“A beautiful week on a beautiful motor yacht, great Captain and Crew. Thanks for making our visit to Croatia so memorable!”
Hillary Lamb & Kevin Moore, Australia
“A very big thank you to all for showing us beautiful villages, hidden gems & bays of your gorgeous country. Niko, we cannot thank you enough for looking after Sharyn & I on our first night out on the town and picking us up after our early morning run.  You have been very kind and helpful we appreciate everything you have done for us.
The Chef’s food was sensational. Ante, you are so lovely, always willing to help your guests at the drop of a hat  Marija, thank you for your cocktails and for serving our food with a smile 
We couldn’t have asked for a better crew and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your beautiful country with us. You will always have a place to stay if you ever want to visit Australia! Thank you..Thank you..Thank you..”
Sharyn & Lindsay Whitton, Australia
Tammy Miles & Glenn O’Donnell, Australia
“Niko and the Crew, we feel very blessed to have had you as our crew on board of gullet Allure.
The week has been truly sensational and any words don’t really describe the adventure we have had, you all work in a very special part of the World! Heartfelt thanks to you all. ”
Kylie & Clayton Kearney, Australia
Lennox Mead, Australia
June 11 – June 18 2022

To the Allure Crew:

Thanks for this awesome week. We had a great time! R&N
June 17 – 24, 2022
I have no words to explain the marvelous adventure we have sailed with Captain Tom. It has been the upmost pleasure to embark in this journey around the Adriatic Sea with such a wonderful crew. Ivana is super attentive and dedicated to fulfilling the needs of all my fellow travelers who have stepped aboard Captain Tom’s deck. The sights seen could never be converged in the slightest. The sea was magical. The food was amazing. Everyday was a delight to my mouth. We cannot wait to come back next year. Thank you to the entire crew.
June 24, 2022
To Tom & Crew who has become great friends & Show us what a wonderful time is just want to say thank you for all you have done for us on this trip as it was my first trip out of the country and will be coming back to hang out again. Your Yacht Charter business is outstanding and will definitely recommend to friends & family. % Star service. Thank you again! 😊
June 24, 2022

Tom, Miha, Nikola, & Ivana-

Thank you so much for such an incredible week, you all did so much to make out time in Croatia special. Thank you for celebrating our engagement with us-Croatia will always have a special place in our hearts! We can’t wait to try to make some of Miha’s dishes together! We love you guys! Sea you T&AK
July 2022

Thank you for making this trip truly memorable. Tom: For showing us where to eat, go and the “history lessons” on every island. Ivana: For being available to help us with everything we needed. Nick: For tolerating us when we wanted to go wakeboarding for two hour and being the help we don’t see. And Miha: In Argentina we believe that good people put their differences aside and allows them to leave a good time in each other’s company. You gave us that opportunity with every meal (which obviously was fantastic). Again thank you for this incredible trip.

Have a good life.
June 24, 2022

Dearest Tom, Nikola, Ivana, Miha!

This was my first time coming to Europe. No experience will ever be able to beat this one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the jokes, impeccable service, kindnesses, and most notably….EXCELLENT FOOD! I will never forget you all. Please look me up if you ever come to California so that I may return the favor. Thank you again! God bless you. B
July 9-16,2022

a week for walkers

a week of sightseeing

a week of relaxing

a week with delicious food

a week of happiness

a week with snorkeling in clearest water

a week with a caring crew

a week in ALLURE

Thank you so much for this wonderful week.
August 27, 2022

Dear Tomi and crew,

What amazing two weeks we have spent together. You made our stay memorable and we felt like home. We now have to depart but we take away with us amazing memories. We will not forget the leadership of Tomi, delicious dishes prepared by Mija, the smile and carry of Ivana and the attention paid it every detail of Nick. THANK YOU. SEE YOU SOON. All the best, N.
August 27, 2022

Dear crew,

Thank you for your kindness, for your true spirit of service, for making us feeling so good of this trip. All my best, M.

Allure Crew-

Thank you so much for these amazing two weeks. It was INCREDIBLE!! I wish the best for you all in the future, and for one best time AIHEEE!

GREAT CAPTAIN! GREAT CREW! They have helped us a lot to spend some unforgettable days. See you soon!
August 27, 2022

Dear Crew,

What a fantastic vacation!! You have all given us something to enjoy during this amazing trip; Nick playing football with us!! Helping Ivana at the bar!! Enjoying delicious dishes from Mija!! And of course Tomi taking us to the paradisaic places!! Once again thank you very much and hope to see you again!!! Keep it us!! N

Dear crew,

Thank you so much for the amazing 2 weeks we spent with you. One of the most memorable experiences! This has been incredible thanks to you. Thank you again. I will see you! C
Feedback 2022
Allure crew-

Thank you for an incredible trip. You made everybody feel at home, and provided many yellows. I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you Mija for the food, Ivana for the beers (sorry for spilling the milk), and shoutout Nik. AR

Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. You all made us feel welcome and at home. L

Thank you everyone for a great trip and making everyone feel comfortable and at home. C

We had the best week + I had the best birthday ever! Thank you all for all you did! It is so appreciated! K

Thank you for one of our best birthdays EVER!! You guys are amazing!

This holiday has been one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. A very caring crew, all with kind hearts. Giving us the best hospitality ever. I’m blessed to have been on this boat where we felt safe + always full. Thank you so much allure! You the best. B

Wow! What an amazing time and memories for a lifetime! “Magnifique” Thank you for everything! Love, S
Summer 2023
I love the tubing and seeing all the new places we went to.
Words can`t describe the week we have just had. Sensational from the beginning to end, the majestic scenery, the heartfelt crew and the impeccable Allure. My favorite week ever. Thank you for the exploration, the kindness and the peace.
The tubing the views and food were amazing the best I enjoyed it so much.
I love the tubing

Tubing, exploring, swimming, food, kiacking, paddleboard has been one of the best Expirence in my life. Jimmy

Thank you for giving all of us really good food and wicked swimming spots and beautiful blue water best week ever. Thank you again. Leni
Thank you for all.
You are the BEST CREW.
The best food.
The best Capitan.
The best coocKez.
The best servis.

Dear Tomy, Mijail, Marina amd Kevin,
It`s been our best family experience ever, and you all made it possible. Just a fabulous boat, amazing sea and bays it is enough to finish the day exhausted. We will remember you all our lives and take you all on our hearts. Manuel
Life changing experience I will never forget. Thank you for making our holiday truly amazing, my
heart and stomach are full! Kirby

The Capt. Tommi / Dr Mihail (and chef) / Marina

the one keeping the boys in line and DY Caraculle.
Thank you with all our heart for giving our family (all 14 of us) the most magical memories and for sharing your beautiful country with us. Lynne + Chris