Coffee (Dolce Gusto Nescafe Machine) - tea - fresh orange juice - cereal - oatmeal - fresh fruits - various fresh bread and toast - jams - Greek honey - Greek yoghurt plain or with fruits/honey/nuts - fresh baked croissant - small cream pies sprinkled with powdered sugar - cake - French toast - eggs (fried/scrambled/omelete/poached/boiled) with bacon - Greek scrambled eggs with tomato (local dish) - grilled ham/cheese sandwich - assorted cheese and cold cut platter



Greek tomato salad with feta cheese, fresh oregano and capers - Arugula with baby spinach, parmesan flakes and dry figs - Mixed green salad with balsamic, honey and figs - Boiled beetroots with yoghurt and walnuts - Iceberg lettuce with avocado and smoked salmon - Cretan "Dakos" salad topped with local white cheese and chopped fresh tomato - Iceberg lettuce with red cabbage with balsamic and orange dressing



Baked eggplant with mozzarella and tomato - Steamed mussels with wine and garlic - Shrimps saganaki with maratho (similar to dill) and ouzo - Mushroom with truffle and cheese - Talagani grilled cheese - Fava with caramalized onions - Mpougioudi (grilled feta cheese with sliced fresh tomato and peppers) - Cheese pie - Spinach pie - Tzatziki (yoghurt and garlic dip) - Eggplant dip - Baked feta cheese in phyllo topped with honey and sesame



Stuffed tomatos and peppers with rice and green fresh herbs - Moussaka - Cuttlefish with spinach - Kotsi (pork) with potatoes and sesame - Grilled fresh fish with lemon sauce served with assorted vegetables - Chicken with peppers and tarragon - Lamb Frikase cooked with romaine lettuce and egg lemon sauce - Spaghetti with shrimps - Spinach ravioli with feta and mint sauce - Beef in tomato sauce and eggplant puree - Artichokes ala polita with potatoes and carrots in a lemon sauce - Briam (mixed vegetables) cooked with a tomato sauce in the oven - Soutzoukakia politika (small spicy meatballs) cooked in a tomato sauce served with white rice



Sauteed Pear in a red wine and ice cream - Cheesecake - Tiramisu - Mille-feuille - Chocolate souffle - Ekmek Kantaifi - Chocolate mousse - Panacota - Apple Beignets