Cheese plate
Ham plate
Eggs alacarte
Different kinds of dairy
Fresh fruit
Cereals, pancakes, croissants, muffins…

Lunch (appetizer, main course & dessert)

Octopus „brodetto “with chickpeas and broccoli
Gilt-head bream filet with romesco and bulgur
Caramelized apricots with ricotta

Greek salad with feta cheese
Filet mignon in black truffle sauce with Istrian pasta
Apple strudel with vanilla cream

Vongole bianco with bucatini
John Dory with dalmatian herbs and vegetables
Creme brûlée

Tuna tartar with avocado and bruschetta

Oriental wok
Chicken rollson a bed of carrot mousse

Vegetable risotto
T-bone steak with baked potatoes
Almond cake

Dinner (appetizer, main course & dessert)

Mussels bianco with garlic, basil and olive oil bruschetta
Swordfish „gregada “(fish stew) with tricolore polenta
Rozata from Dubrovnik (flan)

Octopus/ Cuttlefish/ Sea bass carpaccio
Grilled tuna steak with zucchini and carrot carpaccio
Coffee mousse

Chicken parmigiana with fettuccine
Rib-eye steak with sweet potatocream
Floating island

Cuttlefish ragu with celery mousse with black truffle
Grilled shrimps with dalmatian chard
Chocolate mousse with forest fruits

Prawn rollson a bed of cashew cream
Octopus with vegetables in fig and „prošek“ sauce
Panna cotta with chocolate

Steak tartare
Dalmatian „pašticada“ with gnocchi
Lemon cake

Sushi Lobster with salsa and green pasta
Lava cake