This very last minute vacation ended up being one of my all time favorite family trips ever. The balance between relaxing and activities, the comfortable boat, and the perfect food were exactly what we needed after a Covid Christmas, Thank you Michael & Casey and I hope to see you for a repeat before too long"
"Thank ou Michael & Casey, you took care of us very well. Casey the food was spectacular and both of you anticipated our every single need."
"Thank you for being so kind and fun and making yummy food"